Remember when Chief’s niece ended up in the hospital after losing consiousness during her first time? This lead to Addison and Adele discuss their lost virginities. It happened again. Here is a transcript from that episode, as lost virginity is always an interesting subject.

So, Karev, how old were you your first time?
Karev: 15. School nurse, back of her car.
Avery: 15? That’s impressive.
Karev: when I was 16, she taught me how to drive that same car.
Meredith: Sophomore in high school, Paul Waxman, had absolutely no idea what he was doing.
Avery: Junior prom, Sarah Richardson and Penny Caraway, together. I knew exactly what I was doing.
Christina – 19. I was very focused on my studies. It was my chem t.A.|He was a whole head shorter than me, but… man, he was smart.
Hey, April.
I’m not talking about this.|It was a private… private memory.
Alex: What happened, did the guy die?
Oh, did it last, like, three seconds, so you don’t know if it counted?
April: No. It was on the beach at sunset.It was beautiful.
April: Yeah.
Really? Weren’t… weren’t there people there?
Oh, on the beach? Man, you get sand up in places you don’t want to get sand.
Mm-hmm. Yeah. Ha! You’re a virgin.
No, I’m not.
Oh, my God. You are!
She is.
Cristina: Oh, my God. Do it. Do it. Do it to her right now.
Alex, go deflower her.
Do it. Do it.
It was… it was on the beach at sunset, okay?
Meredith: Okay, leave her alone. The beach at sunset that sounds very nice, April.