Characters from Private Practice/Greys Anatomy mixed all together, in a particular order.

1. Addison Montgomery

2. Violet Turner

3. Charlotte King

4. Meredith Grey

5. Arizona Robbins

6. Izzie Stevens

7. Naomi Bennett

8. Teddy Altman

9. Callie Torrez

10. Cristina Yang

11. Cooper Friedman

12. Derek Shepard

13. Pete Wilder

14. Sheldon Wallace

15. Alex Carev

1. Addie is always going to be my favorite, yes, she’s pretty annoying in 4th season. I can’t stand her with Sam, he made her weak. Though she always reminds me that even a successful woman, is just a woman, and falls for the wrong guys, just like anybody else. Favorite Addie’s episode, definitely the one when she finds out her mother’s gay. That was a very good acting, best drama scene from season 3, and Kate looks gorgeous without makeup. The other episode is of course the one when she and Sam found the couple while hiking, before the woman died she said she’s gonna name her Addison, that was incredible. Addie was the best character in season 1 and season 2, and best ever on Greys.

3. Violet – I’ve always loved Violet. She’s an amazing friend, a shrink, and she’s gorgeous. Amy Brenneman is an amazing actress. I loved how Violet went crazy in 3rd season, I get that, wish I didn’t. She almost died because of some psycho bitch. I loved how she couldn’t take care of her baby because of what happened to her. I always loved her, and she made season 3 my favorite.

3. Charlotte…favorite scene on the airplane, when she cried in Cooper’s arms, I love when she has pangs of conscience, every time she has some weak moment. And after what happened to her in season 4, she broke me and I’m starting to like her even more.