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  1. Captain Herrera sacrifices himself to save the team on Station 19
  2. Sabrina creates and then ignores a time paradox on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  3. Bonnie and Frank die on How to Get Away with Murder
  4. George O’Malley visits Meredith in her COVID triggered dream after being dead for 12 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy
  5. Wendy gets her bipolar brother killed to silence him on Ozark
  6. Sabrina dies on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina following a tearful montage in the show’s finale
  7. Mildred refuses Gwendolyn’s advances on Ratched
  8. Derek Shepherd visits Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Meredith catches Covid and nearly dies on Greys
  10. Teddy cheats on Owen and everyone finds out on Greys
  11. Jen kills Judy’s man after Judy killed hers in the previous season on Dead to Me
  12. We learn that Aunt Zelda is gay on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  13. We learn of Ratched’s past including a paedophilia ring
  14. Eddie tries to save a boy from the well, and decides to cuts off the rope holding him on 911
  15. We learn that Judy is bi on Dead to Me, but not with Jen sadly
  16. Contaminated inhalator arc on The Resident, hauntedly prognosing Covid
  17. DeLuca has a bipolar attack on Greys
  18. 911 dispatch hostage arc
  19. We learn that Teddy is bisexual and the love of her life died in Twin Towers on Greys
  20. Rebecca’s death and the fact that Kate isn’t there, most likely already dead on This is Us
  21. Jack planned to build a house and then Kevin does so after finding a plan Jack drew 20+years earlier on This is Us
  22. Maddie’s sister is alive and living very close to Maddie on 911
  23. Amanda’s sister is back and has a kid now and Amanda gets temporary custody on SVU
  24. Izzie Stevens had Alex’s twins on Grey’s Anatomy but never told him
  25. CB and Lanie get together on Schooled
  26. Zoey’s dad dies on Zoey’s Playlist and everyone sings for 3 minutes straight
  27. Kevin has twins with Kate’s anorexic best friend on This is Us
  28. Alex leaves Jo on Greys without even telling her in person
  29. Hugh Grant’s past revealed including his sister being killed by a truck on The Undoing
  30. Hugh Grant going psycho on The Undoing
  31. Mildred tells the orderly she sees herself ending up with a woman on Ratched
  32. Justin dies of AIDS on 13 Reasons Why
  33. Jo decides to change profession on Greys
  34. Alice runs into Gloria Steinem on Mrs America
  35. Everyone finds about Lu’s gay relationship on Away
  36. Train derailment and Abby’s comeback on 911
  37. Stephanie drives Joey’s car into the kitchen on Fuller House, just like she did 30 years ago on Full House
  38. Mickey and Ian get married on Shameless
  39. Henrietta decides to change carriers and go to med school on 911
  40. Jimmy recreates Steph’s Loveshack telethon performance on Fuller House
  41. Elizabeth thinks Nathan is the one who got shot on When Calls The Heart
  42. Gloria comes back from Cuba and tells her family that it’s not the Cuba she remembers and that her home is where her family is on One Day at a Time
  43. Alice tells Phyllis she got herself a job and enjoys having her own money on Mrs America
  44. The kids graduate and Hannah Baker is mentioned at the ceremony on 13 Reasons Why
  45. Gabe turns out to be Dodge on Locke and Key