250 Best Films Watched in 2020


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I’ve watched 907 films in 2020. I’ve made this list on my letterboxd, and thought I would screenshot and paste it here. I was very much obsessed with Filmbox Arthouse and Mubi this year. A few are rewatches, but ones that I haven’t seen in 10+ years, so I’m leaving them in. Almost all of them are first time watches. Some of these were reviewed on here throughout the year, if there’s a film on this list you’d like me to review, or any film really, please let me know.

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40 Best Films Watched on HBO Go in 2020


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Here’s the 40 best films I’ve watched on HBO Go in 2020. You can find reviews for some of them on here. If you’d like me to review any of the others, please comment below. This is a list I’ve created on my letterboxd, and thought I’d also paste it in here, just like last year.

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10 Best Films Watched in Cinemas in 2020


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I watched 91 films at the pictures in 2019, but because of the pandemic, I’ve only seen 23 films at the cinemas this year. These are the 10 best. I’ve copied this list from my Letterboxd and thought I’d post it in here. Some of these have been reviewed on here throughout the year. If you’d like me to review any of them or any other film, please leave the title in the comments.

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45 Best TV Scenes of 2020


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  1. Captain Herrera sacrifices himself to save the team on Station 19
  2. Sabrina creates and then ignores a time paradox on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  3. Bonnie and Frank die on How to Get Away with Murder
  4. George O’Malley visits Meredith in her COVID triggered dream after being dead for 12 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy
  5. Wendy gets her bipolar brother killed to silence him on Ozark
  6. Sabrina dies on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina following a tearful montage in the show’s finale
  7. Mildred refuses Gwendolyn’s advances on Ratched
  8. Derek Shepherd visits Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Meredith catches Covid and nearly dies on Greys
  10. Teddy cheats on Owen and everyone finds out on Greys
  11. Jen kills Judy’s man after Judy killed hers in the previous season on Dead to Me
  12. We learn that Aunt Zelda is gay on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  13. We learn of Ratched’s past including a paedophilia ring
  14. Eddie tries to save a boy from the well, and decides to cuts off the rope holding him on 911
  15. We learn that Judy is bi on Dead to Me, but not with Jen sadly
  16. Contaminated inhalator arc on The Resident, hauntedly prognosing Covid
  17. DeLuca has a bipolar attack on Greys
  18. 911 dispatch hostage arc
  19. We learn that Teddy is bisexual and the love of her life died in Twin Towers
  20. Rebecca’s death and the fact that Kate isn’t there, most likely already dead on This is Us
  21. Jack planned to build a house and then Kevin does so after finding a plan Jack drew 20+years earlier on This is Us
  22. Maddie’s sister is alive and living very close to Maddie on 911
  23. Amanda’s sister is back and has a kid now and Amanda gets temporary custody
  24. Izzie Stevens had Alex’s twins on Grey’s Anatomy but never told him
  25. CB and Lanie get together on Schooled
  26. Zoey’s dad dies on Zoey’s Playlist and everyone sings for 3 minutes straight
  27. Kevin has twins with Kate’s anorexic best friend on This is Us
  28. Alex leaves Jo on Greys without even telling her in person
  29. Hugh Grant’s past revealed including his sister being killed by a truck on The Undoing
  30. Hugh Grant going psycho on the Undoing
  31. Mildred tells the orderly she sees herself ending up with a woman on Ratched
  32. Justin dies of AIDS on 13 Reasons Why
  33. Jo decides to change profession on Greys
  34. Alice runs into Gloria Steinem on Mrs America
  35. Everyone finds about Lu’s gay relationship on Away
  36. Train derailment and Abby’s comeback on 911
  37. Stephanie drives Joey’s car into the kitchen on Fuller House, just like she did 30 years ago on Full House
  38. Mickey and Ian get married on Shameless
  39. Henrietta decides to change carriers and go to med school on 911
  40. Jimmy recreates Steph’s Loveshack telethon performance on Fuller House
  41. Elizabeth thinks Nathan is the one who got shot on When Calls The Heart
  42. Gloria comes back from Cuba and tells her family that it’s not the Cuba she remembers and that her home is where her family is on One Day at a Time
  43. Alice tells Cate Blanchet she got herself a job and enjoys having her own money
  44. The kids graduate and Hannah Baker is mentioned at the ceremony on 13 Reasons Why
  45. Gabe turns out to be Dodge on Locke and Key

TV Shows of 2020


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Last year I followed 50 shows, but this year, I followed just 38. Next year I’ll probably have around 30, as many of my shows have ended. Pandemic affected every aspect of our lives including our TV shows. Netflix cancelled all of their shows that I found interesting. Ozark, Dead To Me and Grace and Frankie will end next year. Whereas, Fuller House, 13 Reasons Why and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have ended. And The Society was all ready to start shooting season two when it was cancelled abruptly. I think this officially means I will have no Netflix shows in 2022.

Shows I watched that ended in 2020: Fuller House, How To Get Away with Murder, 13 Reasons Why, The Society, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Carol’s Second Act, Little Fires Everywhere and Schooled.

Shows that were on the list this year, but aren’t this year: Orange is The New Black, The Handmaid’s Tale (no new episodes until 2021), Younger (no new episodes until 2021), The Morning Show (no new episodes until 2021), Big Little Lies, The Unbelievable, The Act, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Veronica Mars, Divorce, For The People, When They See Us, Chernobyl, Looking for Alaska, The Loudest Voice, The Insatiable, Light as a Feather and Soundtrack.

Crikey it’s the Irwins didn’t return, but will next year. No new episodes of American Horror Story either.

News shows that joined this year: Little Fires Everywhere, Mrs America, The Undoing, Locke and Key and Ratched, Away.

I also rewatched all of Desperate Housewives with my family. I watched the new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy Season, Fuller House, Dead to Me and Good Girls twice. I also watched Ratched, Little Fires Everywhere and Mrs America twice.

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1. Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith has Covid and they may or may not try to kill Koracick off. We learn that Teddy is bisexual and the girl she was seeing and was in love with, died in one of the Twin Towers. We learn that Teddy named her daughter after her. It’s a good finale, but it’s not Greys good, simply because the final four episodes were cut short by coronavirus. Teddy cheats on Owen for the last time, and Owen overhears it over the phone. De Luca figures out what’s wrong with Richard. He recently had a hip replacement and the cobalt from the new knee has caused an infection. Sex trafficking victim comes back in the new season’s premiere.

2. SVU

Renewed for three more season. Only on of the episodes from the new season was good. Mariska pretends she’s on Grey’s Anatomy and goes undercover as a doctor. Amanda gets temporary custody of her sister’s kid. That doesn’t go according to plan, as the father overdoses. Amanda’s mother moved to New York to help her out, yet we haven’t seen her since?

3. Shameless

Ian and Mickey got married and sadly this is the show’s last season.

4. Fuller House

I still cannot believe we were blessed with such fantastic dose of nostalgia. I remember how happy I was when Fuller House was announced 5 years ago. I loved how they managed to re-enact some of the most famous scenes from Full House including Stephanie driving Joey’s car into the kitchen, Steph and DJ’s telethon performances and so many more. I’m just so happy and sad at the same time. Full House and Fuller House will always be a part of me. Thank you for coming back, Full House. Thank you, Fuller House. See you in 20 years, Fullest House!

5. Carol’s Second Act

A very average sitcom starring Patricia Heaton.

6. Ratched

My favourite show this year. A beautiful love story starring Sarah Paulson and Cynthia Nixon.

7. Mrs America

A very good show on the women of the 60s and 70s struggle to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified. It stars Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem and Cate Blanchet as Phylis Schlafley. Gloria Steinem said she declined to participate in it because it put two women against each other instead of focusing on showing the fight for women’s rights.

8. When Calls the Heart

I enjoyed Rosemary’s struggle to have a baby. Henry is still a mess after Abigail’s departure. In this season finale Elizabeth lands a book deal and struggles with picking between the two men that have been in love with her all season. Elizabeth hugs Nathan at the end of the episode and now I ship them, possibly because the other match is too full of himself. Clara gets everyone excited about her wedding and asks Bill to walk her down the isle. While we’re dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, Hope Valley is infested with chicken pox.

9. Station 19

My absolute favourite scene of the year is the one where Captain Herrera sacrifices his life for Andy and the Station 19 team. We learn Andy’s mom is still alive, which is the opposite of what her father let her believe. Maya’s father visits and abuses her by pulling her hair. Maya then decides to chop her ponytail off. She then runs to Karina, apologises to her and they get back together. Teddy Altman witnesses it and tries to help Maya convince Karina to take her back.

10. One Day At a Time

The show was cancelled yet again. Ray Romano guest stared in one episode and they should have done everything in their power to keep him. After getting cancelled by Netflix last year and being picked up by Pop, the writers throw a diss at Netflix in the very first minute of the season. Penelope and abuelita argue over female masturbation, after Penelope’s son walks in on her and her toy. Rita Moreno has a wonderful monologue by the end of the episode about how where she grew up is no longer her home.

11. The Goldbergs

Adam is now a senior. Will they continue the show next year? Didn’t the real Adam Goldberg go to NYU film school away from his family? We learn that the real Adam Goldberg got into NYU by submitting a great play he wrote.

12. Schooled

Lanie breaks up with Barry, she goes to see Clueless, dresses like Cher and has a Cluless realisation about CB. The finale was cute, but the show got cancelled right after. Does this mean AJ will be going back to The Goldbergs?

13. How to Get Away with Murder

One of the best shows ended. Annalise realises she’s gay, not bi and comes out to her mom. Laurel’s the witness and Michaela testifies that Annalise and Wes were having an affair. Tegan and Bonnie gush over Annalise. Hannah is found dead. Goodbye, How To Get Away With Murder, you were so good! Thanks for being a wonderful addition to my life for the last 6 years! Now I’m forever stuck crying over Frank and Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t make it and that’s the one thing that leaves me heartbroken. No one deserved a happy ending more than Bonnie. Wes’s son riding his bike just like Wes did in the opening scene of the show and then taking over Annalise’s How To Get Away With Murder class? Brilliant. And he went to Middleton and Annalise was his mentor? Tegan finally professes her love to Annalise, who turns her down, or does she? They’re seen dancing in flash-forwards.

14. Killing Eve

I haven’t caught up yet.

15. Ozark

Laura Linney’s character has her bipolar brother killed. Julia Garner finds love with said brother before that happens.

16. Good Girls

This season could have been so much better.

17. Thirteen Reasons Why

I hated this season, but lets remember the show for what the first season is.

18. This is Us

Kevin now has twins with Kate’s anorexic friend.

19. 911

This season involved, Buck pulling himself down on a rope and breaking a window. Then the rope caught fire and they jump on the inflatable safety mattress, a pervert using a drone to stalk his future victims. Henrietta does a tracheotomy on a patient. Boy gets stuck in a well just like in The Descent. Eddie goes down to get the boy out, but the team lifts him too early and he decides to cut the rope that holds him. He’s close to drowning when he decides to swim and finds his way out. A kid gets stuck in an air balloon, after her mother doesn’t even think to hold onto the rope, after disembarking the balloon first. Kid is saved after Buck jumps into the balloon. A lady gets electrocuted after car-jacking a truck, later a male gets stuck in a freezer. There is a train derailment and Abby’s big comeback! Good for Hen for wanting to go back to school, I just hope there’s a way we can keep her on working weekends. I’ll miss her too much.

20. 911 Lone Star

Katherine’s daughter Dylan from Desperate Housewives plays Liv Tyler’s little sister. She also suffers from schizophrenia, and to everyone’s surprise, is actually alive. I didn’t know Liv Tyler sings? Obviously she’s Stephen Tyler’s daughter, but never expected her to sing? Rob Lowe’s son is shot by a kid. Everything electric dies in a solar storm. Michelle is attacked and her long lost sister finds her. A plane lands on electric wires and Owen climbs an electric tower and then slides across to the plane. Meanwhile his son tries to save a drowning bus driver. Astronauts are burned by radiation, one of them makes a phone call home, and dies while on the phone with his little daughter. Another The Descent reference! Why on Earth would you go exploring random caves. A kid stuck a little racing car up his nose and the father does the same to see how the kid got it up there so far.

21. The Resident

The Resident has a pandemic while we’re going through real life pandemic. It took them 3 episode to realise the respirator hasn’t been cleaned.

22. Modern Family

I usually cry uncontrollably during series finales, and yet I didn’t get emotional once. All kids have moved out with Alex moving to Switzerland, Luke to Oregon for college and Mitch, Cam, Lily and the baby move to Missouri.

23. Riverdale

I cannot believe they’re doing the 7 year time jump. Everything that happened since Jason’s killer being revealed and Blackhood turning out to be related to one of the 4 leads, the show has been a mess.

24. The Simpsons

I still love it, but I haven’t caught up since last season. he Simpsons adopt Santa’s Little Helper’s mom.

25. The Good Fight

Again, I haven’t caught up yet.

26. The Good Place

The final three or four episodes aired in 2020 and the ending was sad, and yet I didn’t share a single tear. I don’t think I’ll miss this show that much.

27. Absentia

I still haven’t caught up.

28. F For Family

This show is awesome.

29. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I’m in the middle of watching the final season that came out today and it’s pretty entertaining. I will miss this show.

30. Dead to Me

Another wonderful season full of twists. I know a lot of people ship Jen and Judy, and I do too, I wasn’t at first because this show was a perfect example of queerbating, but thanks to tumblr I now am. In season two we learn that one of the girls is bisexual and is seeing a girl for three episodes. We learn that Jen didn’t shoot Steve, she killed him with a wooden bird that belongs to her younger son. Noisy neighbour is still noisy and almost exposes Jen by accident. Steve has a twin brother and at first I was very disappointed with the twin twist, but it grew on me. I loved the scenes in the bar where the girls pretend to be related to the bride to get free drinks, get hit on, just so Jen can throw in the fantastic line about getting one more jig in before throwing themselves off the bridge and another one liner about singing Hallelujah! Jen’s older son Charlie finds Steve’s car and thinks it’s his birthday gift. Jen finds out her son found the car and to dispose of evidence she decides to set it on fire.  Judy gives Charlie the sex talk. Charlie attends the vigil and sees pictures of Steve in his car with his baseball cap on, the very same one his girlfriend wore in the pictures they took. Katey Segal aka Peggy Bundy, as in Christina Applegate’s mom from Married With Children plays Judy’s mom! In this episode Jen tells Judy the truth about Steve’s death and she doesn’t take it well. Judy wants to confess to the crime, but Jen ends up confessing herself. She leaves an ‘In Case of Emergency’ binder and writes three letters, to Judy and each of her sons. Jen turns herself in and leaves the kids to Judy.

31. The Politician

Only watched it for Judith Light and Bette Midler.

32. Grace and Frankie

Frankie getting Grace off the toilet is ultimate friendship goals.

33. Little Fires Everywhere

I loved this show and I have now purchased the book.

34. Locke and Key

This was surprisingly good.

35. The Undoing

Good mini series. How would Nicole’s character ever get any clients after she failed to notice who her family member really was.

36. Liar

I haven’t caught up. That 3 year break was two long.

37. Away

I loved this Hilary Swank space mini series.

38. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

 A new musical starring Jane Levy and Lauren Graham.

Film Reviews: Freaky. The Undoing. Inferno. Decalogue 7. Rush. Taylor Swift: Folklore – The Long Pond Studio Sessions. Words on Bathroom Walls. The Sea of Trees. If I Only Had Christmas


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This was a lot of fun and I wish I could have watched it on Halloween. A teacher has it out for the main character and actually gives some kid a bad grade, because they have a ‘stupid’ sounding name. When the trailer came out, Stephen King tweeted that Vince Vaughn should get an Oscar for his performance, which we know is never going to happen. However, both Vaughn and Newton give great performances here. Oh yeah, and there’s an SVU reference.

‘Did he? You know? I’ve seen SVU, I know the signs.’


The Undoing

I just cannot believe they never used the CCTV footage of the girl kissing Nicole. This is a very good series from the creator of Big Little Lies starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. I cannot stop thinking about Nicole’s character embarrassing herself speaking on behalf of her husband. All of her patients will leave her, if she failed to see what kind of person he was, how can she fix them?



The worldwide pandemic is both the best and worst time to watch this film. Thanks to the gory portrayal of hell at the beginning of the film, I liked it so much more than The DaVinci Code. I haven’t seen Angels and Demons, but I’m planning to.


Decalogue 7

I rewatch Dekalog every Christmas because It’s my favourite series. Also, I love how Artur Barcis doesn’t appear in this one, but is still credited. (He appears in 8 out of the 10 films). He was supposed to play a man at the train station, but Kieslowski experienced some technical difficulties and chose not to include him in the end. Dekalog 7 (Thou shalt not steal) is about a young woman who had her teacher’s baby at sixteen, and her headmaster mother volunteered to claim the kid as her own. Six years later the daughter kidnaps her kid and plans to take her to Canada.



And to think even despite his injuries sustained from the crash, Lauda outlived Hunt by 25 years. It just proves, we don’t know what life has in store for us. I can’t lie, the final narration did make me tear up.


Taylor Swift: Folklore – The Long Pond Studio Sessions

I’ve been putting off watching this documentary, but a day before Taylor surprised us with her 9th album, I dropped everything to say goodbye to folklore. I still cannot believe we were blessed with two documentaries and two albums in a single year. I also love every single one of these songs.

‘And if I’m dead to you, why are you at the wake?
Cursing my name, wishing I stayed,
Look at how my tears ricochet.’


Words on Bathroom Walls

wasn’t expecting to cry at this, and then the stepdad scene happened. That’s also when I realised I didn’t have any tissues in my living room. The high rating is mostly for the stepson/stepdad relationship arc.


The Sea of Trees

Only here for Naomi Watts who delivered. Sadly, Gus Van Sant did not.


If I Only Had Christmas

Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas films get worse with each year.