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The Towering Inferno

This was an uncomfortable re-watch post 9/11 and the Grenfell tragedy. This film clearly contributed to many questioning why no helicopters were used in the evacuation of the Twin Towers and the Grenfell Tower.


Happiest Season

I’ve seen a lot of Christmas films and none of them focused on a same sex couple. I think the fact that I could relate to it automatically prevented me from hating this film, even if multiple scenes annoyed me. Lauren Lapkus playing a security guard gave me Orange is the New Black feels. I loved the way Stewart delivered the ‘They also think, that… I’m straight.’ line. And that Clea Duvall cameo.

‘That lifestyle choice.’
‘Such a shame.’

‘They’re my parents and I’m scared that if I tell them who I really am, I will lose them.’


Little Fires Everywhere

I’ve just rewatched this with the family today and it’s still a great mini-series. I probably enjoyed it more now, as my family was so into the story, they pleaded we watch another episode even though it was already 4am. What stroke me the most while I rewatched this was AnnaSophia Robb’s portrayal of Reese Witherspoon’s younger version. I’ve been following her career since Bridge to Terabithia, so I know apart from The Carrie Diaries, she’s had many roles in many small and very average projects. She gives a wonderful performance here and is a better Elena than Reese herself.


Two Women

The middle parts were a bit slow and uneventful, but the last ten minutes are brutal and compelling.


The City of Your Final Destination

I’m taking a break from watching shitty Christmas films with my family to dive into my favourite, Italian neorealism. I watched this for Laura Linney. It reminded me of Youth, but it wasn’t quite as good.



This reminded me of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s abusive husband arc on 911. This average TV movie dips its fingers in numerous genres including psychological, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy and drama. It’s not for me, but my pre-teen self would surely appreciate The Sims reference.


Peter’s Forest

This reminded me of that Grey’s Anatomy episode back in season 3 I believe, when a person with HPV came in and he was covered in warts that looked like tree branches. Here, someone has their tree branch arm chopped off at one point.


The Christmas Chronicles 2

The first film was fun, but even the Back to the Future twist didn’t help the sequel. Also, It’s hard to believe Chris Columbus wrote and directed this film.


The Secret Garden

Is this a remake of The Secret Garden or Bridge to Terabithia? Out of all the recent remakes, I knew from the minute I saw the trailer, this was going to be the most pointless one. Why would you remake Agnieszka Holland’s timeless classic? Because special effects are so advanced nowadays? The Secret Garden doesn’t need them.