Film Reviews: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood. Offside. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The Notorious Betty Page. Altitude. Backdraft. Being John Malkovich. Don’t Look Back. Rabbit


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A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

I love Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys and yet this still managed to disappoint me. I watched ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ earlier this year and it was one of the best documentaries I’ve seen all year. I wish it was still available on Netflix, so I could rewatch it now.



I cannot believe that apart from the ‘temporary jail’ scenes, the film was shot on the day of the football match! I loved every minute of it.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

I finished reading book last month, after meaning to do so for the last 15+ years. Sadly one of the things I learned is that my favourite character from the film dies tragically in the book. My favourite quote from the book:

‘I can’t wipe the razorblade scars off your wrists, or the cigarette burns off the back of your hands.’

‘Jesus, I mean, you guys do nothing but complain about how you can’t stand it in this place here and you don’t have the guts just to walk out? What do you think you are, for Chrissake, crazy or somethin’? Well you’re not! You’re not! You’re no crazier than the average asshole out walkin’ around on the streets and that’s it.’

‘Is that crazy enough for ya’? Want me to take a shit on the floor?’


The Notorious Betty Page

This would have been so much better if they continued the story past the 50s. There’s nothing here about her nervous breakdown and assaulting her landlord that ended with a decade long stay at a psychiatric hospital. The film suggests that all the sado-maso modelling was a result of Betty’s PTSD after years of sexual abuse and another unrelated attack. In one of the scenes Sarah Paulson tells Gretchen Mol ‘I believe the female form can stand on its own’ when Betty takes out a racy corset, then proceeds to take topless photos of her.



Greer Grammer struggled to find the toilet at the Hecks’ house on The Middle, but managed to carry a shitty Lifetime film. This aired on Filmbox Action at 2am.



I’ve read some really bad reviews for Ron Howard’s new film Hillbilly Eledgy, so I thought I’d give this Oscar Nominated film of his a shot instead, especially since it’s disappearing from Netflix tonight. Hans Zimmer successfully brought tears to my eyes as always, but the script failed to do the same.


Being John Malkovich

Let’s be honest, none of us expected it to suddenly turn gay. A wonderfully twisted mind game and insight into a character’s head. So original, it hurts. Last time I was this nicely surprised with a story was when I watched The Platform on Netflix.


Don’t Look Back

I’m a huge fan of Parenthood, the NBC TV series and Bob Dylan’s Forever Young played in the opening credits of every episode. I feel like I haven’t learned anything new about Dylan after watching this documentary. If you like Bob Dylan, you’ll love this. This is the first musical documentary of the film crew following an artist as they travel from city to city on a tour.



I watched this in my Intro to Animation class this morning, and It’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. An extremely graphic short story of greedy children brutally killing animals to get extra points from a magical genie. The kids get just what they deserve as nature gets its revenge in this BBC animation.


Film Reviews: Run. Sorry We Missed You. Can You Ever Forgive Me? The Long Way Home. The Prestige. All That Jazz. Grey Gardens. Mercury Rising. An American Tail


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The minute you’re done watching the trailer, you know exactly how the storyline will unfold, but you can look past it’s predictability. The very last minute of the film has a lovely twist. Both Sarah Paulson and newcomer Kiera Allen give stellar performances. It’s disappointing however, that some of the best shots from the trailer didn’t make the final cut. And they really should have made the film more bloody. This is the 800th film I’ve seen this year.


Sorry We Missed You

Ken Loach has done it again. Realest portrayal of life in England since his 2016 masterpiece, I, Daniel Blake. I am planning on watching every single film from Loach I can find.


Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Julianne Moore was originally cast as Lee Israel, but left because of creative differences. Apparently Julie wanted to wear a fat suit and a prosthetic nose. I can’t stop wondering how she would have approached this character. My local cinema only showed two screenings of this film at their Silver Screen two years ago, sadly I had to miss it because of work and regretted not seeing it on the big screen since. I really enjoyed watching the two queer characters’ friendship. McCarthy’s portrayal of a lonely and miserable lesbian writer is her best yet. Richard E. Grant gives a wonderful performance as well.


The Long Way Home

Sarah Paulson got to act with Hollywood legend Jack Lemmon in this lovely TV drama. In one of the scenes Jack’s character references a scene from It Happened One Night and Sarah’s character doesn’t get it.


The Prestige

Every time I see Michael Caine, my mind automatically goes to this interview with Rachel Weisz where she explains to the talk show host how Caine pronounces his name, and the talk show host couldn’t contain himself because it sounds as if he’s saying ‘my cocaine’. It’s nothing new to us British folks, yet it’s still stuck in my memory. That’s it, that’s my review. Also, the minute David Bowie showed up, I realised I’ve seen this film before. And this film makes me want to thank whoever invented CPR.


All That Jazz

How on Earth has Erzsebet Foldi not been in anything since this film?! She’s fantastic in it! Also, it’s a crime how little screen time Jessica Lange has in this.


Grey Gardens

I watched this for Jessica Lange. I haven’t seen the original documentary, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I was scared the script would be boring, seeing how most of it was them sitting in the house, but I was nicely surprised.


Mercury Rising

I mainly watched this because I recognised Miko Hughes from Pet Sematary, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Jack the Bear, Kindergarten Cop and of course, Full House. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s sad what happened to his career after the 90s. Here Miko plays an autistic kid and stars opposite Bruce Willis. I can’t say I enjoyed this film much, but hell, it’s expiring from Netflix this week, so I thought I may as well check it out.


An American Tail

I don’t know what surprised me more, a vegetarian cat or the fact that somehow I never came across this film when I was a kid.


Film Reviews: The Craft: Legacy. Horizon Line. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight. The Other Lamb. After-School Special. Scarface. What We Do In The Shadows. The House That Jack Built. The Turning. We Have Always Lived in the Castle. A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting. Conte D’Ete


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The Craft: Legacy

I have a feeling other than myself and the 50 year old male in the audience, no one at my screening has actually seen the original The Craft, which is disappointing. Legacy would have been so much better if they chose to focus on what happened to the four girls from the first film, instead of creating a whole new story and then desperately try to make a correlation at the end. Also, I’m disappointed two scenes from the trailer weren’t used in the final film.


Horizon Line

Way better than I expected. The question here is, did you catch yourself imagining what you would have done if you were in the character’s shoes, while watching the film? If so, it means the film is a success. Last film watched at the cinema before the second national lockdown, possibly the last film watched at the pictures in 2020?


Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

Poland is known for its beautiful forests, among many things. The filmmakers took every slasher based in the middle of nowhere and put it into one quite entertaining watch. I think the slasher it made me think of the most is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Also, I really love the title.


The Other Lamb

The red and blue wardrobe sure reminded me of The Handmaid’s Tale. I loved this atmospheric horror from Polish filmmakers Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert. The film is visually stunning. Disappearing from Mubi in 2 weeks.


After-School Special

I never would have guessed they were going to go there. This left me shocked and uncomfortable, but this short was supposed to do just that, so it worked.



I’m a big fan of Brian De Palma, so obviously I love his Scarface remake. Today I finally got to see the original and I didn’t like it quite as much as the remake.


What We Do in the Shadows

This was my third attempt, successful this time, and I’m still not in love with it and I don’t really understand why.


The House that Jack Built

‘I couldn’t resist running that little old lady over.’

Lars von Trier’s return to horror. I can’t stop thinking of the hunting scene.


The Turning

I remember deciding not to see it at the cinema earlier this year, and yet I chose to waste my Halloween on it? What’s wrong with me?


We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Awesome title, average film.


A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

I grew up watching Goosebumps the TV series, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed this film much as a kid, because it lacked scary parts. The hypnotising song was awesome though and I will still most likely watch the sequel if there is to be one. I’ve been following Oona Laurence’s career since her SVU episode and the brilliant film The Lamb.


Conte D’Ete aka A Summer’s Tale

I wish this wasn’t my introduction to Éric Rohmer, because it really put me off checking out his other films. Three of his films are on Mubi, and I was hoping to watch them if I liked this one, but now I don’t think I will. This was a required viewing for film school and there is no way I’m picking this film to write my next essay on.


Film Reviews: Ammonite. Honest Thief. Pixie. A Year of The Quiet Sun. I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Enola Holmes. The Ground Beneath My Feet. Valley of Love. Gay USA


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You know I’m a huge advocate for good wlw films, sadly this isn’t one of them. Both Winslet and Ronan aren’t very convincing. There’s only two or three short scenes where Kate’s character can be seen going through internal turmoil connected with hiding her sexuality, which is why I’m giving this 5/10 stars. Do yourself a favour and rewatch Disobedience instead.


Honest Thief

Kate Walsh finally getting her second break in a film with a worldwide cinema release and starring opposite Liam Neeson makes me so happy.



Olivia Cooke has been in some awesome movies since her time on Bates Motel and this is probably the weakest one, but it’s still quite enjoyable.


A Year of The Quiet Sun

It’s sad to think that younger generations of cinema goers have forgotten about Krzysztof Zanussi. When you hear about Polish directors, only three surnames are usually mentioned, Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Roman Polanski. I remember watching special features on my The Double Life of Veronique DVD and there Kieslowski acknowledges how much he’d learned from Zanussi. A Year of the Quiet Sun is leaving Netflix tomorrow, along with The Spiral. Go see them.


I’m Thinking of Ending Things

And she’s off. The US has officially acquired Jessie Buckley. We won’t be seeing her in many British productions now. She’s officially a star. Every time she repeats she’s thinking of ending things I’m taken back to my teen years. It’s a great psychological drama with beautiful, relatable monologues. Take a look at a few of them.

‘I’m thinking of ending things. Once this thought arrives, it stays. IIt sticks, it lingers, it dominates. There’s not much I can do about it, trust me. It doesn’t go away. It’s there whether I like it or not. It’s there when I eat, when I go to bed. It’s there when I sleep. It’s there when I wake up. It’s always there. Always. I haven’t been thinking about it for long. The idea’s new. But it feels old at the same time. When did it start? What if this thought wasn’t conceived by me, but planted in my mind, pre-developed? Is an spoken idea unoriginal? Maybe I’ve actually known all along. Maybe this is how it was always going to end. Jake once said, “Sometimes the thought is closer to the truth, to reality, than an action. You can say anything, you can do anything, but you can’t fake a thought.’

‘Other animals live in the present. Humans cannot, so they invented hope.’

‘It’s tragic how few people possess their souls before they die. Nothing is more rare in any man, says Emerson, than an act of his own. And it’s quite true. Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation. That’s an Oscar Wilde quote.’

‘Coming home is terrible whether the dogs lick your face or not; whether you have a wife or just a wife-shaped loneliness waiting for you. Coming home is terribly lonely, so that you think of the oppressive barometric pressure back where you have just come from with fondness, because everything’s worse once you’re home. You think of the vermin clinging to the grass stalks, long hours on the road, roadside assistance and ice creams, and the peculiar shapes of certain clouds and silences with longing because you did not want to return. Coming home is just awful. And the home-style silences and clouds contribute to nothing but the general malaise. Clouds, such as they are, are in fact suspect, and made from a different material than those you left behind. You yourself were cut from a different cloudy cloth, returned, remaindered, ill-met by moonlight, unhappy to be back, slack in all the wrong spots, seamy suit of clothes dishrag-ratty, worn. You return home moon-landed, foreign; the Earth’s gravitational pull an effort now redoubled, dragging your shoelaces loose and your shoulders etching deeper the stanza of worry on your forehead. You return home deepened, a parched well linked to tomorrow by a frail strand of… Anyway… You sigh into the onslaught of identical days. One might as well, at a time… Well… Anyway… You’re back. The sun goes up and down like a tired whore, the weather immobile like a broken limb while you just keep getting older. Nothing moves but the shifting tides of salt in your body. Your vision blears. You carry your weather with you, the big blue whale, a skeletal darkness. You come back with X-ray vision. Your eyes have become a hunger. You come home with your mutant gifts to a house of bone. Everything you see now, all of it: bone.’

‘It’s hard to describe people. It was so long ago, I barely remember. I mean… We never even talked, is the truth. I’m not even sure I registered him. There’s a lot of people. I was there with my girlfriend… We were celebrating our anniversary, stopped in for a drink, and then this guy kept looking at me. It’s a nuisance. The occupational hazard of… of being a female. You can’t even go for a drink. Always being looked at. He was a creeper! You know? And I remember thinking, I wish my boyfriend was here. Which is… That’s sort of sad, that being a woman, the only way a guy leaves you alone is if you’re with another guy. Like, if… like… like you’ve been claimed. Like you’re property, even then. Anyway, I can’t… I can’t remember what he looks like. Why would I? Nothing happened. Maybe it was just… I think it was just… Just one of thousands of such non-interactions in my life. It’s like asking me to describe a mosquito that bit me on an evening 40 years ago. Well, you haven’t seen anyone fitting that description, have you?’

‘Everything wants to live, Jake. Viruses are just one more example of everything. Even fake, crappy movie ideas want to live. Like, they grow in your brain, replacing real ideas. That’s what makes them dangerous.’


Enola Holmes

A few scenes were shot at Hatfield House (where The Favourite was filmed among many others), which is even prettier in person. I watched this as part of a uni social thing. We were supposed to watch The Greatest Showman, which I’ve seen, so I guess it worked out for the best? The film could have used more Helena Bonham Carter though. I still cannot believe how much Millie Bobby Brown looks like a teenage Natalie Portman. It surely helped her career.


The Ground Beneath My Feet

I loved the fact that these two successful women had to hide their relationship. If this was an American film they wouldn’t be hiding, but let’s not forget not everyone is or can be out.


Valley of Love

There are eight Isabelle Huppert films on Mubi right now and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen any of them, so I’m fixing that now. I’ve already missed two, just because I assumed everything they show on Mubi goes into the Mubi Library. I was proven wrong.



I really needed this today. At the beginning of the film one 70 yr old lady said that when she was young there were no gays and she doesn’t understand where did they all come from. A used to say the exact same hurtful thing regularly, which is why I’m still in the closet. There is another film by the same director that I also watched on Mubi called Buddies. It’s the first film about AIDS and it’s equally wonderful.

‘I can’t go on being miserable all my life, so I left my husband. I loved my husband, but I wasn’t in love with him.’

‘Ok, I’m gay, so what?’


Film Reviews: Limelight. The Babysitter 2: The Killer Queen. A Clockwork Orange. Unpregnant. After We Collided. Daughter of mine. Beast. It Happened One Night. Camera


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Take me back to last weekend when all I did was watch and rewatch Ratched with no care in the world.


An average person remembers Charlie Chaplin as the silly comedian, but we cannot forget that he was also an incredibly talented director, writer and composer. In Limelight a much older Chaplin saves a ballerina from a suicide attempt, and helps her get on her feet. In return, the woman falls for him. The film ends on a sad note with one of the main characters passing. Also Buster Keaton makes a cameo in it as well!

‘What do you want meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning. Desire is the theme of all life!’

‘That’s all any of us are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.’

‘Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it.’

‘What is there to fight for?’

‘Ah, you see, you admit it. What is there to fight for? Everything. Life itself, isn’t that enough, to be lived, suffered, enjoyed. What is there to fight for? Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish. Besides, you have your art, your dancing.’
‘I can’t dance without legs.
‘I know a man without arms who can play a scherzo on a violin and does it all with his toes. The trouble is you won’t fight. You’ve given in, continually dwelling on sickness and death. But there’s something just as inevitable as death, and that’s life. Life, life, life. Think of all the power that’s in the universe, moving the earth, growing the trees. That’s the same power within you if you only have courage and the will to use it.’

You could be Mrs Calvero, in name only of course.
‘Won’t it inconvenience you?
‘Not at all! I’ve had five wives, one more or less won’t make any difference! And I’ve reached the point where a relationship can be maintained on the most platonic level.’


The Babysitter 2: The Killer Queen

Emily Alyn Lind went from playing a young version of Emily VanCamp in Revenge and Jamie from a film adaption of Dear Dumb Diary to being a cult member in both Doctor Sleep and The Babysitter 2? Woah, time flies. I don’t understand why the sequel takes plays 2 years after the events of the first film and not four? The kids are too grown up to pass for 14 year olds and they’re supposed to be juniors now? If they’re 16, than how were they 12 two years ago?

‘I wanna be the world’s best journalist. Renowned, respected, like Geraldo. Only… fuckable.’

‘I really don’t have good luck with women, they end up being murderers.’


A Clockwork Orange

I rewatched this after many many years. A young lad leads a gang of hooligans, and for his misbehaviour he’s sent to a psychiatric hospital. I’ve finally figured out who Evan Peters looks like, a young Malcolm McDowell!

‘Do you still feel suicidal?’
‘Well, put it this way, I feel very low in myself. I can’t see much in the future, and I feel that any second something terrible is going to happen to me.’



She should have told her parents and then go from there. I could relate to the friend getting dropped by her bestie, because she stopped being happy. Young teenagers suck. The anti-abortion plot was ridiculous.


After We Collided

The only intriguing storyline is one of the supporting characters’ past sexual assault. The rest is just 50 Shades of Grey for teens. Also this sequel stars Frank from How To Get Away with Murder and I haven’t seen him in anything else before, so there’s that?


Daughter of mine

I mainly watched this, because the poster fooled me into thinking it was an LGBT film. It’s not, and it’s not good either.



How did it take me this long to watch this gem? I became a fan of Jessie Buckley after seeing her in Wild Rose last year. I just cannot wait to watch I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

I’d like to make a toast. To my family. For everything you have done for me… I forgive you.

Your father’s been acting up, where have you been?

‘I’m in a relationship, Mum. I can’t be there all the time.

Sweetheart, you can’t just change the rules because someone’s shown an interest. Maybe I’ve been too soft on you.


It Happened One Night

Original Runaway Bride and an inspiration for any romantic comedy ever. It’s a required viewing for my uni course.



I watched this David Cronenberg short in my Film Production class today. It made me feel old, especially when the lecturer asked if all the students were born in this millennium. Haha, not even close, oh I’m getting old.

‘When you record the moment, you record the death of the moment. Children and death are a bad combination.’


Film Reviews: Chronicle of Amorous Accidents. The General. Carlito’s Way. The Accidental Tourist. This Changes Everything. Top of the Lake: China Girl. Ava. Wildflower. A Private War. Timbuktu. The Lost Room. Zing


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I’m on my first holiday since February, and I’ve decided to rewatch at least one film from two of my most favourite directors, Andrzej Wajda and Brian De Palma. Keep reading to find out which films I chose to watch.

Chronicle of Amorous Accidents

My dad and I own 24 of Andrzej Wajda’s films on DVD at this point, after buying another 7 this week. My dad has been telling me about this masterpiece for years and I finally got to see it. Paulina Mlynarska left the industry after being traumatised by the nude scenes in this film she shot at just 14. That’s the difference between European and US or British cinema. How many French films feautured films with teenagers being exploited?


The General

Started off my holiday with this brilliant Buster Keaton film. I was enjoying it very much, then halfway through I got a text from my boss telling me to contact him, because he wants to throw me a leaving-do. It’s my first time abroad since February and yesterday I bought 32 DVDs for very cheap, so I think we can already class this holiday as a success?


Carlito’s Way

I’ve never noticed how much Naomi Watts and Penelope Ann Miller look alike until this film!


The Accidental Tourist

Back in the 7th grade I chose to write my book report on the book this movie was based on. I went to the bookstore and The Accidental Tourist caught my eye as it had the poster from the film on the cover. I only got this book, because I recognized Geena Davis from A League of Their Own and Thelma and Louise and I loved both of those films. It was an exceptionally boring read, and to think that most of my classmates wrote their reports on books from the Mary-Kate and Ashley book series while I committed to reading this drag. The book put me off watching the film, and It took me this long to finally reach for it, and…surprise, surprise, I hated it just as much as my younger version hated that awful book.

‘A business traveler should bring only what fits in a carry-on bag. Checking your luggage is asking for trouble. – – Add several travel size packets of detergent so you won’t fall into the hands of unfamiliar laundries. There are very few necessities in this world which do not come from travel-size packets. – – One suit is plenty, if you take along travel size packets of spot remover. The suit should be medium gray. Gray not only hides the dirt, but is handy for sudden funerals. – – Always bring a book as protection against strangers. Magazines don’t last and newspapers from elsewhere remind you, you don’t belong. But, don’t take more than one book. It is a common mistake to overestimate ones potential free time and consequently overpack. In travel, as in most of life, less is invariably more. – – And most importantly, never take along anything on your journey so valuable or dear, that it’s loss would devastate you.’


This Changes Everything

Let me get this straight, they got a male to direct a documentary about how Hollywood doesn’t want to hire female directors? Also, Geena Davis is a queen, and I’m a fan of most of these actresses and filmmakers.

‘The basis of your thinking is determined by the first images you see; whose values are important and whose stories are important, and that’s what we’re teaching little girls and little boys.’ – Reese Witherspoon


Top of The Lake: China Girl

How did Elisabeth and Nicole shoot their scenes together, seeing how Scientologist aren’t allowed to talk to ex-Scientologists? While season one was incredible, this is a mess. I watched the first 4 episodes 3 years ago when the season came out, and it took me until today to finish it I saw season one was discounted at my local DVD store for £2 and I’ve decided to buy it I didn’t like the second season and I won’t ever be rewatching it. I just bought season 1 on DVD for an equivalent of £2, and I have no need to ever rewatch the second one, so it was no brainer really.



There’s one scene in this that’s extremely uncomfortable to watch and must have been painful for Jessica to film seeing that’s how her sister died. This film stars Jessica Chastain and Geena Davis, but the script is bad and they can’t save it.



First film ever watched on Amazon Prime Video. That’s right, I finally caved in. Little Reese Witherspoon and young Patricia Arquette star in a film about abuse. I hate how no one wanted to get involved at first and accepted the abuse as something some people just do.


A Private War

I wish they showed us something about her childhood, why she left the US and what drove her to do this scary job.



After four months of free Mubi, it’s time to decide whether to keep my subscription or to cancel my membership. Mubi has offered me an entire year 50% off and even though I know I won’t have much time to watch films starting next month, I think It’d be dumb of me not to take it. This is a fine example of why I should keep it.


The Lost Room

Expires from Amazon Prime in a few hours. I’ve never even heard of this mini series before yesterday, but I’m a huge fan of Six Feet Under and Parenthood, so obviously I had to watch it. It reminded me of Locke and Key and I’m not sorry I spent 5 hours watching it.



Suitable for ages 7 and up? Are you kidding me, this is a creepy short about death. Brilliant, but not for little children.


Film Reviews: So Long My Son. Funny Girl. The War Against Women. House. Hearts of Atlantis. Blue Crush. Chemical Hearts. Elisa and Marcela. Swimming For Gold. InstaPsycho. The Half of It. Fanatyk


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First time using the new WordPress editor. It took me good few minutes to figure out where everything is. Inserting picture is now a little more complicated I think, I don’t really know how to adjust size of images, but I’ll figure out soon. I really like how you can highlight what text you want to move and just click the arrows, without having to drag it or click Copy and Paste. Last week I finally caved in and got myself Amazon Prime. Between Mubi, Filmbox Arthouse, HBO GO, Netflix and Amazon, I will never run out of films to watch.

So Long, My Son

Amazing take on China’s one child policy. I think this would have benefited from chronological scene order, but it was a treat anyway. I have renewed Mubi for another year and this is the first film I watched with my new subscription. I just learned yesterday that this film is coming to HBO Go and I cannot wait to show it to my dad next week.


Funny Girl

I understand Fanny’s attachment and forgiveness. I really wish they showed us what happened after, because speaking from experience, not much comes close to stressing about the loved one doing the same thing again in the future. It’s a thought that never really leaves your head. On a happy note though, I really liked most of Barbra’s costumes in this film.

You think beautiful girls are going to stay in style forever? I should say not! Any minute now they’re going to be out! Finished! Then it’ll be my turn!


The War Against Women

It angers me that men will always have that one thing that they can take away from women. Think of all the home invasion films, criminals encounter a male and think ‘Let’s beat him up’, they encounter a female ‘Let’s rape her’. They never think of doing these nasty things to other men, yet they’ll always have that power over women and sadly too many use it as a weapon. This is a great short. It’s on Netflix, go watch it.


Hearts in Atlantis

What a nice surprise. This is based on two Stephen King novellas? Which ones? First love and being young. What a magical time. I am very nostalgic and I miss my care free childhood every day, so this film is ideal for me. I’ve decided a long time ago, that I will never sell my family home, because I have so many wonderful memories associated with it. I am an only child and spent a lot of my time in that house by myself, so it will always be my safe space. I try to visit as much as I can. I didn’t like the mind reading mumbo jumbo, but everything else was amazing. They don’t make family films like this anymore.

‘You know, when you’re young, you have moments of such happiness, you think you’re living in some-place magical, like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up, and our hearts break in two.’

‘I wouldn’t have missed a single minute of it, Bobby. Not for the whole world.’

‘Why do we always expect home to stay the same? Nothing else does.’

‘It’s funny how when you’re a kid, a day can last forever. Now, all these years seem just like a blink.’

‘I never heard from Ted Brautigan again. Not that I didn’t think of him. I always have. I always will. Because that summer was the last of my childhood. And though I never again saw what people were thinking, there was an enduring gift that he left me. What Ted did was open my eyes, and let the future in. I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. Not for all the world.’



I probably would have never come across it if it wasn’t for Mubi. This film must be what a long acid trip must be like. I liked it a lot, but I’m not into lights constantly flashing, hence the lower rating.


Blue Crush

Switched at Birth was a brilliant teen show from Lizzy Weiss about the deaf community, but this is just another teen surf film, like the one with Camilla Bello from around the same time.


Chemical Hearts

My dad asked ‘Is that the Blackhood’s daughter?’ when he walked past the living room and saw me watching this. I don’t get the hype, but I’m all for unhappy endings.


Swimming For Gold

I mainly watched this because I used to live in Brisbane and I miss it every day. Guess how much Brisbane they showed us in this… It was just an Aussie version of Bunk’d, Peyton List even had an annoying friend just like on that post-Jessie show. Don’t ask me how I know this, I used to babysit a lot and most of my friends have kids now. Everyone seems to be into another show Peyton is in, Cobra Kai, which is now on Netflix.


Elisa and Marcela

I really liked the first act, but most of came after angered me. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who googled how exactly she got pregnant from just that one time.


The Half of It

Undoubtedly Netflix’s best original teen movie. I just love how innocent it is and that the writers didn’t force her to come out to her dad. If she did come out and he would accept her, I would have been disappointed and my rating would have been lower. I like that despite everything that happened in the film, she is still very much in the closet.



It amazes me how Laura Slade Wiggins, best known from Shameless, still plays a teenager at 32. Also, these Lifetime films crack me up. Show me a bigger guilty pleasure, I’ll wait.



And to think I almost didn’t give this awesome short a chance, because it’s advertised as a film about fishing, which is exactly why my dad wouldn’t watch it with me. Fishing’s boring and I’m against it as a vegan, but this film isn’t.


Film Reviews: Showbiz Kids. Cinema Paradiso. Summertime. Dream Love. The Far Shore. Hotel Mumbai. Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind. Ideal Home. The Addition


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show kids cin summertime

Showbiz Kids

I’ve been waiting for this to come out since last year. Sadly, it wasn’t much better than Corey Feldman’s last doc The Rape of Two Coreys from earlier this year. Alex Winter really should have invited him to talk about the sexual abuse him and Corey Haim endured as child actors. He also should have invited Brooke Shields and have her talk about her mother exploiting her and taking those disturbing pre-teen pictures of her since he already chose to show snippets from Pretty Baby. I wish Winter invited more than the 9 child actors that appeared in the film. There’s not much focus there either, they keep going back to drugs, not having normal childhoods, parents sacrificing their lives, parents pushing their kids for their own gain and abuse multiple times. Despite this, I still recommend you check Showbiz Kids out. This is my 10th HBO Documentary and I really liked most of them including Elvis The Searcher which I watched last week. This is also one of Cameron Boyce’s last films.


Cinema Paradiso

My local Showcase cinema has been showing movie goer favourites since they re-opened 3 weeks ago, and I didn’t feel like re-watching any of them, until I saw they’re showing Cinema Paradiso this weekend. I watched it many years ago on a very tiny TV screen, and this is one of the films that need to be seen on the big screen. I cried through the last 30 minutes and it was one of my favourite cinema experiences.

‘Living here day by day, you think it’s the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything’s changed. The thread’s broken. What you came to find isn’t there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time… many years… before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It’s not possible. Right now you’re blinder than I am.’
‘Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?’
‘No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it’s all me. Life isn’t like in the movies. Life… is much harder.’

‘Get out of here! Go back to Rome. You’re young and the world is yours. I’m old. I don’t want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talking about you. Don’t come back. Don’t think about us. Don’t look back. Don’t write. Don’t give in to nostalgia. Forget us all. If you do and you come back, don’t come see me. I won’t let you in my house. Understand?’

‘Thank you. For everything you’ve done for me.’

‘Whatever you end up doing, love it. The way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt.’



Cecile De France turns 45 today. How refreshing to see them cast a 39 year old as the love interest. Summertime is a lesbian drama about a 20 something year old Delphine who after being left for a man by her closeted girlfriend leaves her family farm and goes to Paris where she meets a 30 something year old straight woman she falls in love with, Carole. It’s the 70s and Carole fights for women’s rights to abortion and contraception. The two get together, and Carole follows the main character to the family farm where they hide their relationship from Delphine’s mother. Her mother hopes she’s going to marry a local young man and things don’t go well when she finds out. Delphine makes a decision to leave to Paris, but then changes her mind which she later regrets as per what is revealed in a letter she sends to Carole seven years later. It’s a beautiful lesbian drama I may not have ever found if it wasn’t for Mubi.


dream lover derive mumb

Dream Lover

What is it with James Spader and amusement parks? Remember when his character was trying to rape and then set on fire Lori Loughlin’s character in one of my favourite films The New Kids? I know I haven’t really commented on the Lori Loughlin scandal, and I cannot really. Lori was one of my first favourite actresses and crushes for that matter, so I cannot hate her, like what the rest of the world is doing, because she’s been in some of my favourite films and I thought Full House sucked before her character was introduced, even though I hated what they did to her character after she had the twins. Anyway, this review is about Dream Lover, which also stars Twin Peaks and Riverdale‘s Madchen Amick.

Look, just cause I’m halfway pretty guys look in my eyes and think they know me. Like I’m their fantasy. I’m just a regular screwed-up person. So when you say I’m beautiful it’s like you’re not seeing me at all.


The Far Shore

This is exactly the kind of film I needed to see today. Two sisters and their mom struggle to move on from the sudden death of their father. While the 16 year old one begins a relationship with her rapist, the 11 year old one is being bullied by her nasty classmates. It’s a beautiful film and I am so glad I got to see it. Thanks, HBO!


Hotel Mumbai

I haven’t seen Nicolas Saada’s Taj Mahal, but my dad said it was better than this one. I’ve now added it to my watchlist. The racist British woman who panics and accuses a lady for working with terrorists because she speaks their language and then asks Dev Patel’s character to take off his turban was so inappropriate and realist at the same time. What is she even doing in Mumbai? She does understand she’s not in England, so of course people will be speaking their language. Dev Patel has had a wonderful career since his time on Skins. He played the Slumdog, he was in both Hotel Marigold films, he was in Lion with Nicole Kidman and now Hotel Mumbai.


nata idee addd

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind

Oh please, we all know he did it. Not much to say about this one. Natalie Wood was a bright light and just think of all the roles she would have played in her 50s, 60s, 70s. It’s tragic to think her story ended there, in the middle of the ocean. Her older daughter looks strikingly exactly like her. I have so many films to watch in my immediate watchlist, but I’m tempted to see Natalie’s entire filmography. I’ve only seen 6 of her films in total, from smaller ones like Inside Daisy Clover to big hits like Rebel Without a Cause or West Side Story. Speaking of West Side Story, I cannot believe Spielberg is making a remake. Why on earth do we need a new version of one of the biggest and most popular films? And just because teens these days won’t reach for a film from 20 years or more?


Ideal Home

Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd make awesome gay dads and I would watch this as a TV series. Kate Walsh has a very small part in it. One of my most favourite actresses, Julianne Moore said earlier this week that she would not have taken the role of one of the moms in The Kids Are Alright now, because she’s not gay and that role should have gone to a gay actress. Isn’t that the whole point of acting? If this was a rule now, I probably would have never seen The Children’s Hour, Boys Don’t Cry, Disobedience, The Favourite or so many more of my favourites. She never said anything about her other lesbian roles, in Freeheld or The Hours. Lisa Cholodenko, who co-wrote and directed The Kids are Alright and is a member of LGBT said that both Julianne and Annette Benning could have fooled anyone with their wonderful acting, so it doesn’t matter because they were believable. She also said they were thinking of sending the script to Jodie Foster, who is gay or bi, but chickened out. Either way, I would love the film because both Jodie and Julianne are two of my three favourite actresses (Sally Field is one of the three too). There aren’t that many famous openly lesbian actors in their fifties, so I don’t think The Kids Are Alright would have been such a hit, because who would have played Jodie’s counterpart then? Ellen or Jane Lynch?


The Addiction

Lili Taylor’s audition piece for The Conjuring. It’s a good horror focusing on vampirism, and it tries to be even better with its black and white artiness.

‘We drink to escape the fact we’re alcoholics. Existence is the search for relief from our habit, and our habit is the only relief we can find.’

‘What’s gonna happen to me?’
‘Read the books. Sartre, Beckett, Burroughs. Who do you think they’re talking about? You think they’re works of fiction?’


I wrote this review over the course of a few days, while watching Stromboli starring Ingrid Bergman, Scorsese’s Raging Bull and listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore.