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I’ve been vegan for 11 years and since then I’ve been trying to educate my parents on the disastrous effects of animal consumption, sadly without success. I’ve asked them to watch this with me today and they were left shocked, but I don’t think this will affect their eating habits. We’re watching Cowspiracy tomorrow.



I watched Our Little Sister last year and loved it, and finally got the chance to watch Shoplifters. My dad said it was too slow for him, but I absolutely love Yasujiro Ozu’s films and this has a similar structure and slow pace.


Quick Change

I loved every minute of this and I only learned of its existence yesterday. And I’m so glad I did, Geena Davis and Bill Murray are great and the film is truly funny.

‘Since when is illegal to run for a bus?’



In my middle school music room the teacher had a giant poster of this film on the wall, distracting the students. 13 year old girls would swoon over Richard Gere and others would laugh at the poster. Many seemed to know this film, I didn’t. I finally watched it today and it’s everything I thought it would be, and that’s not a compliment. Also there is a rape that turns into a consexual sex that is just repulsive. Actually all of the sex scenes in the film are.



A friend has been telling me about the 1 Second Everyday app for a while now and I remember their website saying ‘as seen in Chef’ and yes, the film promotes different apps, mostly focusing on Twitter. The father-son relationship is charming and the film shows working working in a family business well. Whenever I think of food trucks, my mind automatically goes to Switched at Birth and Daphne getting a food truck from her estranged biological father.


Cape Fear

I just really felt like rewatching this today. Also, I don’t think I’ve noticed it before, but Jessica Lange is rocking that short haircut. Juliet Lewis and Robert DeNiro share an extremely gross kiss and have both been nominated for Oscars for their roles.


Red River

You know it’s a bank holiday If I’m suddenly logging a lot of westerns watched with my dad or romcoms and TV movies watched with my mom. This western was directed by Howard Hawks and stars John Wayne. This must not have been easy to film with the hundreds of animals running around. This film also made me want to check out other films Joanne Dru has been in and I haven’t heard of her before watching this film.


Fatal Honeymoon

I’ve heard of this case before and this was a good enough and typical for Lifetime recreation of events. Harvey Keitel stars as Tina’s father. I also really miss living in Queensland and think of Australia almost every day.


A Week Away

So this is Camp Rock for hardcore Christians? My family only made it through 30 min.