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The Glorias

I’m a huge fan of both Julianne Moore and Gloria Steinem, so I’m the ideal audience for The Glorias. Sadly, the film ended up being a very average biopic, and 2.5h long at that. Gloria Steinem fully supported this project, unlike Mrs. America. She hated that the TV show put two successful women against each other.

‘I am one of those crazy women.’



Copycat has been on my watchlist for 20 years and I finally got to see it today when they showed it on Filmbox! I really needed it today and it definitely made my day! This could only be better if they got together at the end.


Pedestrian Subway

Kieslowski has been my favourite director since I watched the Decalogue series as a kid, and I’m so happy I finally got to see this short! This has too many choker shots for my liking, but it’s still a wonderful short.


My Depression: The Up and Down and Up of It

So Sigourney Weaver narrates my life? They got everything right, down to red hair and 24h Law and Order marathons. This was cute and I will have the ‘Suicide Mobile’ song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.



Malgorzata Szumowska liked working with Raffey Cassidy on The Other Lamb so much she invited her to Warsaw to shoot this beautiful short? Michal Englert’s cinematography never disappoints.


One Angry Juror

This is based on a true story? I’ve been selected for jury duty and that’s my excuse for watching this random Lifetime jury duty movie starring Jessica Capshaw. Actually, that’s a lie. I miss Arizona, she should have never been written off Greys.


The Mirror

I just read that the second half of the film was all fiction just as much as the first. Apparently the first little actress they picked, quit in the middle of shooting, and Panahi, who was already considering this idea all along, decided to mimic it. Mind-blowing.



One of the most important films of Eisenstein, a director and film theorist known as Father of Montage. My favourite example of montage has to be when they introduce the undercover agents and show why they resemble their animal nicknames. Strongly against the drastic scenes of child and animal abuse. Everything else is perfect.


Vegas Vacation

They had me at Good Vibrations, but then the film turned out to be much worse than the other films from the series so this one is a no from me.