3×10 The one in which Addison’s mother turned out to be a lesbian. Amazing quotes. I love how Addie was wearing no make-up and dirty hair all the time, that was so… human. Probably the best acting of Kate Walsh so far, and maaan, she looks amazing even without make-up. Dell’s storyline was touching too. Even the love scene with Addie and Sam wasn’t that bad, maybe because he pushed her away 🙂 I love when he says ‘No, not this way’ and Addie goes ‘Please…’ and then she apologies to him. That’s where their relationship should have ended not started ;( Pete was amazing when he pretended to be Dell when Heather was dying, maaan, I love that man. 🙂 And when he kidnapped Betsy to say goodbye to her mother, so touching. I have no idea why Cooper tries to screw up his relationship with Charlotte, ass. I loved when Bizzy asked Violet how many times has she seen her husband. And Violet says ‘Once or Twice’ and Bizzy asks ‘Once or twice?’. And Violet responds ‘Twice, I believe, twice.’ I truly love how Sheldon has become Addison’s therapist. Episode very well written. I’ve  already seen it thousand times.

Addie: I hate him so much. For breaking her heart… For forcing her to do this. He cheated on her for 40 years. She had no one. She had no one to talk to, no one to comfort her. Of course she turned to Susan.

Addie:I know what it’s like, okay… to be rejected, to have your heart broken, to… be lonely.

Sheldon: Well, maybe you need to get off the elevator.

Addie: Mother, I’m just…I’m so sorry about what happened, about what he did to you.

Addie: I’m wrong. Bizzy, don’t… He drove you to kiss another woman.
Bizziy: Susan… has been with me for 20 years.
Addie: Yes, I know.  She’s worked with us for ages, which is why it’s…
Bizzy: Susan has been with me for 20 years. So, uh… shopping and then lunch?
Addie: Mother…Sit down.
Bizzy: There was one girl in boarding school when I was 14. And then there was the one in Switzerland on holiday when I was 17, but those don’t count. It was cold, and we were girls. Then I met Susan.
Addie: And the captain? Did you ever love him? Oh, my… Bizzy, why did you marry him?
Bizzy: We’re from Connecticut. My father is a Bradford Forbes.
Addie: Okay, so… let me get this straight. You were the cheating whore, not dad?
Bizzy: I’m gonna go. If you’re gonna talk like that, I’ll go. You have no idea how difficult it was.
Addie: Oh, come on, Bizzy. How hard could it have been? I mean, nothing was expected of you. All you had to was order the housekeeper around, run your charities and screw your husband every Wednesday night. How complicated is that?
Bizzy: You have no idea. You don’t know me. You don’t know me. You don’t know anything. You don’t know one single thing about me. I could have done things. I could have… been things. But I’m a Forbes. So I got married because that was what I was supposed to do. And I chose your father because he asked and he was nice and he seemed like he wouldn’t suffocate me. And by the time I realized my mistake, I had children. So I made a life. I did what I could with what I had. And I may not have been in love with your father, but I loved him. I do love him. And I loved you and your brother. And so instead of doing what I wanted to, which was run or slit my wrists, I threw birthday parties and I smiled and I kept my mouth shut. And I raised you and your brother, and you both turned out brilliantly. Susan was for me. Susan was the one thing that was for me. My children took everything else. And I’m sorry, but until you have a child, you have no idea what it’s like to be a mother. You have no idea the sacrifices a woman makes when she has children. So don’t you dare judge me.

Addie: Just give me one good reason why my entire childhood was a lie… one good reason.
Captain: We were trying to protect you and Archer.
Addie: Really? Because I’m a cheater, Archer’s a cheater. We’re all these awesome cheaters. So, you know, that’s a bunch of crap… protecting us. I want a good reason.
Captain: She’s the love of my life. We’ve been married for 40 years… 40 years. My entire adult life, she has been at my side. I love her. She’s my best friend. She’s my… everything. It’s not her fault, you know? She didn’t know. We didn’t know. And when we did… She’s the love of my life. It’s complicated. Love is complicated.
Addie: Being a lesbian is not a choice. She’s not going to change her mind. Hell, she’s practically screwing Susan right under your nose.
Captain: The mouth on you…you know… she sleeps with one woman. I sleep with all the rest. So what?!
Addie: And that’s good enough for you? My entire life, I thought she was this poor, pathetic woman. I thought it was my|job to cover for you. And it made me hate you. I mean, don’t you understand? I hated the wrong parent. I… my cheating? I thought I got it from you. But now I know that you’re the poor, pathetic one, because you love her, and she loves someone else. But you stay. This is like some pathetic, sad, afterschool special, which is just awful, because now, now I hate you both.