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The Woman in the Window

I’ve waited two years for this, and this is what I got? I know everyone is calling this a Rear Window knock-off, so I won’t. This movie should have had more scenes with Julianne Moore.


Under the Silver Lake

Some kids egged my car back in January, then they took the cracked eggshell and pressed it into the side of my car. To this day my dad is convinced it was a bird carrying an egg that dropped it on my car and that I scratched my car with a petrol noozle and there is no convicing him otherwise. Anyway, this is relevant, because the character’s car also gets egged by some kids. When the characters talk about hidden messages in song lyrics, my mind automatically went to Charles Manson thinking the same about The Beatles’ lyrics. There is a lot I didn’t like about the script, which should have been cut. Most of the cinematography is beautiful though, and that’s what saves the film. I got an A1 poster of this movie at my local cinema 3 yrs ago, but it took me this long to check out this film. I watched this on Mubi in two sittings and let me just say, I was glad when it finally ended.


The Legend of Bagger Vance

This was directed by Robert Redford? I knew there was a reason why I DVR’d this. Jack Lemmon only narrates this, he’s not actually in the movie, something I wish I knew before going in. Unfortunately, this was extremely boring. If you enjoy watching golf on TV, give it a go, otherwise, stay away.


The Haunting of Hill House

I wish we did not spend that much time with the adult characters, half of them were plain boring. I got sick of them in episode four and started fast forwarding through some of their scenes. I hated that this was 80% drama and 20% horror, instead of the other way around.



I laughed when Edward Herrmann said ‘I never saw her before in my life’ and proceeded to leave. RIP, Edward Herrmann.


Black Mirror: Arkangel

Obviously I’m starting my Black Mirror journey with the episode directed by Jodie Foster. I’ve only seen Nosedive before, and It left a good impression on me. Brenna Harding from Puberty Blues stars. Also, why would you ever chip your child.


Little Giants

I couldn’t stop laughing at Al Bundy being sporty and chewing gum agressively. That’s it, that’s my review.


Isn‘t It Romantic

The first twenty minutes of her mocking romantic comedies is watchable, and the fact that the viewer knows Wilson and Devine’s chemistry from Pitch Perfect helps a lot. Everything that happened after she hit that pole is a mess. Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ is constantly heard in the film, tranferring me back to early 2000s.



I’m tagging this as LGBT because to me this short is about a father learning to accept his child’s queerness.

‘Why can’t you just be normal?!’