First of all, I’m so glad I found out about The Pretty Reckless. I cannot get enough of Taylor Momsen’s voice and of the music her band makes! The ‘Light Me Up’ CD is so good, The lyrics are fine as hell as well. I was planning on choosing top 10 songs, but honestly, every song from this CD is a killer, that’s why I chose to type in all the lyrics and highlight the ones that have made the last few months of my life exceptional. I especially enjoy listening to The Pretty Reckless while on the train I take to visit one of my friends on the weekends.

1. Everybody Wants Something from Me

Take a piece of my life
Take a piece of my soul
Take a piece of my face
So I can never grow old

And take a piece of my world
Take a piece of my heart
Take a piece of my brain
So I can never be smart

Everybody wants to see me down
With my body on the dirty ground
Everybody wants

I want you to abuse me, use me
Shut up and do me
Cause everybody wants something from me
Grab me, stab me
Go on and have me
Cause everybody wants something from me
Everybody wants something from me

Take a drink of my drink
Take a drag on my drag
Take a shot at the good
And take a pill for the bad

Take your momma’s advice
So you can do what is right
Take a knife to the bed
Take a gun to the fight

Everybody wants to see me down
Everybody wants

Break me, take me
C’mon and make me
Cause everybody wants

2. Void and Null

Crimson and clover, sugar and salt
I’m mentally fucked and it’s all your fault

3. Zombie

I’m not listening to you
I am wandering right through existence
With no purpose and no drive
‘Cause in the end we’re all alive, alive

Two thousand years I’ve been awake
Waiting for the day to shake

To all of you who’ve wronged me
I am, I am a zombie
Again, again you want me to fall on my head
I am, I am, I am a zombie
How low, how low, how low will you push me
To go, to go, to go, before I lie, lie down dead

Blow the smoke right off the tube
Kiss my gentle burning bruise
I’m lost in time
And to all the people left behind
You are walking dumb and blind, blind

4. Far From Never

I know I fucked up this time
Just give me one more try
I know you’ve made up your mind
So leave me here behind you

And all the things you said
Made it harder to breathe
When I was lying on the floor
I couldn’t believe you wouldn’t save me
But you blame me

I know I messed with your mind
And wasted all your precious time
The more I try, the more I find that

You cried, the fire just died
It’s gone forever
And the chance to live our lives
It’s gone forever
And where we stand tonight
It’s where we stand tonight
So far from

5. My Medicine

You hurt where you sleep
And you sleep where you lie
Now you’re in deep and
now you’re gonna cry
You got a woman to the left
and a boy to the right
Start to sweat so hold me tight

Somebody mixed my medicine
I don’t know what I’m on
Somebody mixed my medicine
But baby it’s all gone
Somebody mixed my medicine
Somebody’s in my head again
Somebody mixed my medicine again, again

I’ll drink what you leak
And I’ll smoke what you sigh
Straight across the room with a look in your eye
I got a man to his left and a girl to his right
Start to sweat so hold me tight

There’s a tiger in the room
and a baby in the closet
Pour another drink mom
I don’t even want it
Then I turn around and think I see
someone that looks like you

6. Nothing Left to lose

I was only 19, you were 29
It’s just 10 years, but its such a long time
In a heartbeat, I would do it all again

Late night sex, smokin’ cigarettes
I try real hard but I can’t forget
Now in a heartbeat, I would do it all again
Now I see that you and me were never meant
Never meant to be now
Now I’m lost somewhere

Lost between Elvis and suicide
Ever since the day we died, well
I’ve got nothing left to lose

After Jesus and Rock N Roll
Couldn’t save my immoral soul, well
I’ve got nothing left
I’ve got nothing left to lose

Callin’ out sins just to pass the time
My life goes by in the blink of an eye
I know you want me
I was only lookin’ for a friend

7. Factory Girl

I am a factory girl, won’t you pardon me?
See I can make my whole world in a backseat
Lost point, want a joint, show me how to treat a john
Someone save me, save me from what I’m on

Wait a minute girl, can you show me to the party?
I said wait a minute girl, can you show me to the party?
Please let me in through the backdoor
Just let me in through the backdoor, baby
Just let me in through the backdoor, just let me in
Wait a minute girl, can you show me to the party?

I’m waiting for my man and hollywood and vine, so fine
Been done in the alley, son I’m on New York time
Take a look at those red lights, green lights, blowin’ my mind
I’ll show you somethin’ if you show me a good time

8. Since You’re Gone

Since you hide, since you steal
Since you hate everything I feel
Since you cheat, since you lie
Since you don’t wanna try things I wanna try

Since you been gone
My life has moved along
Quite nicely actually

I’ve Got a lot more friends and I don’t have to pretend
Since you’re gone
Since you’re gone

Since you’re not what I want
You can take everything I’ve got
Take the seat, take the drive
If I say I love you, I am a liar

Well meet my lover gin and I don’t have to pretend
Since you’re gone

I’ve been looking for a new direction, anyway
I’ve been looking for my own protection, these days

Now that you’re gone
My life has moved along

9. Panic

You are driving me into manic
You can’t break me out of my habits
I never will be you, I hate that you’re breathing
So leave me alone, I’m an addict

You never will see it my way
I’m draining the light from your day
You’re pushing, you’re pushing, I’m pulling you down

You are driving me into panic
I know that you can’t understand it
I’m constantly sinking, I’m no longer thinking
So leave me alone when I’m frantic

Baby, spare yourself from all my trouble cause
I won’t take your help, I’m not the girl I was
I am too far gone for you to bring me back
Baby, spare yourself

10. Heart

Never wanted to feel
Never wanted you to steal my heart
Never wanted to know
Never wanted to show I’m weak

I’m falling all over myself
Trying to be someone else
I wish you would dare to walk me home
So I wouldn’t have to feel alone

Always wanted to be
Always wanted you to see my heart
Always wanted your love
Always wanted but never was

11. Where did Jesus Go

I have a tale to tell about a girl whose soul was screwed
She was born into a life with everything to lose
Her father sold her to the trade when she was just a child
She was seventeen and never ever learned to smile

She took a bullet and she blew out her brains
She didn’t say goodbye, she just went away
And now who’s missing her?
I wish she was here
Her name was Angel and she’d had a bad year

So you wanna call me the devil’s advocate
When you don’t know the half of it?
Cause I was raised to believe in miracles
My life is so cold

Where did Jesus go?
He disappeared

What’s the point of screaming out if no one gives a damn?
What’s the point of reaching out if no one lends a hand?
She had passed the point where there was nothing left to give
She was seventeen and never ever learned to live

She needed an angel to love
And no one sent her an angel
She needed an angel to love her
But no one sent her an angel


I used to hate you, But now I love you
Still like a rose Still like a rose
And when you kiss me, I wanna slap you
Sorry it’s lost
I feel like I’ve lost
I chew my nails down, I look at the ground
I am pissed
I am shy
Because you threw me, in a blender
I am hot
I am cold

Do you wanna get to know me
Do you wanna learn to get inside my head
Do you wanna get to touch me
Cause now my ex is officially dead

I don’t lalalala like you
I lalalala love you
I used to hahaha hate you
But now I really fucking love you

I’m feeling stupid, but I won’t tell you
I am blond
I feel dumb
I smile sweetly, in the daytime
Night I’ll turn
Night I’ll turn
I smoke my eyes out, hoping you’ll shout
Be my girlfriend Be my girlfriend
And when you just flirt, I’ll tell you it hurts
I want more I want more

Could you, could you, could you, could you keep a secret
Would you, would you, would you, would you wanna keep it
Wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wanna make a scandal
But I could get ya, get ya, get ya by the handle
And if ya, if ya, if ya, if ya really feel me
Then you got me, got me, got me thinking maybe
For a minute maybe two but not in public
I’ll make you lalalala lovesick

13. Miss Nothing

I’m miss autonomy, miss nowhere,
I’m at the bottom of me.
I’m miss androgyny, miss don’t care,
What I’ve done to me.

I am misused, like I want it too,
Being not your slave.
Misguided, high minded,
I’m missin the train.

And I don’t know where I’ve been,
And I don’t know what I’m into,
And I don’t know what I’ve done to me.

And as I watch you disappear into the ground,
My one mistake was that I never let you down.
So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind,
I miss nothing, I miss everything

I’m miss fortune miss so soon,
I’m like a bottle of pain.
Miss matter, you had her,
now she’s goin’ away.

I’m misused, misconstrued
I don’t need to be saved
Miss slighted, high minded,
I’m sick in (or missin’ for some performances) the rain.

14.Just Tonight

Here we are and I can’t think from all the pills, hey
Start the car and take me home
Here we are and you’re too drunk to hear a word I say
Start the car and take me home

Just tonight I will stay
And we’ll throw it all away
When the light hits your eyes
It’s telling me I’m right
And if I, I am through
And it’s all because of you
Just tonight

Here I am and I can’t seem to see straight
I’m too numb to feel right now
And here I am watching the clock that’s ticking away my time
I’m too numb to feel right now

Do you understand who I am
Do you wanna know
Can you really see through me now
I am about to go

Just tonight I won’t leave
And I’ll lie and you’ll believe
Just tonight I will see
It’s all because of me

15. Superhero

All alone again
searching for something
there’s no one left to save me now
I won’t be afraid
I just thought you’d catch me
but you’re not here to save me now
I’ve had my share of criminals
and you’re no different from them all

I need a superhero
Cause I am just a girl
and I have no one who will go
and save me from this world
come to me you superhero (save me)
cause I am just a girl
I know
cause you’re no superhero

what did I expect
i thought you’d help me
but i was crushed and beaten down
Yeah I’ve had my share of criminals
and you’re no different from them all

I’m hanging on the edge of the world
I’m clutching to a string
and my life is crumbling

16. Make Me Wanna Die

Take me, I’m alive
Never was a girl with a wicked mind
But everything looks better
When the sun goes down

I had everything
Opportunities for eternity
And I could belong to the night

Your eyes, your eyes
I can see in your eyes, your eyes

You make me wanna die
I’ll never be good enough
You make me wanna die
And everything you love
Will burn up in the light

And every time
I look inside your eyes
You make me wanna die

Taste me, drink my soul
Show me all the things
That I shouldn’t know
And there’s a blue moon on the rise

I’ll die for you, my love, my love
I’ll lie for you, my love, my love
(Make me wanna die)

I’ll steal for you, my love, my love
(You make me wanna die)
I’ll die for you, my love, my love
We’ll burn up in the light

17. Blonde Rebellion

Hurry baby and turn the knob
You don’t know you’ve got me til I’m gone
Shut my eyes and count to ten
Do it again, just do it again

Dug my nails in and turned the key
Stupid boy, have you ever really looked at me
Pick my lock and you will see
Come on baby, come on baby

Cause all I am is a blonde rebellion
Won’t hurt you, but I might hurt someone
Break you down ‘til you’re begging me to
Oh oh oh, one two three shout
Woah oh oh oh, woah oh oh oh

You don’t know me til you’ve seen me cry
You don’t own me, you won’t until the day that we die
You don’t notice that I try for you
Only you, it’s only you

Come baby, come baby, come baby, come
Jump baby, jump baby, jump baby, jump
Run baby, run baby, run baby, run
Come baby, come baby, come baby, come

18. Goin Down

There was this boy who tore my heart in two
I had to lay him eight feet underground

I didn’t wanna do it, Father
But I caught him with another woman in the bed I made him
So I put him in a grave
And now there’s no one left around to get me off
When I want it’s a drag

The next day on the television they identified him
By the circumsicion that I made and now I’m on the run
But wait, why did I have to go and kill him
When he was the best I’d ever had?

All I need is someone to save me
Cause I am goin’ down
And what I need is something to save me
Cause God, I’m goin’ down, all the way down

19. You

You don’t want me, no
You don’t need me
Like i want you, oh
Like i need you

And i want you in my life
And i need you in my life

You can’t see me, no
Like i see you
I can’t have you, no
Like you have me

You can’t feel me, no
Like i feel you
I can’t steal you, no
Like you stole me