Dream House

In the first 30 minutes, this psychological thriller seemed to be heading into a predictable Shutter Island direction, but by the end  it’s actually very solid. As much as I love supernatural horror, I am happy this wasn’t the case here. Yes, a ghostly aspect is present here, but it falls more into daydreaming category. Daydreaming has always been one of my favorite things in the world. Daydreaming, not to be mistaken with procrastinating, can be extremely comforting, but also emotionally draining and painful. Love both Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz, so of course I enjoyed the film and I’m happy I saw it at the cinema. It also stars little monster Kayla from Desperate Housewives, now in her teens. Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig had so much chemistry in this film, they ended up falling in love and getting married in real life. I understand everything about the film, except for why the hitman killed the children.



The doc was definitely my favorite character. The scene with people fighting for food was really well shot. Every time someone coughed at the cinema, the whole crowd looked at them. Best scene? kate winslet in a plastic bag, yeah, sorry.


Hidden 3D

It was not that bad actually. The house was beautiful, the story not as bad as it looks like. Enough blood, adequate movie, was actually a little bit surprised how good it turned out.


21 grams

Excellent movie. All of it.



Another excellent movie.