TV Reviews: How To Get Away with Murder 6.05 – 6.09


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I’ve finally caught up on HTGAWM and here’s part 1 of my notes. What I like the most about this season is that Annalise finally comes to terms with her sexuality and questions whether she really is bi or maybe she’s gay, but was to afraid of being stigmatised. She also admits she should have stayed with Eve and only pursued her ex husband because she was afraid to be gay.

How To Get Away with Murder 6.05

This season is so much better than the previous two, because Laurel isn’t here. No one cares about her and her father’s mafia. She doesn’t return until episode 14 and I’m thankful for that.

I did some shots before coming here out of respect for your sobriety.
Do you know how much I admire you?
I was afraid to be gay.
I should have stayed with Eve. I loved her. But I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be accepted.
You know who’s not an bastard? Asher.
Why’d you choose Sam over Eve?
Because he looked like a version of life I dreamed about my whole childhood.
I don’t love you anymore.
He was saying Laurel to you becuase you helped her disappear.
I love you, Bonnie. I love you so much.
That account has over 200 000 in it.
Salomon, it’s time to pay up.


How To Get Away with Murder 6.06

Bonnie tells Connor about her childhood abuse.

He wrote you a blank check too?
I was scared, I never spoke in class.
You quit us.
Why was I picked for the K5?
Annalise didn’t pick you, I did.
Frank chose Laurel, I chose you.
You wrote about getting a gay conversion camp shut down when you were an undergrad. I’m an abuse survivor, Connor, when I was a kid. So to know that you stood up for those kids when no one else would. I wanted to know you.
I’m sorry that happened to you.
That was a long time ago.
So was me being a guy who helped people. It’s like he died with Sam. I think I was hoping whatever reason I got picked would explain why I am this way.
You’re not a bad guy, Connor.
I’m just tired.
We all are. Nothing good comes from hating yourself.
You deserve a lot more good then what you’ve had.
So do you.
If you’d been through what we’ve been through, you’d learn to fight too. Otherwise, you’re dead before you even died.
I’m the most powerful I’ve ever been.
Tell everyone to destroy their phones.
I was all alone. You want to talk about depressed. I thought about killing myself.
Maybe it’s time to go to Oregon.
Please don’t ever show up in my life again.
They’re not my family, you are.
I’ll never leave you, Michaela, Even if we don’t end up together, I wanna be there for you for the rest of your life. I’m still in love with you Michaela. I always will be.
He’s not the one Michaela, It’s me.


How to Get Away With Murder 6.07

I think this is my AirBnB.
It’s just some idiot.
But there is Parkland, Sandy Hook, whenever it happens next.
It’s scary to be a teacher in America today.
It’s scary to be a student.
The love of my life… Bonnie.
I know more than you’ll ever understand the self hatred of being in this closet.
The hate because of what he knew about me. The thing that I’ve most hated about myself.
I know that she deserved better than you.
You are not ready for this.
When you’re not alone, don’t you miss being touched.
Not all touch is welcome.
You tried to kill yourself in the garage because of this.
Who’s Bonnie Winterbottom?
He’s the one who chopped up the body.
I did it. It was me. I’m the murderer, arrest Me!


How To Get Away with Murder 6.08

Did Annalise fake her own death? Someone cuts Bonnie’s breaks and she ends up in a hospital.

Conspiring to murder.
They are the dwarfs.
Found all of your admissions essays.
I lost my entire family in a plane crash.
Annalise,  my breaks aren’t working!
The dwarfs have blood on their hands. They should pay the price.
The queen did it.
Oh my, there’s no body!
She faked her death and framed Snow White.
Who ordered you to kill that man?


How To Get Away with Murder 6.09

Wes is alive?! We learn who’s the mole. And another main character died? I ship Annalise and Tegan.

I hate all these people.
We’re smarter, it’s not fair that they took all the jobs that we deserve.
I teach so that some of you will make sure that the justice system lives up to its name.
She’s gay.
Are you two?
Married and thinking of buying a camper? Very much so.
Operation Bonfire.
I used to live here.
I should have left a long time ago.
It’s obvious who this is, Laurel.
No matter what happens, I’ll die loving you.
When you go down, I hope I’m the one to see it.
It was Tegan.
Tell us the truth, is it you?
Why did you do that?
You chose yourself.
I chose my mom and Chloe. I had to.
We weren’t these people when we got to law school.
They don’t want the dwarfs, they want the queen.
We were manipulated by our professor. Law students bran washed by an evil genius.
Safe yourself. You know that’s what she would do.
You’re both under arrest for murder.
Who died?
Asher Milstone.


TV Reviews: When Calls The Heart 7.10. Station 19 3.06. Station 19 3.07. Station 19 3.08. How To Get Away With Murder 6.02. How To Get Away With Murder 6.03. How To Get Away With Murder 6.04


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I have finally managed to catch up on How To Get Away With Murder and now I’m in the process of finishing season 2 of Absentia. I also have a few episodes of Station 19 remaining.

When Calls the Heart 7.10

In this season finale Elizabeth lands a book deal and struggles with picking between the two men that have been in love with her all season. Rosemary tries to help Lee and his sister reconcile after the later visits Hope Valley to make amends. Someone gets shot. Elizabeth hugs Nathan at the end of the episode and now I ship them, possibly because the other match is too full of himself.

I don’t know what Lee was like 20 years ago, but the Lee I know today, he’s a good man with a big heart.
You named your son Patrick? It’s a good name.
If this was a date, I would take your jacket.
Leeland, I wish I could take back the last 20 years.
Elizabeth, would you like to get dinner with me?
Someone’s been shot.
I think it’s Nathan.


Station 19 3.06

The Station has been snowed in. A person’s foot gets amputated and he staples it back on as per an advice he found on the world wide web. Andy learns her dad’s cancer is back and Travis desperately tries to find a woman lost in snow. Dean’s daughter is born.

We’ll have to re-amputate the foot.
Requesting search and rescue.


Station 19 3.07

Maya and Karina are officially together. Dean’s child’s mother leaves the baby with him.

Aircraft crash.
This isn’t froma plane, it’s from a rocket.
I’m pretty sure you did it.
I’m not in a habit of fixing broken people.
I don’t need a girlfriend.
I was never going to stay.
She can find me when she’s 16 or 17.


Station 19 3.08

It’s a wonderful episode, where a lot happens. Caterina Scorscone guest stars.

I need someone smart with people skills to talk them down.
I am a recovering addict.
There is no getting over pain of any kind without telling the truth.
I don’t need you to baby me.
Okay then, enjoy the carnage.
There’s plenty of people with red hair though, it’s not a sign of anything.
Doctors without Borders is a great goal. You’ve got plenty of time.
Doctor Ben Warren.
Doctor? What are you doing here?
Helping you.
Which story do you want to hear?
She cannot distinguish you from that chair.
You haven’t decided whether or not you’re keeping her?
Just being alive isn’t the same as living.
You ever want to do anything differently, give me a call. You’ve got real talent.
We’re family. Is everyone okay? We’re family.
You know what’s weird? People who think red heads are aliens.
Poeple always die.
You lose more than you win.
You drink a little. You make inappropriate jokes and then you go home and sleep a few hours and then you do it all again the next day.
I can help you, I’ll move in here and I’ll help you with the baby.
Robert Sullivan is the one who took drugs. Wasn’t he?
I’m the truck.
I’m sorry, I’m not good with American idioms.
I’m the truck that destroyed the Station 19 family.


How to Get Away with Murder 6.02

I watched this episode back in October, and then decided to take a break from HTGAWM, now I finally have a minute to catch up. Michaela found her father, oh so she thinks. We learn that Laurel had a safety deposit box to which Wes also had access to.

Welcome to your last semester of law school.
Pathetic kid rescue collection.
Admit This!
I never killed anyone in my life, but try me.
Our client is 8 years old.
He has your eyes.
Your position has been terminated.
Your name? Wes Gibbins.
Your son killed your boyfriend.
My father’s dead. I could have met him if you told me.
Your fingerprints match the murder weapon.
When was it last accessed?
3 days ago.


How To Get Away with Murder 6.03

Michaela kicks ass in the court room and wins the case. We learned that Tegan has a wife.

Professor for this case, my case.
A lesbian, a woman of color running a major law firm.
Because she’s my wife.
Can I yell at you for not telling me that you have a wife?
You got fired.
Maybe I’ll go on a bender.
I don’t think your dad is dead.
Your dad wasn’t the client, Michaela, he’s the lawyer.


How to Get Away with Murder 6.04

Annalise realises she’s gay, not bi. Michaela goes to her father’s conference.

What’s wrong with Connor!?
I like myself more when I’m with her.
You mean falling in love with Eve?
Falling in love with a woman.
My father would stick me in a mental clinic if he found out.
Are you in love with Eve?
The uncle, the abuse? Of course.
Where’s Oliver?
Working from home.
I never approved that.
Are you still high?
Eve makes me feel safe.
What’s your preference?
Men who blame women for not wanting to have sex with them.
I want power to fix all of it.
I know you’re looking for a woman to love, why don’t you start loving yourself.
I came to change before dinner. Can you come back?
I know you, Michaela.


TV Reviews: Schooled 2.19. Schooled 2.20. The Goldbergs 7.20. The Goldbergs 7.21. One Day at a Time 4.04. One Day at a Time 4.05. The Simpsons 31.18


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Schooled 2.19

CB becomes the principal for a few days and nurse Julie tells Rick she wants to quit being the school nurse and go back to working in the hospital.

Relax, Miss America, it’s a couple of days.


Schooled 2.20

Schooled is officially a better show than The Goldbergs. After seven seasons of The Goldbergs, there’s nothing new to see there. Schooled, in its second season, still feels fresh. After I typed fresh here, I headed over to Rotten Tomatoes to check if it’s certified ‘fresh’ on there too, and it’s currently at 73%, which is pretty fresh. Unfortunately, the Goldbergs have not been rated by the critcs. I loved The Goldbergs in the first 3 or 4 seasons, when all three of the kids were in school. The last three seasons rarely ever entertained me. I really think ABC is going to renew all of their shows seeing how most of the shows had to be cut short this year because of the pandemic. Speaking of cancellations, apparently Light as a Feather has been cancelled, and that comes as no surprise. If all episodes didn’t come out on the same day, I wouldn’t be actively following it week by week. In this episode, Wilma was voted coolest teacher and tried to help save a quiet girl from getting voted most quiet. As someone who has been called quiet, and someone who has actually gone silent for a year, just like the main character in Laurie Halse Anderson’s book (and film), ‘Speak’, I know ‘quietness’ is not something to joke about. To this day, without knowing anything about me, people comment on my quietness, which they mostly attribute to me being shy. Even though I’ve worked through it and I’m back to expressing my thoughts and emotions, I’ve always been an introvert, which means, no matter how much work I’ll put into being assertive, some conversations take a lot out of me. Anyway, I get this red headed girl, who Wilma chose to save from humiliation.

I’m not a child, I rollerbladed there.
I’ve done my part. In high school I recycled the same essay 6 times.
You left your car running in the car park again.
A car says a lot about a man and yours says ‘I’m 14.’
New vegan restaurant.
You were a lot cooler before you won best teacher.
Most likely to speak up and change the world.
Most artistic.
I don’t think any of that stuff is weird at all.
You all have something that makes you one of a kind and today we’re going to celebrate that.
Sometimes it takes a new friend to help you realise you’re fine just the way you are. So don’t ever compare yourself to others, because the truth is, we’re all special and unique. You just have to let your true self shine through.
Volcano. Twister, Armagedon, Independence Day, The Sixth’s Sense.


The Goldbergs 7.20

It was a bad episode, but the quote below is everything.

At least I have you, TV.


The Goldbergs 7.21

Beverly wants to set Bill up on a date, but Leslie Grossman beats her to it. Murray tries to sabotage Bill’s new relationship, because he’s scared of losing his best friend.

I just didn’t want him to get hurt again.
You’re my friend. My one friend. We spend every Sunday watching TV at my house and the thought of that not happening…
I mean, you are two of my favorite people.


One Day at a Time 4.04

Penelope finds a pregnancy test that just happens to be positive and since Elena is gay, it can only be her 14 year old son’s girlfriend’s test.

Maybe she fell of the wagon.
No, she really loves that wagon.
No sex.
How many times do you want me to come out?
Excuse me, I think the Virgin Mary would clap back.


One Day at a Time 4.05

Alex wants to become a fashion designer and Penelope gives him a speech on how he shouldn’t give up on something he loves, but is bad at as, with enough practice he’ll get good at it.

I think you put the mental in environmental.
You can’t be afraid to fail. It’s okay to be bad at some things. Dare to suck! That’s the first step to getting good. If you love the fashion thing, you have to keep going back. And not be afraid to be bad at it for a while. Because you’ll get better. We’re all learning. It’s a process.
You think a sign is gonna stop me? I’m parked in the loading zone right now.


The Simpsons 31.18

Maggie is in love and Smithers threatens Homer into getting his new friend to sign over his new business to him.

Employee of the month.
No need to pretend we’re inbred hicks.
Perhaps it takes an idiot to catch an idiot.
Can I get a little help I dropped my sandwich in here (suggestion box).
As you fill out your sexual history.
Only Homer.


TV Reviews: Greys 16.19. SVU 21.17. Modern Family 11.16. Modern Family 11.17/18. Schooled 2.18. The Goldbergs 7.18. The Goldbergs 7.19. One Day at a Time 4.01.One Day at a Time 4.02. One Day at a Time 4.03


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Modern Family has ended, more on the finale, below. I’ve got 4 days left until my holiday, which I’ll spend in my living room staring at the TV. I’ve had the watchlist ready for weeks. Yesterday I’ve started watching 911: Lone Star and my parents and I are hooked on it. It’s not as good as 911, but It’s interesting enough. I’m not a fan of Rob Lowe’s, but we did love Brothers and Sisters, and I did watch The Leftovers. Both 911 and 911 Texas have been renewed for new seasons. My dad and I watched the new season of Ozark two weeks ago, and honestly, I liked the 3rd season so much, it’s all I can think about. That and the Blackfish documentary I watched on Netflix 4 days ago. Ozark returned after over a year and a half, and I really hope there’s a 4th season. I’ll post much more often once my holiday starts, even though I do feel I’ve been consistent this year. I’m writing this post while watching Madhouse starring Vincent Price. I just love all these dark, gothic, Poesque horrors with Price. Once lockdown finished TV studios including Netflix will need to re-think their scheduling and prioritise TV shows. Dead to Me is back in 3 weeks, but Younger normally returns in June and The Handmaid’s Tale soon after. The Society hasn’t filmed much, but should be back in May too, and 13 Reasons Why is a summer show too. Not sure how much has been shot though, but all shows, including the Fall season ones could come back even 6 months late. Let’s say the lockdown is lifted in July, won’t actors complain that they haven’t had a proper holiday, even though they would have been off for 3 months at that point? We’ll see.

Greys 16.19

We learn that Teddy is bisexual and the girl she was seeing and was in love with, died in one of the Twin Towers. We learn that Teddy named her daughter after her. I don’t know why they spend so much time on Maggie, we don’t want to know anything more about her. I’m just happy Richard is not leaving, after Karev’s disappointing exit, I’m not ready to get to know anyone new.

Do you miss her?
Every day of every week of every year of my life.
You were the last person she was trying to call.
Yes, Alison loved me, but she also loved you.


SVU 21.17

Ballerinas are recorded having sex with male ballet dancers, and then they’re forced to sleeping with producers and choreographers. I really liked the Norma Rae reference coming from a millenial. It’s like the Riverdale references to 40s films no 17 year old would know of, like Gaslight. I guess I should just be happy I know them.

He would watch the videos like the girls were auditioning for him.
He pressured you, he extorted you, that’s rape.
Rape culture is such a big part of this company, they don’t see it anymore.
This isn’t just balet, churches, news organisations, movie sets, when your boss is a predator, people are afraid.
You want me to be the Norma Rae of the National Ballet?
You want this life, you pay the price.


Modern Family 11.16

Mitchell, that was your last eye roll in this house.
These are the kids’ grandparents.
Mitch is struggling to say goodbye to the house.
That’s elder abuse!
You messed with the wrong Gamma.


Modern Family 11.17/18

I usually cry uncontrolably during series finales, and yet I didn’t get emotional once. All kids have moved out with Alex moving to Switzerland, Luke to Oregon for college and Mitch, Cam, Lily and the baby move to Missouri.


Schooled 2.18

Rick convinces Lanie to find her mother, who walked out on her and her dad 15 years prior, back when Lanie was a teenager.

You’re sure you’re right handed?
My shower is gonna look like the scene from Psycho, but Smurf.
Did I just think of a perfect movie pitch?
Wow, 15 years.
Oh my god, I’m dating Barry Goldberg.
Now I’m a music teacher at William Penn.
Rick Mellar, friend and co-worker.
5 years sober.


The Goldbergs 7.18

In that direction, pass the trees.
We’re not Hansel and Gretel.
You watch a lot of Lifetime movies, don’t you?
He slipped through the chimney like a turtleneck Santa.


The Goldbergs 7.19

Barry and Erika go on a Spring Break and Adam learns he doesn’t have the grades to get into NYU and we learn that the real Adam Goldberg got into NYU for submitting a great play he wrote.

I just wanna make movies.
You were talking about film school since you were in kindergarten.
We’re gonna wow NYU so hard they’re gonna have to accept you.
Adam, this play is incredible.


One Day at a Time 4.01

Ray Romano guest stars, they should have done everything in their power to keep him. After getting cancelled by Netflix last year and being picked up by Pop, the writers throw a diss at Netflix in the very first minute of the season. The Everybody Loves Raymond reference made my day.

It’s like there’s nothing good on Netflix anymore.
At this point, I would rather be murdered.
And now we know all the different ways in which I’m single.
There’s no box for happy.
I’m all 3, do I win something?
So this must be your husband?
God no.
Oh yes, they taught us this, it’s nice to meet…You?
I’m gay.
Right now I don’t wanna be me.
And Papito is single.
Right, because he’s a child.
Put down that my grandmother and I are just friends.
Privleged but woke.
They will all be saying ‘Everybody Loves Brian’.
Yeah, doesn’t sound right.
A Lifetime movie. I just love watching rich people in trouble.
She didn’t give an F.
Step one, start liking women.
Step two, turn to your right.
All that stupid small talk. Where’d you go to high school, how many siblings do you have.


One Day at a Time 4.02

I didn’t like this episode one bit.

I speak Spanish.
I’m young.


One Day at A Time 4.03

That’s better. Penelope and abuelita argue over female masturbation, after Penelope’s son walks in on her and her toy.


Film Reviews: Punchline. Blackfish. The Man in the Moon. Wedding March 4. Easter Under Wraps


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punch2 punchlll punchli


I just love this film so much! It’s my 8th or 10th watch and it never gets old! Sally and Tom are fantastic as stand-up comedians. Sally plays a housewife married to a Polish man and is a beginner comedian. She spends 500 dollars on poor jokes, and enlists Tom Hanks’s help to reinvent her act. Tom falls for her, even though she’s happily married and has no feelings for him. Sally’s husband doesn’t think she’s funny anymore and doesn’t like her evening trips to the comedy club. There’s a stand-up contest both Sally and Tom take part in. Sally’s husband sees her perform for the first time, and not only finds her funny, but is proud of her. Sally wins, but gives her prize and title up as she realises she doesn’t need it, because she already has everything she needs, and because she thinks Tom is funnier and should have won. Tom does win, and Sally leaves with her husband, discussing all the jokes she’s going to tell at next stand-up night.


blackfish themanin wedding easter


I’ve been a vegan for 10 years and vegetarian for more than I can remember, so it’s true that I’m not a fan of most zoos and some of their practices. I do however have friends who’ve worked at zoos and they’ve explained to me on numerous occasions the importance zoos have in animal conservation. I like zoos that rescue animals, and only keep the ones that cannot be released back into the wild. I accept zoos that have fancy, big animal enclosures, but most don’t. Dolphin and whale shows along with artificial animal insemination are things I’ll never understand and want no part in, so even though I may visit my friends at a zoo, and feed and hug a koala or two, I’ll never set foot in Sea World. Apparently author John Green decided to scrap a scene from Paper Towns’s film adaptation after seeing this film, wheras Colin Trevorov, director of Jurassic World, based raptors’ responses on Tilikum’s behaviour in captivity. I only watched Blackfish 3 days ago, but it was all I could think about, so I watched it again.


The Man in the Moon

I forgot how beautiful this film was! Little Reese steals every scene she’s in! It’s a wonderful coming of age story of 14 year old Dani and her first crush. The crush likes her, but doesn’t want to be with her because of her young age. Her older sister falls for the same guy, who just happens to be 17, just like her. A tragedy strikes, changing their lives forever.


Wedding March 4

Watching Hallmark films with my family means one thing, it’s Easter time! After the 3rd one, I could feel my brain melt, thankfully this was my second one and I managed to watch this before that happened. I haven’t seen the other 4 films from this series but I’m familiar with Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett from When Calls the Heart and Melrose Place. This was okay, and I think I will eventually watch the other 4 of them. I couldn’t concentrate on the film after they mentioned pistachio cake. I know what I’ll be getting myself for birthday this year.


Easter Under Wraps

Hallmark has 20+ Spring rom-coms, but only one Easter film? I’ve only watched this because it was on HBO Go and I was looking for rom-coms to watch with my family over the Easter break. The film centered around a chocolate factory and, according to my mom, starred ‘Kevin’ from Chesapeake Shores.


Film Reviews: Thelma & Louise. Eagle Eye. Red Nose Day Actually. Shoulder Arms. Traffik


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thelma 10 thelma thelma 8

Thelma & Louise

Every time I watch Thelma & Louise I think of how much fun these two would have in prison. I can see them forming a gang and bossing everyone around. When I was a teenager, I suffered from depression and I was infatuated with thoughts of suicide and truly contemplated it, which is why this film means so much to me. I love the ending so much even though it leaves me depressed for days every time, but it’s a shame they didn’t get to enjoy more of their time together.

‘You let her go, you fuckin’ asshole, or I’m gonna splatter your ugly face all over this nice car!’

‘Looks like you got a real fucked-up idea of fun. In the future, when a woman’s crying like that, she isn’t having any fun!’

‘You be sweet to ’em, especially your wife. My husband wasn’t sweet to me. Look how I turned out.’

‘I think I fucked up. I think I got us in a situation where we both could get killed. Damn, I don’t know why I just didn’t go to the police right away.’
‘You know why. You already said.’
‘What’d I say again?’
‘Nobody’d believe us. We’d still get in trouble, we’d still have our lives ruined. You know what else?’
‘That guy was hurting me. If you hadn’t come out when you did, he would’ve hurt me a lot worse. And probably nothing would’ve happened to him ’cause everybody did see me dancin’ with him all night. They would’ve made out like I’d asked for it. My life would’ve been ruined a whole lot worse than it is now. At least now I’m havin’ some fun. And I’m not sorry that son of a bitch is dead. I’m just sorry it was you that did it and not me.’

‘Well, you get what you settle for.’

‘You’ve always been crazy. This is just the first chance you’ve ever had to really express yourself.’

‘Well, we’re not in the middle of nowhere, but we can see it from here.’

‘I don’t remember ever feeling this awake.’

‘Louise, no matter what happens, I’m glad I came with you.’

‘Louise, shoot the radio.’
‘The Police radio, Louise!’

‘Now, I swear three days ago neither one of us would’ve ever pulled a stunt like this, but if you was ever to meet my husband, you’d understand why.’

‘You said you ‘n’ me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well, darlin’, look out, ’cause my hair is comin’ down!’

‘OK, then, listen. Let’s not get caught.’
‘What are you talkin’ about?’
‘Let’s keep goin’!’
‘What d’you mean?’
‘You sure?’
‘Yeah. Yeah.’


eagle eye nose day shoulder arms traffik

Eagle Eye

I’ve worked for the mail before and though I’ve only visited the warehouse a few times during my year there, after watching Eagle Eye, I wish I had taken a ride down the parcel sorting machine, it sure looks fun! Never even crossed my mind this was possible and I probably would have broken my neck falling down the chute, but this is honestly the only scene worth seeing. Also, Julianne Moore lends her voice to a robot and doesn’t really sound like herself as a result, which is a bummer since I’ve only watched this film because of her.


Red Nose Day Actually

I’ve had this on my DVR for 3 years and finally watched it today, only to realise Laura Linney isn’t in the UK version! I had to watch it online and Laura’s character is now married to, and has kids with Patrick Dempsey?!


Shoulder Arms

Finally, a Chaplin short where Charlie doesn’t fight with men over random women he met in the park.



Missi Pyle really missed out on playing a likeable character for once.


TV Shows Ending Early This Year


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Many shows are finishing early this year due to Coronavirus. I was secretly hoping the last few episodes would be moved to August or something. We are losing a few episodes of most shows and this is very upsetting. Does this mean all the shows need to be renewed though? So we all see how exactly the showrunners wanted to end this season. I don’t really know why This is Us has always been an 18 episode a season kind of show, but it certainly worked out for them this year. How to Get Away With Murder returns April 2nd. This list only includes shows I follow, but It should be useful for you too.

Grey’s Anatomy: April 9 (Cut short – to finish with episode 21 instead of 25)

Modern Family: April 8 (Series finale – as normal)

The Resident: April 7 (Cut short – to finish with episode 20 instead of 23)

This is Us: March 24 (Season finale already aired)

SVU: April 23 (Affected – Cut short, 20 episodes instead of 24)

911: May 11 (Not affected – All episodes shot)

The Goldbergs: May 6 (Not Affected – All shot)

Schooled: May 6 (Not Affected – All shot)

Riverdale: May 6 (Affected – Cut short from 22 episodes to 19)

Station 19: April 9 (Not affected – All episodes shot)

The Good Fight: Unknown date (Cut short from 10 episodes to 7)

How To Get Away With Murder: May 14 (Not affected – All episodes shot – Show returns April 2)

Good Girls: May 3 (Affected – Cut short from 16 episodes to 11)

Killing Eve: Unknown Date (Not affected – All episodes shot)

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: May 3 (Not affected – All episodes shot)

The Simpsons: May 17 (Not affected – All animation and voice acting done)

When Calls the Heart: April 26 (Not affected – All episodes shot)

Little Fires Everywhere: April 22 (Not affected – All episodes shot)



List of all shows I watch

I’ve just realized I haven’t updated the big list since 2016, so here it is, an updated list of all TV Shows I’ve followed over the years ranked by how much I liked them or obsessed over them. I’ve watched a lot of new series and mini series in the last 4 years, so updating this list was quite a challenge. It’s shocking how much the order has changed too. Here’s the link to my 2016 list.

  1. Private Practice
  2. Greys
  3. SVU
  4. Bones
  5. Desperate Housewives
  6. Gilmore Girls
  7. Dexter
  8. The Big C
  9. Friends
  10. Judging Amy
  11. Parenthood
  12. Brothers and Sisters
  13. Cougar Town
  14. Castle
  15. Shameless
  16. Full House
  17. The Middle
  18. Revenge
  19. Bates Motel
  20. Orange is the New Black
  21. Lost
  22. American Horror Story
  23. Fuller House
  24. Downton Abbey
  25. The Killing
  26. Chase
  27. Sex and the city
  28. The Good Wife
  29. Six Feet Under
  30. Switched at Birth
  31. My So Called Life
  32. Nashville
  33. Party of Five
  34. Suburgatory
  35. Surviving Jack
  36. Scandal
  37. Big Little Lies
  38. Camp
  39. The Carrie Diaries
  40. The Goldbergs
  41. How To Get Away With Murder
  42. Everybody Loves Raymond
  43. Married With Children
  44. Scream
  45. Younger
  46. Grace and Frankie
  47. Freaks and Geeks
  48. When Calls the Heart
  49. Arrested Development
  50. Pretty Little Liars
  51. Past Life
  52. The Simpsons
  53. Bunheads
  54. Puberty Blues
  55. No Ordinary Family
  56. Weeds
  57. Sharp Objects
  58. Bad Judge
  59. Awkward
  60. Go On
  61. 30 Rock
  62. Dirt
  63. Close to Home
  64. Thirteen Reasons Why
  65. This is Us
  66. Modern Family
  67. Riverdale
  68. One Day at a Time
  69. Top of the lake
  70. The Leftovers
  71. Ozark
  72. Killing Eve
  73. Good Girls
  74. 911
  75. The Resident
  76. Crikey! It’s the Irwins
  77. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  78. Veronica Mars
  79. Dead to Me
  80. Schooled
  81. The Handmaid’s Tale
  82. Station 19
  83. Red Band Society
  84. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath
  85. The Act
  86. The Morning Show
  87. Everything Sucks
  88. Mad Men
  89. For the People
  90. Unbelievable
  91. Bloodline
  92. The Insatiable
  93. Carol’s Second Act
  94. Chernobyl
  95. When They See Us
  96. The Society
  97. When We Rise
  98. Locke and Key
  99. The Loudest Voice
  100. Soundtrack
  101. Sugar Rush
  102. V
  103. Grandfathered
  104. Faking It
  105. Secrets and lies (only season 1)
  106. Eye Candy
  107. The Whispers
  108. The Slap (AU)
  109. The Good Place
  110. The Good Fight
  111. Hollywood Darlings
  112. Off the Map
  113. Scream Queens
  114. Friday Night Lights
  115. Thirteen
  116. The Family
  117. Absentia
  118. F is for Family
  119. Starved
  120. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  121. Fargo (only season 1)
  122. 90210
  123. Dead of Summer
  124. Amber
  125. Degrassi Next Class
  126. Looking for Alaska
  127. Light as a Feather
  128. American Crime Story
  129. 23.11.63
  130. Divorce
  131. American Crime
  132. The Politician
  133. Ravenswood
  134. Save Me
  135. Wet Hot American Summer