Pilots are probably the most important episodes because they can encourage you to watch certain tv shows. I think it is very bad if a series has a already going plot so that we join lives of characters, like it has been on friends, sex and the city, six feet under. There need to be a good introducing of characters.

So my absolutely favorite 3 are:

1. Lost – because it was just phenomenal! something that tv hasn’t seen yet. everyone was excited about this show, and after pilot even more!

2. Greys Anatomy – because we see how the interns meet for the first time and struggle with surgeries and hospital for the first time.

3. Desperate Housewives – I always love rewatching it, we meet four housewives, we are being told the fifth one has just shot herself, and we just need to see more.

The rest of good pilots:

4. V – 2009 one, I liked it much more than the old one, but I’m sure it was more suprising to watch the 80s version, because it was a big step in tv and special effects, now this one is very good written and shocking as well.

5. Dexter – tonight is the night, it’s going to happen again, it has to happen. Do I really need to say anything more? From the pilot I just felt in love with Dexter and his love for blood and urge to kill and Rita. I didn’t watch it when I started writing this post, now I watched all the series.

6. Bones – It was funny, we meet all these amazing characters, Brennan got arrested by Booth, and kicked some asses.

7. Castle – We meet two very interesting characters and we love the ending. Not watching but planning to.

8. Cougar Town – Ladies and gentlemen that’s my mother. Need to add sth? Yeah, didn’t think so.

9. Judging Amy – Amy’s first day as a judge. She has some problems, we fall in love with her right away, we meet these other two amazing characters, her daughter and her mother.

10. Private Practice – I was hoping for a big opening episode like Greys Anatomy, but It was actually very good. Great first cases. Ambulance within  20 minutes. Felt in love with Violet right away.

I posted here some tv shows i do not watch but liked pilots, like Castle. Other shows I watched just to see if pilots were good or seen it before: Six Feet Under, True Blood, Dr.House, Buffy, Charmed, 24, No ordinary Family, Better with you, The OC, Degrassi TNG, Degrassi JHS, Skins, Sugar Rush, Samantha Who, Dirt, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, Brothers And Sisters, Ally McBeal, Close To Home, Eleventh Hour, Community, Mr.Sunshine, Off the map, Body of proof, Angel, Friends, Sex and the City and few more.

If there’s any good pilot I haven’t seen please tell me, I really want to see it 🙂