TV Reviews: Dead to Me Season 2


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Another wonderful season full of twists. I know a lot of people ship Jen and Judy, and I do too, I wasn’t at first because this show was a perfect example of queerbating, but thanks to tumblr (my handle is movieskeepmealive), I now am. Even my dad ships them to be honest, in episode 4 when they get rid of the body and spend the night in that hotel, he said they should just get together already. In season two we learn that one of the girls is bisexual and is seeing a girl for three episodes. In the last episode when Jen forgives Judy and they hug, my dad threw ‘And they’re not a couple?’, which made me feel extremely proud. I definitely haven’t rated another show this high this season, it was perfect. I watched all episodes the minute they were released and then rewatched them again a couple days later with my family. Here are my notes and quotes I’ve written down during my marathon.

Dead to Me 2.01

We learn that Jen didn’t shoot Steve, she killed him with a wooden bird that belongs to her younger son. Noisy neighbor is still noisy and almost exposes Jen by accident. Jen is also seen cleaning up blood.

Judy is back!
It killed itself.
But you do have somewhere to stay? You do have people?
You snuck up on me like a fucking Prius.
I was fucking a grown man last night.
Well, you don’t know how I fuck.
You should see the resolution on our street camera.
What the fuck are you doing?
There’s something stuck in your drain.
Your hair smells so good.
He can’t fucking hear you.
Don’t fucking curse at me.
Don’t ever tell a woman that she’s overreacting, because most of the time women are underreacting.
Is Judy coming back?
They broke up again.
Some of your crystals wouldn’t take the hint.


Dead to Me 2.02

Steve has a twin brother and at first I was very disappointed with the twin twist, but it grew on me. Body’s in the fridge.

Who the fuck is Ben?
Am I dead? Did I die?
Nobody’s dead.
That’s just my face. I have an upset face.
Steve’s missing.
He calls his mom every day.
I didn’t know you had other friends.
They’re semi-identical.
They’re the same fucking person!
I’ve turned him in for money laundering.
Wherever you go, fucking chaos follows.
You think I’m gonna leave my kids to you?
Stay the fuck out of it.
Where did you get this?
I truly can’t remember.
Must be good shit then.
I said I don’t fucking know I’ll be able to.
I gained 10 pounds over summer.
You look beautiful.
Judy’s got it.


Dead to Me 2.03

There were already 6 rats underneath the fridge? I can’t lie, when Jen lost it and told her son and his creepy friend to get the fuck out, I thought this is exactly how I would be with my children if they annoyed me if I had children. Jen goes to the store and buys a lot of lye to dissolve rats in. As per her son’s creepy friend’s advice, girls decide to bury the body in a local forrest.

No need to Six Senth me into a heart attack.
They’ll Shawshank their teeth through everything.
He dumped you after 5 miscarriages.
I never thought he would get angry enough to try to kill you.
I teach a painting class.
She’s an art critic.
The Dark Web.
How to get rid of a dead body.
Her heart will go on and on.
I just need you to get the fuck out of here.
Open the freezer.
I’m freaking the fuck out here!
Nothing was fine.
I may have a new plan.
I forgive you.
Yes, you’re really fucking scary.


Dead to Me 2.04

Girls learn that Karen’s husband is cheating on her with a man. I loved the scenes in the bar where the girls pretend to be related to the bride to get free drinks, get hit on, just so Jen can throw in the fantastic line about getting one more jig in before throwing themselves off the bridge and another one liner about singing Hallelujah! Judy did get to sing eventually when Jen’s son’s bird died, she ended up singinhg Dream a Little Dream of Me. Jen’s older son Charlie finds Steve’s car and thinks it’s his birthday gift.

We’re middle aged women in a Mercedes.
Was it worth it? You commited a crime.
What was so important you had to look at your phone?
I just wanted to sing a song for Steve.
I’m sorry if I got a little rigid at the fact that we couldn’t stop and sing Halle – Fucking – Lujah.
We’re not in fucking Snow White, we’re in Scarface.
Why don’t you go for a walk and say ‘fuck’ outside.
Thank you for mansplaining to me why you are the most affected by climate change.
Will you be my person?
The bride is my second cousin.
Does it look like my friend wants to fucking dance?
Those girls look like they want to kill themselves, maybe they wanna get a nice jig in before they jump off the bridge.
How have we not talked about Jeff?
Those guys are joined at the dick.
You owe me 83 dollars.
The dog did it.
Sometimes people need a friend more than the truth.
Holy shit, fuck yeah, Mom!


Dead to Me 2.05

Judy grabs some food with this girl that’s been hitting on her all season and re-adjusts her bra when the girl isn’t looking, which means she clearly likes her. Jen finds out her son found the car and to dispose of evidence sge decides to set it on fire.

There’s been an energetic shift.
I hope so, cause momma needs a fucking break!
Do you really need 8 bottles of wine?
I’m sorry, are you the wine sheriff? Because I am the dick Police and you have the right to remain fucking silent!
You’re my fucking problem. I’m not paying for that.
What were you thinking, you’re over 50.
No I’m not.
Are you sure?
Your personality is offputting.
Maybe later after my chiropractor leaves.
I saw you on my steet cam.
Shut up, it’s not him, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re drunk.
Did that loosen something up?
No one can ever know what happened.
Just help me and get them out of here.


Dead to Me 2.06

Judy gives Charlie the sex talk. If they ever charge Judy with Steve’s murder, she has the perfect excuse, he threatened to kill her. We learn that Judy is in fact bi and her new girlfriend’s ex that lives with her is the cop who hates Judy.

You’re in so much fucking trouble.
What were you doing sitting in a car for 5h? Oh God.
You just lost your bedroom door.
Fucking ecstatic.
Mother fuck…
I lost my virginity in a car, it was wonderful.
100 dollars.
That’s not a lot of money anymore.
Fuck you…
What are you drawing?
Seriously? It’s a check.
What the fuck Judy? You fucking bitch! I know you see me calling bitch. I’m gonna fucking kill you. You’re fucking dead.
You like her.
I do. She makes me feel really good.
You deserve that.
Protect yourself and always get consent.


Dead to Me 2.07

Judy’s already in love with her new girlfiend. Jen volunteers herself and Judy to throw a vigil for Steve and we learn that they’ve cast Frances Conroy as Steve and Ben’s mom! Charlie attends the vigil and sees pictures of Steve in his car with his baseball cap on, the very same one his girlfriend wore in the pictures they took.

I love you.
Oh Hell no.
Pushing your enormous head out of my vagina was a lot of work.
I’m a middle aged woman in high heels with a bad back.
It’s a sweet gesture, if you didn’t kill the person the vigil is for.
Nah, fuck that.
Of all the lesbians in Laguna.
I cannot have you fucking her girlfriend on the other side of the wall.
That’s not the layout of the house.
I’m sorry you had to do that.
Shitm I want to go missing.
Better taste in women.
You’d be surprised how often perpertrators show up to something like this.
Special thanks to Jen and Judy.
Oh fuck.
God sees everything and sooner or later he’ll bring the truth to light.
If there’s silver lining in all this, it’s me and you.


Dead To Me 2.08

Ben’s parents turn out to be crazy rich and are thinking of selling their mansion. Charlie’s first girlfriend vandalises their garage and then sends incriminating pictures to the police as a revenge on Charlie for dumping her. Judy wants to become a baby cuddler, but is told that the person has to have a clear Police record.

Why did you have Steve Wood’s car?
People are a fucking mess.
Crazier things have happened.
Literally they have not.
I want you to have whatever you want.
You think an Arts and Crafts teacher is a better suspect than the Greek mafia?
I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say Maid’s Chambers.
Fuck those girls, they don’t deserve you.
Scars show you went through something hard and you survived and it’s your story.
Jesus Christ, it won’t go away.
I know what you did.
I’ve wanted to do it all this time.


Dead to Me 2.09

Katey Segal aka Peggy Bundy, as in Christina Applegate’s mom from Married With Children plays Judy’s mom! In this episode Jen tells Judy the truth about Steve’s death and she doesn’t take it well. Judy wants to confess to the crime, but Jen ends up confessing herself. She leaves an ‘In Case of Emergency’ binder and writes three letters, to Judy and each of her sons.

I got here and it was like I could finally exhale.
I’ve waited my whole life to meet someone like you.
Once you go in, they make it almost impossible for you not to come back.
You were a kid, they shouldn’t have made you testify.
If I had a lawyer that didn’t get his degree at Costco.
Last thing I needed was to be molested.
You’re my mother. Aren’t we supposed to look out for each other?
I’m gonna take the blame for it.
The night Steve died, I was going to kill myself, but then you called me and you saved me. And maybe you saved me for a reason, so I could do this for you now.
He was walking away, he didn’t attack me. I attacked him.
But you said he was strangling you.
I lied.
What did he say to you?
It doesn’t matter.
Clearly it matters because you fucking killed him. What did he fucking say?!
He said he wanted to die because of me.
I don’t hate you.
You’d stick around for anybody.
I’m not like you.
Stop it. Just fucking stop it!
There’s something I need to confess.


Dead To Me 2.10

Jen turns herself in and leaves the kids to Judy.

I killed Steve Hale.
And be their legal guardian.
We’re going back to the car, before our bodies are never found.
She’s the fucking angel on Earth.
She sees the good in people even when it isn’t there.
I guess I thought I’d get what I deserved.
That will carry it’s way in the court room.
She was murdered. She was trying to protect me from my stepfather.
But you’re gonna go home and we’re never gonna talk about what we didn’t find here.
Sometimes justice works itself out.
We love you too.
I don’t want to carry around any more pain. I’m tired of feeling sad and hurt. And resenting you would just be punishing myself.
I’m glad you decided to come back.
It would help if you wrote a a letter to the parol office.
No. Because you haven’t changed.
I can reframe it.
I’m buying you out.
Are you about to kill yourself?
Jen, wake up!
What happened.
We got hit.


Overall rating: 9.75/10

I think I liked this season more than the first one. Like I said, this show is fantastic and I really hope it is renewed for a third season!

Thanks for reading,

TV Reviews: How To Get Away with Murder 6.15. Station 19 3.16. 911 3.17. One Day at a Time 4.06. The Simpsons 31.22


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Sad to hear Schooled has been cancelled. At least we still have The Goldbergs, which was just renewed for season 8. The Resident got renewed too! I just need to know about Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and that’s all my shows for the year. Now I’m just waiting for Younger to come back, which should be sometime next month. These are my last reviews, I have nothing left in my notebook. I now need to catch up on Good Girls, The Good Fight, Killing Eve and Top of the Lake, and finally watch Little Fires Everywhere and Mrs America. For the next few months you’ll see a lot of film reviews (I’ve been obsessed with Mubi the last few months).

Four of my Netflix shows are coming back in June, and I’m not happy that they’re all returning one by one. What am I going to look forward to between July and 2021? No shows will be filming this summer. The shows coming back in June are:

Fuller House – 2nd of June
13 Reasons Why – 5th of June
F is For Family – 12th of June
The Politician – 19th of June

I’m scared of what I’ll rate The Politician. I only started watching it because of Jessica Lange working with Ryan Murphy again. It didn’t look like something I might like, but then I was working a night shift and was on my break and I was too tired to follow a film plot, so I thought I’d give it a try. I hardly liked it. I’ll probably give season 2, 2 ouf of 10 and that will prove what a waste of time this show is. Later in June I’ll catch up on the 6 shows I mentioned above. I’m currently watching Mad Men before it expires from Netflix, and it upsets me almost as much as it did when I started watching it all these years ago. Don Draper is not a good guy. What I do is I fast forward through the storylines I’m not interested in, like relationships I know won’t last and watch all or most scenes with Joan, Peggy and little Sally.

How To Get Away With Murder 6.15

The series finale. Goodbye, How To Get Away With Murder, you were so good! Thanks for being a wonderful addition to my life for the last 6 years! Now I’m forever stuck crying over Frank and Bonnie. The episode starts with them making us believe that someone shot Annalise on the court’s steps. Bonnie doesn’t make it and that’s the one thing that leaves me heartbroken. No one deserved a happy ending more than Bonnie. Wes’s son riding his bike just like Wes did in the opening scene of the show and then taking over Annalise’s How To Get Away With Murder class? Brilliant. And he went to Middleton and Annalise was his mentor? Tegan finally professes her love to Annalise, who turns her down, or does she? They’re seen dancing in flashforwards.

You’re the one who kept us together, Bonnie. We pretended like it was Annalise, but it was always you who kept us safe.
Frank is ride or die for you, just like Bonnie, just like me.
Dead witness when I get my hands on him.
7 grand, just don’t take the stand against Annalise.
Your dad made me kill your sibling.
Your dad killed Lyla, and you know how I know? He had me do it.
I’m a survivor. I survived getting taunted by the N word when I was in grade school. I survived the sexual abuse by my uncle when I was 11. I survived losing my first love, Eve, because I was scared to be gay. Then the death of my son in a car accident, then the murder of my husband. Then alcoholism, depression, grief. And every death leading up to this trial. Who I am is a 53 year old woman from Memphis, Tennesse, name Anna Mae Harkness. I’m ambitious, black, bisexual, angry, sad, strong, sensitive, scared, fierce, talented, exhausted. And I am at your mercy.
I think I’m in love with you Annalise. I tried to fight it, but I’m taking my mask off too. I cannot not have you in my life, because I love you.
What do you really want?
Love, and I can give that to you. I can make you happy.
I can’t promise you the same.
Oliver, thank you. Now I know how to love.


Station 19 3.16

We learn Andy’s mom is still alive, which is the opposite of what her father let her believe. Andy spends the entire episode thinking her mother killed herself, but she is in fact, very much alive, despite not having any contact with Maya for 20 years. Maya’s father visits and abuses her by pulling her hair. Maya then decides to chop her ponytail off. She then runs to Karina, apologises to her and they get back together. Teddy Altman witnesses it and tries to help Maya convince Karina to take her back. Pac North was bombed and according to rumors, the same was supposed to happen to Grey Sloan Memorial on Greys. Bombs were most likely left in all Seattle hospitals. Apparently one of the Greys regulars was supposed to die too, and my money is on Avery.

Now I think my mother killed herself.
The body remembers the event, the body remembers the trauma.
Sometimes a breakthrough can look like a breakdown.
Why are we carrying rodents, 19?
See, I told you, sex offender.
I ruined the best relationship I’ve ever had, because of him.
You should forgive her.
I love you Maya.


911 3.17

In this episode, a kid gets stuck in an air balloon, after her mother doesn’t even think to hold onto the rope, after disembarking the balloon first. And like my mom said while we were watching this, she didn’t even thank the team for saving her daughter! Kid is saved after Buck jumps into the balloon. A lady gets electrocuted after carjacking a truck, later a male gets stuck in a freezer. Athena pretends she’s SVU’s Olivia Benson. The serial rapist is still at large and Athena decides to stupidly chace after him herself. While Athena is dying, the team including her husband Bobby listen to her getting beat up. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode with the train derailment and Abby’s big comeback! Good for Hen for wanting to go back to school, I’m going back to uni after years of working, so I can relate, but I just hope there’s a way we can keep her on working weekends? I’ll miss her too much.

He took pieces of me.
Send an ambulance, two.
Hearing her struggle.
I’m thinking of going to med school.
There’s been a derailment.
Sounds like you’ve done this before.
I’ve sat where you are.


One Day at a Time 4.06

It’s the midseason finale. Rita Moreno has a wonderful monologue by the end of the episode about how where she grew up is no longer her home.

I guess my mom knows how to get chicks.
Sometimes I just say random stuff. 2 months ago, the In and Out cashier said ‘Have a Good Day’ and I said ‘Thanks, Mommy’.
There’s like sex and then the next thing you know, you’re married and then you get a divorce and then I’m a single mother struggling to have it all.
So, am I looking at a man now?
Mom, Elena’s being mean to me.
Hey, do you guys know pudding can last a year?
This could be her last chance to see a moon.
Max makes her happy, not pudding happy, but happy.
You’re here for a couple of months and then you’re gone for a couple of months? That’s like my dream!
I waited so long to do this.
I’m just glad we’re finally going to do it.
Are you sure you’re ready?
I’m r-r-ready.
Should we just jump off the roof?
Leslie, help me take this top off!
Don’t scare an old man like Leslie like that.
It was not the Cuba that I remembered. Everything was still there, but it wasn’t home anymore. I guess I wanted to walk back into a photograph, but you never can. I realised, wherever we are is home.
She always spoke so highly of Roberto’s zuccini.
Abuelita always says I remind her of you. I get it, you were a good looking man.
You loved me, I know you would have accepted me.


The Simpsons 31.22

The Simpsons adopt Santa’s Little Helper’s mom.

Dogs love people clothes.
What a waste of 3 digital photos.
It ate my shorts, now that it’s happened, it’s not that funny.
You have difficulty hearing the female voice. Therefore I’ve deputised Bart to speak for me.
You dog sees everyone who’s ever been here.
In aknowledgements she thanks all 101 dalmatinians.
I feel like that Pixar logo.
Let’s see if they have HBO Go.
It’s so great everyone in this family worked out their issues.


TV Reviews: Greys 17.21. How To Get Away with Murder 6.14. Station 19 3.15. Good Girls 3.04. The Goldbergs 7.22. Riverdale 4.19. 911 3.15. 911 Lone Star 1.09


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Greys 17.21

It’s a good finale, but it’s not Greys good, simply because the final four episodes were cut short by coronavirus. Teddy cheats on Owen for the last time, and Owen overhears it over the phone. De Luca figures out what’s wrong with Richard. He recently had a hip replacement and the cobalt from the new knee has caused an infection. Meredith takes Richard’s blood in less than 2 seconds. Poor Link is taken away from the birth of his child to do an emergency surgery on Richard. Bailey stays with Amelia, and gets behind her just like George did back in season 3 when she was giving birth. Apparently one of the regular characters was supposed to die in the unaired season finale. There were bombs in a nearby hospital in Station 19, so I’m thinking it wasn’t just that one hospital that was targeted. My money is on Avery as the person who was supposed to die. But really it could have also been: Koracick, Owen or Amelia. I would rather sacrifice Avery.

You’re getting married in like two months.
I love Owen.
And me.
People who smile all the time are clowns and psychopaths.
I am marrying Owen, this was goodbye.


How To Get Away with Murder 6.14

Laurel’s the witness and Michaela testifies that Annalise and Wes were having an affair. Tegan and Bonnie gush over Annalise. Hannah is found dead.

You’re Annalise damn Keating.
I’m more than competent to represent myself.
I negotiated probation.
She was sleeping with him.
Did you report him to ICE? Is this not your voice?
That’s not me.
Michaela got a better deal.
I’m a bisexual woman.
Number 3 is not liking that.
A camp that never existed.
All this time I thought you were a good person.
Annalise freaking Keating, she’s no one if not a lawyer.
Or you’re just afraid you’ll lose her.
She makes me feel alive.
Why do you think I stayed all this time?
How to Get Away With Murder? Please, How To Ruin Everything.
You don’t say ‘No’ to professor Keating.
Annalise and Wes weren’t sleeping together.
Wes did it on his own.
I’m sorry I lied, Annalise.
Annalise Keating is dead.
I negotiated a new deal.
My brother’s dead.
Why would Frank kill Hannah?

Station 19 3.15

A junkie holds Ben and Avery hostage. Avery gets shot and the junkie is hit by a car and dies. Karina tries to convice Maya that her father was abusive to her. Maya is so upset she cheats on Karina. We learn Victoria was doing musical theatre until the play’s director died in fire and she met Captain Herrera.

Never apologise for you emotional life.
My grandmother died and my parents just went back to work.
I thought I was safe joggining in the middle of the day. Why would you go running in the dark?
My dad is bipolar 1 and my sweet little brother has inherited it.
If it makes you feel any better, the stabbing victim was a rapist.
Guess I am broken.
Herrera is the reason I became a firefighter.
I just slept with Jack an hour ago, so be mad at that.
I came out to my dad and I quit.


Good Girls 3.04

Once again, congrats to Good Girls on their renewal! I’m still a few episodes behind, I should catch up next week. Dean is adement he can kill Rio and buys a shotgun. Ruby’s daughter finds her mom’s money and figures out her mom hasn’t made that money legally. Ruby’s daughter steals an expensive pen and ponds it off. Beth shows Rico how she makes fake money and he decides she’s more useful alive.

I need to kill a man.
He reads US Weekly?
In Touch, the lady from next door gave him it.
She can’t be serious, snacks on snacks?
You’re the resident crime lord.
Why is there a shotgun on our bed?
I don’t know what you do, but it doesn’t come from painting nails.
You’re a big time now, you’re a criminal.
Need a hand?
Aren’t you full service?
What do you think?
I think I need you alive.


The Goldbergs 7.22

Beverly walks in on Adam and his girlfriend making out. They disposed off the replacement of his second girlfriend so fast! I didn’t even notice her leave? Was that last season? What happened there? I remember she was all goth-y looking when she replaced the girl from Girl Meets World, but why did her and Adam break up? Was she here more than 2 episodes? Beverly and her friends read Fried Deep Green Tomates. Lanie’s back.

Basement kissing ia s teen rite of passage.
You should be wearing pants,
I was, earlier.
The first marital pleasure?
What is that hanging in the air?
The loss of innocence.
That happened sooner than I thought.
The next time you need kisses so badly, you come to your momma.
Oh balls.
Manly taste and desires.
Why are all my friends into you? You’re built like Winnie the Pooh.
Middle aged man can’t tell children how to love?
I only made 875 dollars last year.
Can you imagine me as an adult, stuck in this town?

Riverdale 4.19

That was the most predictable plot twist the show’s had. Of course they joke, fantasise and write about killing Mr Honey, and then someone actually kills him. What else was gonna happen. The kids get their parents to convince the principal to reinstate prom.

There will be no yearbook this year.
The only thing that would stop Mr Honey is if we killed him.
Killing Mr Honey.
RIP, Mr Honey.
Who else has experience in getting rid of a dead body?
He’s like the Grinch who stole prom.
And what will you do to me?
We’re just muscle.
Don’t mess with us in our own town.
In this town, we’re all monsters, we’re all monsters.
The question is are we going to be monsters in college or in jail?
I am Stonewell Prep’s new headmaster.


911 3.15

A boy gets stuck in a well and this episode reminded me of The Descent. I love that film so much. Eddie goes down to get the boy out, but the team lifts him too early and he decides to cut the rope that holds him. He’s close to drowning whe he decided to swim and finds his way out.

I’m still alive down here!


911 Lone Star 1.09

Another The Descent reference! Why on Earth would you go exploring random caves. A kid stuck a little racing car up his nose and the father does the same to see how the kid got it up there so far.

You were lucky your brother in law threw you in the pool.
Smell the carpet.


TV Reviews: How To Get Away with Murder 6.13. SVU 21.20. Riverdale 4.18. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.10. The Resident 3.20


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Congrats to Good Girls and The Good Fight on being renewed! I’m shocked there’s still no news on The Goldbergs and Schooled being renewed!? And The Resident? And Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? I’ve still got a few episodes of Good Girls to catch up on.

How To Get Away with Murder 6.13

I don’t think we saw the incest from the past storyline coming. I surely didn’t. In a flashback Sam catches Bonnie and Frank hooking up and tells Frank about Bonnie’s childhood abuse. Annalise realises Sam was so good at understanding exactly what her and Bonnie went through as children, because he was sexually abused himself. We learn Sam and Hannah had a baby and it’s Frank.

Hannah and Sam were desperate for love. So they found it in each other. That’s why they both became psychologists.
I went to the gym for once.
I killed her lover.
Who’s right for her? Beside you?
Bonnie deserves love too.
Your parents left you and Hannah alone in a big house because they didn’t like their kids, that’s not rape.
Her father raped her. It started when she was five. He’d record it, sell it. Her mom knew. They took money from people, sold her.
I’m too tired of holding myself.
It was a gift. Getting us to understand we were just children, that we weren’t to blame. But it was his trauma too. Hannah was older, he might’ve been a boy. But there was no one to tell him that. He could heal others, but he couldn’t heal himself.
None of this makes what he did okay.
I know, but it makes me see him.
You made me me, not him.
Another reason to miss that much school is if you’re pregnant.
Who was born in March, Annalise?
It was Hannah, he was abused.
Who is it?


SVU 21.20

The new cop is bisexual, why couldn’t it have been Olivia? Or Amanda? This episode is a follow up on two cases that the team dealt with earlier in the year. I’m excited to see Elliot Stabler back, but I wish he would just return to SVU, not have his own spin off, but I guess that will have to do. Also, maybe him and Liv can have a do-over and finally get together once and for all. Next to Booth and Bones this has always been my favorite ship. Finn shoots a man dead in front of his little son. This is sadly the season finale. I hope the show is back sooner than 2021.

You invited a 16 year old to a Bachelor Party?
Stay away from teenage girls.
Am I too close to this?
You’ve got two daughters, this will be good practice.
She’s scared her office is gonna find out she’s gay.
You were a judge.
You’re not gonna write her up, are you?
No, but it won’t hurt to let her worry for a couple of days.
She’s a victim on her way to becoming a survivor.
So they believe us? They do.


Riverdale 4.18

It’s ridiculous how sharp this teen show is when they don’t pretend it’s a musical. I wouldn’t be upset if Betty and Archie hooked up, I don’t care for teen dramas, I’m here for the mysteries. I cannot believe they’re actually doing the 4 year time jump when the show picks up next year? That’s just lazy writing. Remember when Pretty Little Liars did the same and then the show suddenly got extremely boring and every single one of the characters became annoying know-it-alls?

You have your whole life ahead of you.
Oh great the cast of Swamp Thing just got here.
Today I fell in love with the boy next door.
Archie, why are we here?
I love Jughead.
And I love Veronica, but this is nice, right?
I’m just trying to keep my head down and make it out of Riverdale in one piece.
After walking home from school, Little Archie proposed to me. Of course I want to marry Archie, but I know we’re too young, so I told him that he should ask me again when we’re both 18 and in high school.
It’s only by the grace of God they didn’t find and molest my Mumzie.
I can’t stop thinking about you.
As a senior I should probably know this, but does the school have an AV club?
I told you she’s not a voyer.
She made Archie kiss her at school today, she said it’s because they both have red heair, which makes absolutely no sense.
I’ll need two pages. I’d like to pay tribute to JJ.
This is a sex tape of me and my girlfriend.
This is a video of Clifford Blossom shooting his son Jason Blossom. It’s an actual snuff him.
I want out, effective immediately.
It’s a song I wrote for you.
I love Jughead. And you love Veronica, don’t you?
That’s all they are, memories.
Why me, why are they coming after me?
It’s not just you, I have a feeling we’re only the first.


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.10

Zoey loses it after her dad’s carer gives him a sedative. At the end of the episode the characters dance to I don’t Care, I love it, by Icona Pop.

I’d sleep with Joan.
He’s madly in love with you.
Oh, you’re not Simon Cowell.


The Resident 3.20

I know this season was cut short, but this finale was disappointing. I really don’t care about the cocky doctor. I was hoping we would get rid of him by the end of this season. A woman comes to the ER with a brain infection from an unpopped corn seed stuck in her tooth. The new doctor kills the only person he’s ever loved. The doctors finally realise it’s the unsanitised respirator that’s the cause of the pandemic.


TV Reviews: 911 3.16. 911 Lone Star 1.10. Schooled 2.21. The Goldbergs 7.23. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.11. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.12


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Four of the shows I watch still haven’t been renewed, The Resident, The Goldbergs, Schooled and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I haven’t looked at the ratings this year, so let’s look now.

The Goldbergs only had 3.7 – 4.8 mln viewers, whereas last year it was 4.5 – 5.6 mln.

The Resident only had 3.4 – 4.8 mln viewers, and last year it had 4.5 – 5.5 mln.

Schooled only had 2.8 – 3.3 mln viewers, last year 3.4 – 4.5 mln.

All 3, a full mln less this year.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist between 1.9 – 2.0 mln.

Comedies cost less, since the running time is only 21 minutes per episode, but let’s not forget Cougar Town, a great show that was cancelled by ABC after season 3 of it’s 6 season run, even though it had over 4 mln viewers, very similar ratings to what The Golbergs had this season.

Good Girls had 1.5 mln viewers and yet it got renewed yesterday, so really when you think about it, it’s impossible to figure out what’s going to happen next week. It could just be that ABC is stricter than NBC.

911 3.16

A deaf woman is trapped and Buck and Eddie jump from another building’s rooftop to safe her. Then Buck pulls himself down on a rope and breaks the window. Then the rope caught fire. Then they jump on the inflatable safety mattress. Then a pervert uses his drone to stalk his future victims. Henrietta does a thoracotomy on a patient.

Operating a drone without a licence.
I’m a realtor, I’m taking pictures of the area.
Yes, I do sometimes think of Abby.
He’s a Peeping Tom.
Good job, Firefighter Wilson.
Henrietta Wilson.
You will never be alone. He didn’t have a sister.


911 Lone Star 1.10

Everything electric dies in a solar storm. Michelle is attacked and her long lost sister finds her. A plane lands on electric wires and Owen climbs an electric tower and then slides across to the plane. Meanwhile his son tries to save a drowning bus driver. Astronauts are burned by radiation, one of them makes a phone call home, and dies while on the phone with his little daughter.

Daddy, but you’re not on Earth.
I found my sister, she’s alive. And then I lost her again.


Schooled 2.21

Lanie breaks up with Barry, she goes to see Clueless, dresses like Cher and has a Cluless realisation about CB. Lanie and CB finally get together. Come on, ABC, season 3 please?

Stuck a note in her Build-A-Bear.
I’m happy, I’m free, I’m basically a Sheryl Crow song.
Oh My God, I like CB!
You were right, CB and I were meant to be together.
You can’t always get what you want.
Don’t go to Brazil.
Why not?
Because I want you to stay.
Give me a reason to stay.
Taking chances is scary, you don’t always know how it’s going to work out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Because life can be unpredictable. You can start off in one place, and wind up somewhere totally different. And you’re not exactly sure what to do next, you’re left wondering what the future will hold, but excited to find out.


The Goldbergs 7.23

In this season finale, Bria asks Adam to go to her senior prom with her.

Who’s the short haired girl?
Goldnerd, stop dancing to your inner soundtrack.
I’ve got Footloose, Back to the Future and Pretty in Pink.
That dress is iconic, they named the movie after it.
Moonstruck, turning and re-renting.
Mama, I’m worried.
Who put you in such state of agitation? I’ll have them expelled or fired from school depending on their age.
Literally no rules apply to me.
You’ve got your pick of your momma’s bras.
Let’s talk about the after prom party, when you’re done giving this new student a tour.
History shows, when you involve your mom, it ends badly.
You were sitting here when I walked in, so that was no notice at all. When I asked you to leave you said ‘I’m not your hair’.
You’re more like that woman with the Ronald McDonald hair.
Life doesn’t work out like in the movies.
Usually not, but every once in a while you get a movie moment. And whether you do something with it, well, that’s up to you.
Yep, as time goes by, the details get fuzzy but one thing has ever been clear. It was 1980 something, and it was awesome.


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.11

I just typed Zoey 111 and started thinking about Zoey 101 for a brief minute. Zoey and the family are trying to find a final resting place for her dad. There is a scene in this episode that shocked me, because I found it borderline inappropriate. It’s the scene where they all start singing at a funeral home. Joan joins her coders at work after she lets Zoey have a day off to spend it with her family. Max gets fired.

That’s right by the highway and you know your dad hates the traffic.
Go home. You were here when I was going through something.
What’s up ZZ Top?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a hoodie.
Hey, Red, do you think you can take an hour away from your family tonight? You look like you could use it.
My mom looked like Aubrey Hepburn, but talked like a college football coach. I was preparing my presentation for the Google smart pencils. Remember that?
Exactly. Work may seem like it’s the most important thing but you will never get this time back, so please stop apologising.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.12

This is the season finale of the first season. The season ends with a 7 minute re-endition of ‘The Day the Music Died’ and death of Zoey’s father. One of the characters sings Nick Jonas’s ‘Jealous’, Max sings Pitbull’s ‘I want Ya’ to Zoey. Zoey tries to get Max rehired on her floor, but he refuses saying the job promotion showed him he should aim higher. Zoey’s really into that and finally returns Max’s feelings. Joan gets a job offer, after the Sparklepoint CEO admitts he may be going to jail. Zoey has one last dance with her father before he passes.

Can I hire him back?
There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be going away for a while. Would you be interested in running Sparklepoint? for 6 months, 18 if they find a hard drive in my sister’s basement.
High moon, it rose.
Those musical numbers, I’m not minding them anymore like I used to.
Dance with me.
Heart songs.


TV Reviews: Station 19 3.09 – 3.14. The Simpsons 31.20 – 31.21


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How about that HTGAWM finale, huh? I’m devastated about Bonnie and Frank. Station 19 ended for the year too. Captain Herrera’s horrific death shook me to the core, and there’s another surprise in the season finale too.

Station 19 3.09

This is an incredible episode. We learn more about Victoria’s past.

Andy Herrera deserves the job you gave me, she’s more than earned it and I don’t want it anymore. I think you made a mistake. I thing you gave me a medal I didn’t earn. Herrera has more experience, she has the respect of the team she was on deck, sir and I stepped past her. You were trying to protect her from her own grief. I’m requesting a demotion.
This is an ongoing assault.
We’re dealing with a troubled veteran.
I’m gonna blow up the entire block.
I’m gonna stay in case he needs back up.
We aren’t just fire fighters, we’re problem solvers.
Chad. To hell with Chad.
My tribe is dead.
He dishonoured those who lost their lives by wasting the only thing he had. He let the enemy take one more from our ranks. Don’t ket the enemy win. Stay in the fight.
Did those boots really belong to dead firefighters?
See that woman right there? That’s the woman I love, but I haven’t been honest with her. I have this chronic nerve condition. It’s seering pain that comes out of nowhere and knocks me off my feet. I’ve been self medicating to deal with the pain and I’ve kept it from her, because I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I come clean.
What if she doesn’t? What of she stays by your side, loves and supports you and helps you and what of you came out of it stronger?
He’s somebody’s family. We don’t abandom family.
Sleep on that, I know I couldn’t.
The boots represent the firefighters we’ve lost to cancer this year. And we aren’t covenring their medical bills. And I ask why? Why are we failing to help those who put their lives on the line to help us?
I had a little girls I never got a chance to meet. In my head I called her Debbie.
You can’t quit.
I miss you. I’m sorry I broke us.
Vasquez died this afternoon.


Station 19 3.10

Andy’s scared of racoons.

Critical incident stress debriefing.
Unless you want us to fillet Gibson for breakfast.
It was the worst call, because she was all alone in that crappy apartment. And somehow through the whisky and the loneliness, she got herself up off the couch and she got herself a tree, but she was all alone. She didn’t have any family photos or anyone to call, just that tree. And that tree burned down.
You were a smoke jumper?
Dance squad.
Well I’m not just sleeping with him, I’m in love with him.
He’s a salsa dancer. He can salsa.
I’m not okay with you outing someone else on my watch.
Also I got raped in the backroom when I was 17. And i didn’t want to go there after that.
I thought you said this was a public space.
You think I should keep it a secret that I got raped? I don’t have shame about that. The rapist is the one who should be ashamed. I hope he is. I hope he learned something. I hope he didn’t do that again.
What’s the angriest you’ve ever been?
When we fall in love with our friends, we often try to fix them up with other people. It’s common. But be careful, if you tell her you love her too soon, you could blow the whole thing.
I think about dying. Since I was twelve. It soothes me when I can’t sleep. When I’m anxious. I think about dying and then I can fall asleep. Eyes forward at all times, it’s exhausting. I’m exhausted.
Is it a suicidal impulse? Do you seriously consider hurting yourself?
No, it’s you know, it’s an escape. I would look down at the clouds and they looked like a bed. You know, they looked so soft. Like nothing could hurt inside those clouds. Like I could sleep in. Like I could rest. Like I could love. If I could just jump into those clouds. Truth is I’m a little jealous of Rigo right now.
Maya, isn’t it possible with everything else you’ve accomplished that you could learn to let yourself rest and sleep and love in this life? Instead of waiting for death to set you free?
You bought me groceries? That’s awful nice of you. Come on in.
Could you take some days off? Could we try to go somewhere?
I thought you have to work.
I have some personal days saved up.
How many?
Like a hundred maybe, I don’t take days off, but I would like to try.


Station 3.11

Owen, Teddy and Avery visit. Andrea, Sullivan help illegal immigrants get away from ICE and we learn that Sullivan’s grandfather was a Nazi.

ICE didn’t even exist until 2003.
If I can do more push ups than you, you buy us drinks and leave us alone.
Captain Herrera, Station 19.
If they want to run, without a warrent you would have no base to chace them.
What’s your ethnicity?
That paramedic is my child, you put a gun on her, and I’ll be the first to go to the press.
You had me at fire.
She’s mine. It’s my name on the birth certificate.
Five alarm means every fire fighter in the city gets called in.
I just wanted my head phones.


Station 19 3.12

Captain Herrera sacrifices himself to save Andy and his team. Andy gets married to Sullivan so her father can walk her down the aisle.

Stop naming inaminate objects after women.
I think there might be another person inside.
He pays extra for me to let him live in one unit. It’s technically against the law, but he lost his home and I fell sorry for him.
Right, cause where else would you store your propane?
We’re having trouble finding a way out.
I can’t find a way out. There’s no way out. Bishop, Captain, Maya! I’m trapped. I’m trapped. I got 5% left on my tank.
I eat crappy sugar cereal out of the box.
I OD’d and almost died.
Follow the hose line back outside.
There’s a middle aged male on the roof.
Everything okay, Captain?
Captain Herrera’s on the roof.


Station 19 3.13

Come on you got the body, you may as well make money from it.
Who OD’d?
I was not prepared to sacrifice him, no sir.
My former captain knowingly sliced through a roof and fell to his death to safe my entire team.
These are tears of gratitude and tears of amazement and wonder and I will not apologise for having them,
I think I have a friend they can stay with.
Andy, we’re orphans.
I’m an orphan.
Me too.
I’m gay.
There isn’t a club, but if there was, welcome.
What club?
Seattle Fire Queers. I’m only half gay, but it counts.
We are alive because of Pruitt Herrera. So pick a damn month!
Goodbye daddy. See you later.


Station 19 3.14

Maya’s mom visits her daughter after her split from her abusive husband. She tries to explain to Maya that her father pushing her and punishing her when she was a teenager was really abuse.

I’m sleeping at Sullivan’s, we got married.
My dad got to walk me down the aisle.
Abuse is making you walk 20 miles from your track meet for coming in second.
I came in first, actually, but I didn’t beat my own time.
I beat it next time. I agree you need therapy, I’m good.
If no one knows, it never happened.
It was you. You’re the cop who cashed in the favor.
I’m gonna take down Fire Chief Dixon.
Maya, denial is a strong force. And the abuse your mom described is still abuse.
I’m not in denial. I won a gold medal, because of my dad. I’m the youngest Fire Captain in Seattle and the station’s first female captain, because of my dad. I’m not in denial, I’m pissed!


The Simpsons 31.20

Smithers’s got a boyfriend.

Are you sure you aren’t just attracted to our handsome new pastor?
My knee is touching Milhouses’s dad’s.
Blessed be the poor? I’m just finding that out now? No one must know.
Way to preach, bitch.
I’m gonna pretend I heard Amen.
Oh, relax bitch.
Ah, sleeping in church, like father, like daughter.
Are you questioning a man who travels with extra bibles to put them in hotel rooms?
You called it Homer Simpsoning.
Yeah, don’t Homer Simpson you jerk.
Homer, does this Flanders guy ever annoy you?
I know this is a weird thing to say in a church, but we need proof.
Why is she leading this?
Dear God, please let the Simpsons never end.
I’ve just wandered the world, like a millenial on a gap year.


The Simpsons 31.21

Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart, Madeleine Petsh and Camilla Mendez lend their voices to 3 mean eight year olds. I think Camilla did best out of the three of them, but then again she’s the only one of them that actually went to acting school, so no surprises there. There’s also a joke about Lori Loughlin buying her daughters’ way into USC. A similar joke was in the interactive film version of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, when Jacqline gets her son to fly a plane, so she can get pictures of him as a pilot and send them to USC. To which the son replies that he wants to be an influencer. Then Jane Krakowski replies that no can do because he’s been suspended from youtube for posting Nazi content. Going back to The Simpsons, Lisa’s bullied by the three mean girls and decides to ask Bart for help.

How will I live without my paper emails?
She’s obviously lying, ketchup is free.
Her mother’s on a photoshopping retreat to get her son into USC.
Phones are for looking at.
She’s trying to influence you and she’s not even monetising it.


TV Reviews: Absentia Season 2


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I’ve decided to catch up after hearing Season 3 may be out soon. I haven’t seen Absentia since February 2018 and I haven’t realised how much I’ve missed seeing Stana Katic on my TV, but I hate how unwashed she looks in this show and her hairstyle here is awful too. I didn’t like season 2, other then the last 2 episodes. Here are my quick notes on Season 2.

Absentia 2.01

Speaking of Stana, her Absentia character, Emily is shooting up this season to remember how it felt to be in the fish tank. There’s a gas attack in this episode and a chair falls 30 stores down. After attacking a random homeless person, Emily learns the woman, is her biological mother.

I’m not a drunk, Jack, that’s your thing.
I’m your mother.



Stana walks into a hospital, dresses as a doctor and not one member of staff questions her. Emily’s biological mother is murdered.

She passed her citizenship test at 9am.
I tried to look for you at the orphanage.
Are you from the ER?
Why would I do that, I’m your grandmother.



She used his key to snort coke off? Emily’s back at work, as an FBI agent. She’s watching her mother’s autopsy.

She was found in the bathroom at a train station.
Someone killed her, I can feel it.
Flynn hit another kid.
I’ve rejoined the bureau.
He put a bully in a hospital.
He’s been staying in the basement.



Emily beats up and proceeds to strangle her boyfriend.

They found another body.
Nobody normal would want me.
I want you.
Then you’ve got to be crazy.


She’s my biological mom.



Stana wears a fancy dress and is almost raped, but manages to fight off a male twice her size.

Guys, let me borrow your bike.



Stana’s new partner clearly has a crush on her. Stana goes to Bulgaria and shoots rabbits. Stana’s boyfriend loses his job and commits suicide. This episode has a very good scene by the end of a landmine explosion.

I can’t remember my number.
I can’t forget.
This killer killed a lot of people, and myh mother.
The woman on the subway was my mother.



I’m sorry but Stana looks like a homeless person with that haircut, not Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which clearly is what she was going for.



Emily goes all Dexter on her son’s shrink, while someone very close to the kid may be the shrink’s helper. And we finally learn who kidnapped Emily and why they held her hostage for so many years and the reason is disappointing.

He had Flynn all this time.
I tried the whole therapy thing. It didn’t work.
Who’s the artist?
One of my patients.
Did he turn my son into a killer?
It was Laurie, she brought me to you.
Your blood was the genesis of the syrum.
You are connected to all the phynamol victims.
Your blood was in their veins.
You tortured me.
I made you what you are. Your resilience got stronger the longer you were caged. I did that.



Stana waited for them at the entrance to the woods is one of my favorite scenes this season.

FBI, get off of me!
There are years of Flynn’s blood tests.
The only people who could have known about it were Alice and Nick.
That’s Alice’s number.
Where was she when he was killed.
Please let me go.
If you leave now, you can never see Flynn again.
You know what he did to me.
I thought you were dead.
Alice, you killed a man.
Take care of them.


Overall grade: 4.75/10

Two years ago I rated season 1 of Absentia at 5.1/10, so a slight fall this year from average to slightly below average. Absentia will never be one of my favorite shows, but it’s intriguing enough for me to continue tuning in.

Are you excited for season 3?

TV Reviews: Greys 17.20. 911 3.14. How To Get Away With Murder 6.10. How To Get Away With Murder 6.11. How To Get Away With Murder 6.12. 911: Lone Star 1.09. The Resident 3.19


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Greys 17.20

Richard is 65? Koracick introduced himself to everyone like they don’t know him. Our characters are trying to figure out what’s wrong with Richard. Helm likes hummus. Koracick’s wife brings her son for Korasik to operate. The problem is, the son looks exactly like his son that died. Amelia thinks she’s in labour and Koracick has to operate. Richard calls Meredith Ellis, and everyone but Meredith thinks he’s got Alzheimers. Richard almost cut himself open.

65 year old man.
Korasick, neurosurgeon.
Catherine was with me at the conference.
Hummus. No, Brie.
These doctors broke my wife.
Karina’s on a holiday.
Richard, hand me that scalpel.
You’ve taken away far more pain than you caused.
Adele will kill me.
Seattle Grace.
There are moments in my life I would like to live through again.


911 3.14

911 dispository is held hostage by a group that wants to steal works of art in one of the best episodes this show has seen.


How To Get Away With Murder 6.10

No, just please believe me.
Asher’s dead.
They’ve arrested Connor and Michaela.
Asher was killed last night.
They’re all murderers.
Protect us equally or there’s no deal.
I made sure we got the same deal.
Michaela gets the same protection I do even if she doesn’t sign.
Brilliant minds.
Frank, was that you?
No way, I’m not that stupid.


How To Get Away With Murder 6.11

Annalise comes out to her mom.

That Bonnie and Clyde team are shady.
How about that lesbian friend that you went to school with?
Her name is Eve. And we were more than just friends.
Be honest, are you a lesbian?
I don’t know.
How do you not know? You either like ladies or you don’t.
Maybe those men were just me running away from being different.
Did you love her, Anna Mae? Eve?
I did. And she loved me. I was just scared.
The little bitches turned.
I came back for you, Bonnie. I went to your apartment to tell you.
Asher was the informant.
It wasn’t me.
Was little Anna Mae a fire starter?
Who gave the FBI the article?
That S.O.B.
That baby you’re trying to get, it’s you.
I’m just trying to do what I wish someone had done for me.
Lauren Castillo.
Go disappear.
We’re saying no, because it’s always been the 3 of us.
They better get ready because we’re gonna burn every one last of those motherfuckers down.
You’ve all lost who you are. I can say that because it happened to me too. We all hot caught up in something much bigger than us. But you all still have good in you.
I know who killed Asher.
Agent Pollock.
I know whi killed Asher. It was the FBI.


How to Get Away with Murder 6.12

To make this a capital murder case and pursue the death penalty against Ms Keating.
No more secret inner circle crap.
You. The two smartest almost lawyers I know.
You don’t seem to bothered with your romantic interest.
You expect me to believe you’re not into Annalise?
Who you have a thing for.
The death penalty is officialy off the table.
So you don’t know about Sam and Hannah?
The purpose and the best that’s happened to me in the last few years.


911 Lone Star 1.09

Katherine’s daughter Dylan from Desperate Housewives plays Liv Tyler’s little sister? She also suffers from schizophrenia, and to everyone’s surprise, is actually alive. I didn’t know Liv Tyler sings? Obviously she’s Stephen Tyler’s daughter, but never expected her to sing? Rob Lowe’s son is shot by a kid.

You saved my son’s life.
That boy is a survivor, like his dad.


The Resident 3.19

Connor Paolo, Emily Van De Camp’s Revenge co-star is in this episode. The Resident has a pandemic while we’re going through real life pandemic. It took them 3 episode to realise the respirator hasn’t been cleaned.

Conrad and I will be your support system.