Twitter needs to get over itself and finally make a twitter archive, so everyone can access their history freely, without scrolling down through thousands of tweets. I have just restored this pdf file of my twitter history from a website no longer available, I decided to post it here, since it’s kind of my diary. Not all the tweets got restored, but most of them. I decided to post it for myself, to remember the good and bad times. Time zone: +0000

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Wed Oct 20 07:05:04 I just loooved the amazing tribute to Lost at Scream awards! Never getting over you, LOST!
Sat Oct 16 10:18:58 You have no idea how I hate Sam right now. I’m begging you @shondarhimes to split them up! Addie deserves a baby too!
Fri Oct 15 06:38:44 @TheAmyBrenneman aka Violet was incredible in this episode!
Wed Oct 13 15:10:29 Happy birthday @katewalsh ! You’re an amazing human being and an excellent actress!
Tue Oct 12 20:32:56 Courteney Cox and David Arquette are both trending topics now, so sad they have separated. Hope CeCe’s fine.
Tue Oct 12 20:02:45 Eng test. Of course I knew Elvis bought over 100 Cadillacs, and that’s only because of the amazing @katewalsh starring in Cadillac’s com!
Fri Oct 08 17:16:14 “Nobody chooses to be a freak. Most people don’t even realize they’re a freak until it’s way too late to change it.” – #greysanatomy
Fri Oct 08 17:08:14 You’re my best friend. But when I look at you now…I just want to slap you across the face.” – Naomi about Addison! #privatepractice
Thu Oct 07 16:39:50 Incredibly hilarious Cougar Town episode!
Fri Oct 01 17:32:29 I am still hoping for Maddison. Lexi finally told Mark in yday’s Greys to let her be. Wake up Mark, go to LA, and fight for Addison!
Fri Oct 01 17:29:37 I am so happy for the merging thing! I always wanted them to join 2 practices together! Sheldon is great this season. Poor Naomi though.
Fri Oct 01 14:54:10 Happy Vegetarian Day to all the animal lovers!
Mon Sep 27 16:11:11 ‘I’ve got sth called moon struck yellow, that’ll kick your dinning rooms ass. With your red hair you’ll look so hot in this room.’
Mon Sep 27 15:56:39 We’re back on Wisteria Lane.
Sat Sep 25 12:40:51 you’re like my favorite damn disease! Hell, yeah!!! I miss the old Nickelback!
Sat Sep 25 12:40:21 I like your pants around your feet, I like the dirt that’s on your knees, I like the way U still say please, while you’re looking up at me..
Fri Sep 24 20:24:52 Did I tell you how amazing the Private Practice and Greys Anatomy episodes were last night?
Thu Sep 23 15:14:11 Cougar Town is baaack! Sooo happy!
Wed Sep 22 15:37:26 On 22.09.94 the world fell in love with a group of friends from Manhattan. The beginning of an ERA started 16 yrs ago today. Happy Bday, FRIENDS!
Wed Sep 22 15:16:42 Cougar Town in just 1 day, and Private Practice in 2! What keeps me alive.
Wed Sep 22 15:14:45 Finally saw Resident Evil 4.
Mon Sep 20 20:18:31 Sheldon: Addison, I’m telling you, it’s time to GROW THE HELL UP! Okay?’ I love this quote so damn much! #privatepractice
Mon Sep 20 18:00:08 Happy Bday @spencerlocke ! You’re great on Cougar Town!
Fri Sep 17 14:10:17 I’m turning 17 today and I’m freaking out just as much as a year ago =)
Tue Sep 14 20:13:51 You can buy Season 3 of Private Practice on DVD now! And here are the bloopers
Sat Sep 11 17:59:15 I miss the old Greys. When everyone was an intern.
Sat Sep 11 16:48:24 Just turned on comp & guess what? there’s finally a Private Practice Season 4 promo I seriously can’t wait.
Sat Sep 04 16:04:41 ‘Dorian Gray’ was, well different from the book. Some scenes looked like they were taken from a horror movie =) & Colin Firth great as always.
Tue Aug 31 14:56:21 School is starting tomorrow, who else is freaking out?
Fri Aug 27 13:47:49 Hell of action, Salt! Still nothing beats Lara Croft and Wanted.
Thu Aug 26 21:32:47 morning cinema – Salt is finally hitting Poland. I feel like the only person who hasn’t seen it yet, and it feels horrible.
Tue Aug 24 09:00:39 My comp wasn’t working yday which means I couldn’t watch GA & PP so spend all day admiring the hospital & all the freaks here. what a day…
Thu Aug 19 18:47:33 Guess what my mom brought me here yday. In-style with Courteney on a cover!
Wed Aug 18 16:46:47 Bailey: ‘…will someone tell me whose GOD DAMN PANTIES, ARE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD! This is a HOSPITAL people! We SAVE LIVES!’
Wed Aug 18 16:44:27 ‘When I wasn’t “Poor Izzie” laying on the bathroom floor in her prom dress with  her dead fiancé. But I am. So I can’t. I’m just stuck.’
Wed Aug 18 16:43:01 ‘I feel like I’m moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast and I just wanna go back to when things were normal.’- Izzie
Tue Aug 17 14:20:37 why doesn’t twitter have ‘archives’? I mean It’s annoying pressing the ‘more’ button all the time. Some people have a few thousands tweets!
Tue Aug 17 10:27:02 ‘Oh but wait, that won’t work either because I’m not Meredith Grey!’ – #AddisonMontgomery #GreysAnatomy
Mon Aug 16 08:44:33 Private Practice marathon today !
Mon Aug 16 08:25:24 The trailer for ‘How do you know’ with Reese Witherspoon check it out !
Fri Aug 13 14:43:22 It’s Friday the 13th. ‘Kill her mommy!’
Sat Jul 31 11:22:08 ‘After everything I did to get u here, after everything I’ve done to keep u here, how can you possibly not understand that you’re mine?’ #Ben
Sat Jul 31 11:20:49 ‘You knew this would happen. You sent him out here because you knew this would happen. You wanted this! You wanted him to die! Why?’ #Juliet
Sat Jul 31 10:06:32 ‘If I never meet you… then I never have to lose you.’ #JulietBurke #LOST
Sat Jul 31 09:52:02 I’m so happy that Cougar Town is keeping the old title! =)
Fri Jul 30 15:27:55 Happy Birthday to Hilary Swank !
Thu Jul 29 14:43:49 Did I mention that I finally got the new Vanity Fair with Angie on a cover? gorgeous!
Mon Jul 26 17:02:18 missing my loong black hair.
Sun Jul 25 10:54:48 just showed me that I look like Courteney Cox in 76 %, totally made my day
Sat Jul 24 12:58:27 I love the episode with Reese Witherspoon guest starring as Jill. Friends forever ! =)
Sat Jul 24 12:40:26 ‘Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?’ #Poe
Sat Jul 24 12:38:19 ‘Midnight ‘til one belongs to the dead. Good Lord deliver us.’ #TheFog oh yeaah
Sat Jul 24 09:53:13 good morning it is, pouring though. Gonna watch some movie and then I’m back to my Stephen Kings’ book. Have a wonderful day everyone ! =)
Wed Jul 21 21:59:27 Seen ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ today with my dad, nothing like the original.
Tue Jul 20 06:56:57 planning on watching Lost and listening to Nickelback all day long.
Mon Jul 19 18:41:54 More days like this, please! happiness is all I am looking for.
Mon Jul 19 08:28:10 Muse – Love is forever & 30 seconds to Mars – Closer to the edge are definitely my top songs for July
Fri Jul 09 14:05:47 Just finished watching SATC! I looooved all the 6 seasons, absofuckinglutely !
Fri Jul 09 12:25:53 I’m sooo glad for Elizabeth Mitchell ‘s Emmy nomination Great job, I love Juliet !
Thu Jul 08 12:47:59 How can you get a Golden Globe nomination but not an Emmy nomination? #CCdeservesanEMMY Am I right?
Wed Jun 30 20:48:03 We’ve made a deal ages ago, men, babies, doesn’t matter, we’re still mates ! #SATC2 !
Wed Jun 30 20:32:03 I took my mom to the cinema for Sex & the City 2 ! I can’t believe but she enjoyed it so much ! 2nd movie is excellent, kills everything!
Tue Jun 29 11:09:55 With my dad watching Włatcy Móch: Ćmoki, Czopki i Mondzioły again! I looove them.
Tue Jun 29 06:39:33 Watching Birds of America for the nth time!
Sun Jun 27 14:31:59 bike, tea, coffee, guitar, singing, writing lots of new songs what a perfect day, what a perfect holidays ahead ! =)
Sun Jun 27 10:44:27 Edward Scissorhands is a trending topic! But I don’t like the idea of a remake! why do so? It’s on my list of top 50 movies !
Sat Jun 26 13:12:15 Look who’s back, look who’s back ! look who’s back on my wall !! FRIENDS & ANGIE!
Fri Jun 25 16:11:00 two months of watching movies ! I’m in heaven!
Fri Jun 25 10:02:06 Something about the sunshine, baby ! the film was for babies, but that song wasn’t! Summer holidayis here!!
Thu Jun 24 20:23:10 #showsweneedback Friends, and Dirt !!
Thu Jun 24 19:42:36 Elephants never forget @peta I’ve been to circus only once & I Pledge Never to go there again!
Tue Jun 22 14:52:09 Watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning, Wild child & Halloween’07 again now I’m heading to my local cinema for Sex & the city 2.
Tue Jun 22 14:45:25 I did a 6 hours recital yesterday It was sooo cool !! & in the evening I recorded @Pink ‘s concert from Sydney, which was great!
Sat Jun 19 17:26:18 all day spent watching music videos on TV and covering all the random songs, i’m so happy i got my guitar back !
Fri Jun 18 14:39:48 I can’t believe The Lizzie McGuire Movie is still top one in trending topics ! whoaaa! my favourite movie as a kid!
Thu Jun 17 21:30:30 How not to love Friends? #FriendsFansUniteDay
Tue Jun 15 15:18:20 Happy Birthday Courteney !!!
Sat Jun 12 15:51:57 My tribute to the cute couple Courteney Cox and @davidarquette for their 11th anniversary ! ! check it out !
Sun Jun 06 13:58:35 I’m absolutely, obviously, entirely, definitely etc. etc. #addictedtofriends ! If you know me, you know that.
Fri Jun 04 20:51:48 Happy 35th Birthday to Angelina Jolie! I made a tribute video if any of you have a minute. check it out !
Mon May 24 20:53:54 The Lost finale was the best present I could wish for my Name Day !
Mon May 24 20:50:29 The final episode puts Lost on top with all the best shows. Just realized how much I’m going to miss Lost !
Mon May 24 20:43:57 All I was thinking about today was Lost. The finale was so beautiful I couldn’t stop crying! And I was so right about the ending, It’s so sad.
Sun May 23 20:16:56 LOST is coming to an end today, oh Lord.
Sun May 23 15:41:43 Official ‘Scream 4′ poster has just got out ! It’s definitely my favorite so far ! New Decade. New Rules. SCRE4M !
Thu May 20 09:28:00 Omg !!  That was the best final episode I’ve ever seen ! The party at the beach was stunning ! Thu Sat May 15 14:46:50 A brand new gorgeous ‘Salt’ Poster was just released ! Wed May 12 09:49:23 WOW. Yesterday’s Lost, that was something. Now we know that Jacob and The Smoke/Man in Black are brothers!  Mon May 10 13:10:31 If that psycho Eddie hurts Lynette I’ll kill him !! Sat May 08 17:41:35 There’re only 5 main characters left on Lost. I’m sticking to my theory about ‘the ending’, I figured it out weeks ago Fri May 07 14:10:43 Started watching for the amazing Felicity Huffman, and Lynette is my favorite character. But why did they skip those 5 years? Fri May 07 13:59:41 Yesterday I finished watching Desperate Housewives It only took me 2 weeks to watch all 6 seasons. I am GOOD. =) Fri Apr 16 08:13:33 whoa! I overslept to school! It’s past 10 and I’m not there ! That’s what happens when you get up at 4.30 every day Thu Apr 15 16:38:23 You know what I just realized? It was the 2nd Easter without eggs. Feels so good. vegan Sat Apr 10 16:58:32 Fri Apr 09 20:13:54 Fergie’s version of ‘Be Italian’ is just outstanding! Thu Apr 08 20:38:52 There’re like 10 movies I remember every single moment of, 1 of them is the wonderful The Changeling, which today, I’ve seen for the 10th time. Thu Apr 08 15:20:39 ‘We’re not the only people on this island, and we all know it.’ LOST !!! I’m watching season 3 again!  Thu Apr 08 15:19:51 Such an amazing day.  Sat Apr 03 09:46:15 Friends is the best thing that ever happened to me! ‘Oh noo, IT’S ALL OVER EVERYTHING!’ Thu Apr 01 17:52:46 – ‘Never press the ‘NO’ button.’  =D Thu Apr 01 07:49:53 cougar town, cougar town, cougar town!  Wed Mar 17 17:34:13 when I see the title of one of the upcoming episodes called ‘What They Died For’ I cry… #Lost Mon Mar 08 16:37:03 What’s more I loved Oscars’ tribute to horror! I literally said ‘That’s why I love horrors!’ and Courteney in 2 scenes from Scream! Fri Mar 05 18:26:17 – Look! I finally got my favorite mini-series on DVD ! I have seen this film so many times, It’s so beautiful! Mon Feb 15 17:32:31 – ‘Be nice to me okay?’ ‘I will.’ Ahhh! Too excited! Wed Feb 10 20:20:25 Check out Joanne’s productions’ ‘EVERYBODY DESIRES ROMEO’ and make sure you recommend it to everyone! Mon Jan 11 19:09:40 Choosing my next phone ;D I heard soo many great comments on my acting today, I’m not sure if they won’t spoil me. I wanna sing all day! Sat Jan 09 23:09:29 The best song…probably Cassie Steele’s Mr.Colson, or Go Dark…or Three Days Grace’s Bitter Taste, or Break, or Last to know…it’s tough. Sat Jan 09 22:55:16 The best album of 2009, let’s see, actually I don’t have to think much, Cassie Steele’ s Destructo Doll! It’s one of my favs ever.


Sat Nov 28 17:57:36 crying to foo fighters’ videos…nothing new here Thu Nov 26 18:17:58 We’re reading ‘Conversation of Master Policarp with Death’ at school: Me- I like it. My friend’s answer- Well, it is your style …;) Thu Nov 26 18:17:58 Scream yesterday on TV, yes I watched for the 10th time.   Thu Nov 05 20:12:24 I’ll meet you in hell It’s all these secrets that I shouldn’t tell I’ve got to run away I’ll never be your perfect girl I’ve got to run away – this Pink lyric Thu Oct 22 19:49:46 That’s why I love acting so much. The feeling of standing on the stage, and after, your teacher saying – perfect. Says it all. No one will stop me. Mon Oct 05 13:06:00 I’m drunk and watching Dirt. Aloha Heaven. Fri Sep 18 08:50:15 Did you know that Courteney Cox was the first person EVER that said ‘period’ on American Television in ‘Compax’ commercial in early 80′s? Thu Sep 17 08:30:00 It’s my 16th birthday everyone! I finally got Courteney Cox’s ‘Spotlight’ perfume from Avon! It smells amazing, I will buy a few more bottles!