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Gosford Park

I love Downton Abbey, so obviously I loved this! There were too many characters we never got to know and I was confused about who was who and who was married to whom. Julian Fellows, the creator of Downton Abbey, also wrote Gosford Park and won an Oscar for it. Fun fact, the TV show was supposed to be a remake of Gosford Park, but Fellowes decided to change it a bit more, and I’m glad he did.


Deadly Illusions

Netflix is officially turning into Lifetime. You don’t go shopping for bras with your employee, that is just inappropriate. And so is talking about fucking in front of your children. Charlotte was the hottest out of the four Sex and the City ladies and her having gay relations with a girl half her age should have been one of her storylines on the show. Out of the four, only Samantha went out with a woman before deciding it’s not for her. Deadly Illusions is exactly what you’d expect from Lifetime, and the storylines are misleading and disappointing, but we’ve all seen worse.


Postcards from the Edge

I know this is only inspired by Carrie and Debbie’s story, but you’ve got to give it to them, the roles have been perfectly casted. Shirley looks just as glamourous as Debbie, and Meryl can really pass off as a drug addict. My parents refused to watch this with me even though I thought they would like it, so I ended up watching this by myself. I will try to convince my dad to give it another try now that I’ve seen it. I just have to tell him the drugs storyline is very tiny.


The Exorcist III

The previous sequel was awful, but this, filmed 13 years later is amazing! And no surpise, as the original film and The Exorcist III were written by the novelist William Peter Blatty, who wrote the original book and also directed this sequel.


American Woman

Sienna Miller plays a 32 year old grandmother in this. I didn’t like this enough to rewatch it with my parents the next day, which is what I usually do with films I think they’d like.


Blades of Glory

Will Ferrell sings ‘My Humps’ by The Black Eyed Peas. That’s all you need to know about this film. I couldn’t stand Will Ferrell for many years, but he’s slowly growing on me.


Rules Don’t Apply

Another Howard Hughes biopic, sort of. The Aviator is so much better. A young actress is desperate to meat Howard Hughes and make it big in Hollywood. A chauffeur falls for her. I hated how cliche this got halfway through, with her abandoning her values and choosing to achieve her success through the casting couch.


The Great Wall

I love Zhang Yimou’s work and this looked pretty, like all his films, but I just don’t care for fantasy.


The Town

The creepy masks they wear are my favourite part of the film. The Blake Lively arc was completely unnecesary. I lost interest after an hour and ended up listening to Evanescence’s new album while finishing this film.