Chase follows the lives of US Marshals and is one of the shows that deserved more than just a one season. Why? Well, how about a bunch of breathtaking chases? The writing is compelling too, the action is extremely high and Kelli Giddish did all her stunts by herself (and she’s not licensed).

Chase 1.01

The chase.
Didn’t your mother tell you not to play with guns.
My mother died when I was 8, so no.
Nice job, Boots.
Guy shoots the whole family.
It’s the famous Annie Frost.
Now here’s the difference between us and the police, they care about where his been, we care about where he’s going. Now, who’s ready to go hunting.
Let’s shake some trees.
How she thinks like she’s the prep.
Is your dad still alive?
I don’t know.
How she makes a connection with the girl.
She knows the song.
I’m gonna catch him, so you can sleep at night instead of wondering.
I really thought he would kidnap the kid, or kill her.
Killed the girlfriend.
He actually talks to her.
Are you a cowboy too, Annie Frost, or are just looking for one?
I’ve ridden a few bulls in my time.
I like you what do you look like, are you a blonde?
Why won’t you turn yourself in and find out?
Goodbye, Annie Frost.
Ouch, no long enough.
They go to the woods by a helicopter, and it’s not him.
The woods search scene.
Annie jumps off the helicopter.It’s not him.
I did not see that one coming.
Yep, let’s sing Armed and Dangered.
They find a girl in a yearbook.
Will you marry me?
Thought, you’d never ask.
Ahaha, Nick escorted the guy of the motel!
He’s gonna use her anyway he can, I know what I’m talking about.
I used to cover for my dad too.
She jumped after him and he tried to drown her.
Nice job, Boots.
Deal is a deal, right?
Thanks, Annie.
This is Annie.

Chase 1.02

Let’s catch ourselves a wolf.
I didn’t ask you where he ain’t, I asked you where he is.
You should have made me an offer.
Wife being all yeah he’s in the back, talking with some guy.
Guy selling the car is amazing.
You don’t speak English?
Guy hides money under the tracks.
How the girl dropped her shopping bags.
This couple is incredible.
Don’t they all?

Chase 1.03
Jimmy, I want my damn clothes back.
Why does he always have to…
What the hell Jimmy, I would have made that.
No you wouldn’t.
Okay maybe not, but I would made it further than he did.
I probably would have twisted my ankle.
You would have broken both of your legs, maybe even neck.
You know we both take risks, Annie, it’s part of our job, but your pushing you luck.
How else am I gonna catch the bad guys?
You didn’t catch him, you caught yourself.
Your luck is gonna run out.
You’re not your father, Annie.
The sandwich, eat it.
Good rough or bad rough?
I just heard breathing, people usually say hello when they call you, yeah?
Guy kicks the guy into the pool.
Annie’s all He’s reloading, so she runs like hell risking her life.
You ever think what getting yourself killed would do to the rest of us? If I step back, If I allow that to happen, that’s on me.
Don’t apologise to me, I’m not your family.

Chase 1.04

Woman runs with a kid.
Everyone listening to Annie and Jimmy’s conversation.
Jimmy and Annie talking.
Annie and Daisy talk.
His motel room?
What this good Samaritan looked like?
Next time let the kid use the restroom.
There is no kid.
She’s talking to herself?
Dakota Ray is dead.
She kidnaps the kid.
You’re name is not Bella, it’s Dakota Ray.
Annie hanging from the truck.
The truck hanging.
Annie being pulled up on the helicopter.
Truck falling into water.

Chase 1.05

Riding that elevator.
Ben hits on Annie.
Annie tells the woman to jump out of window.
I couldn’t do it, not even for you, Gorgeous.
She’s hanging from the plane, again.
Who puts their own picture on their own phone?

Chase 1.06

The chase at the beginning.
See you around, Annie.
That was a hell of a boom.
How about, I don’t date bounty hunters?
Especially once with Kesha on their cellphones. Really?
The place blew up with Annie.
Annie all vulnerable lying in the exam room.
Let me help you.
All the evacuations.
Daisy saves the day.
He bought her a new phone and put his photos on it.
Getting hurt makes you feel vulnerable.
I’m not the vulnerable type.
Ben putting Annie into his car while Jimmy watching.

Chase 1.07

What an intense opening.
Father heard his daughter being shot.
Guy pretends to be a US Marshall and actually recruits people.
He did not just give his alleged badge number.
He’s at Annie’s home.
Annie freeing herself.
US Marshall, US Marshall, get out of the car! Give it to me. Get Out.
She got pulled over.
He actually hanged a guy by his legs.

Chase 1.08

Is he running, or is he hunting?
Girl trapped in the doors.
You did so good. You heard him, you won.
Annie helping Mason.
See you soon, Annie.

Chase 1.09

Annie’s responding to her posts.
Crap you believe when you’re sixteen.
The call.
Are you the one that’s been writing to me?
It’s me, it’s me, Annie.
They cannot cross the border.
You call me If I can help.
One day I will leave this place, a woman, not a girl and I’ll go to the ocean, put my feet in the waves and I’ll remember you, Mom. Everything you taught me, everything I didn’t listen to but should have.

Chase 1.10

Annie didn’t make the jump.
Son of a bitch, tore my heel on your damn face.
That shot was beautiful, how the blood covered the back windshield, where wife’s face was.
What’s your middle name? Nolan.
She kissed her and then punched her face.
Thank you for showing me I’m not stuck like you.
The coin has heads on both sides.
She almost fell of the cliff.
Cause my dad gave them to me. I don’t know where he is.

Chase 1.11

Annie offered to help the guy and then he got killed.
Annie standing on the cab.
Truck in the way. Keep moving.
Oh, all the chasing.
He may not be violent, but his fast.
What? Boom.
He looked at me the way you used to.
Shit, he turned off all the lights and all the patients die.
All you. Looking at all the dead bodies.
She’s throwing Annie all over the room.
Then he threw Luc.
Way to go Luc!
Daughtry- Learn My Lesson, what a lovely song.
Oh poor Annie.
I don’t decide when you become a part of this team. You do.
Okay, so then give me the damn coin already.
Why me?
Cause… you got her number.
Wait, you know about that? Who else knows? Does everybody know?

Chase 1.12

She is not asking Annie for an opinion.
Anything happens to my wife, and I’m blaming you, Deputy Frost.
Everybody’s got a price.
Phone is buzzing for no reason.
Oh, what a shooting.
Annie’s down.
It’s nothing that a really hot bath and a little bit of whisky won’t cure.
Nice jar, Annie.
Annie’s car got hit.
And she got abducted.

Chase 1.13

Annie got pushed into the truck and they put ethanol on her face.
She kicked his nose.
Where is she? Where is my partner?
She’ll be eaten by a tiger.
Annie’s been kidnapped.
Where’s Annie Frost. Where?!
You want Annie killed? Then go blow the whistle.
Guy got eaten by a tiger.
There’s a young kid one the other side of the wall.
Deputy Frost is alive, but she’s not in the country anymore.
Bastards think they can just flight down to Mexico and kill Annie. Let’s cancel their flight.
Annie pretending to hung herself.
Taking the air out of robbers.
Kid threw a little stone at her.
That was a smart move, thank you.
Luc get over yourself.
Jimmy and Marco kidnapped the guy.
You think I’m stupid?!
They find us in here, you die.
Annie’s on the phone.
Get back in the house!
Annie Frost? I have a message for Boots!
Marco, you’re so cute.
I thought I lost you.
You almost did.
You didn’t do anything you regret? Did you?
I got no regrets. You’re back aren’t you?

Chase 1.14

Listen, there was never even a choice.
I thought that I was never gonna see you again. And um…
What? What are you thinking?
Nah, You know what, just forget it. It’s fine.
I don’t wanna forget it.
I’m just glad you got back in one piece, you know?
There was a moment there that I didn’t think I’d see you again either.
Oh the killing part was amazing.
Did Justin ever touch you?
Ouch he’s going to abuse the kid.
Daisy telling Annie about the kids abuse.
He’s gonna do it again.
The tickets trick.
You want to be widowed or divorced?
Was the girl uhm?
Oh the man took the girl willingly.
Because she thinks she’s in love with him.
She thinks that everyone is wrong and that the relationship that she had with Tate is special. They guy brain washed her. We’ve gotta find her, Annie. She doesn’t know how much danger she’s in.
I’m gonna show you the world. No one will ever come between us.
Hand over the girl to a paedophile in a bright day light, Annie.
Do you even know what you just did? The girl was twelve years old and it happened right in front of you and you didn’t do a damn thing to stop it.
Haha, Annie got stopped by a police man, again.
Annie got hit by a car.
What a chase, she almost got run over and hit again.
Number one a bitch list.
Didn’t work, Hope.
Daisy was abused.

Chase 1.15

Daisy’s been drinking.
Daisy’s in jail.
The search.
I was molested, for 6 years. It started when I was 9. My music teacher is a family friend. So here I am.
Woman lied about who raped her.
I should have known, nobody’s ever nice to me.
He didn’t rape her.
How could I tie you to that bar when I can’t even reach it.
It’s not my concern, Ma’am.
Power, for these minutes, hours, he’s a God.
The father/daughter reunion.
I just wanna be there for you. Don’t shut me out.
Thank you and I won’t.
That was harsh. Her niece going to the same teacher.
Said that you were his best student and that I remind him of you.

Chase 1.16

Annie and the rest of the team work as airport’s service.
1 fugitive, 1 point. At the end of the day the team with the most points wins the trophy.
Good luck, happy hunting.
Say panties.
Guy hid in a washing machine and Jimmy turned it on.
Smile. Number 1.
Big guy kicks Marco and Luke’s asses.
Say cheese.
W’re just getting started. Come on Luke, let’s go.
He touched me Mark, for almost 6 years and I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t tell mom, I didn’t tell dad. I thought it was my fault. I should have sone something cause maybe he’s still.
W’re missing a hell of a game.
I’m missing the game to clear a misdeminer? I hope he stole a flatscreen.
So much for the easy point.
Can’t tak me to jail like that.
Say ketchup.
Don’t eat him, he’s not real.
So much for the easy point.
Marco all dancing.
He’s not my boyfriend, we just screwed sometimes.
You hook him up.
You hook him up.
Hey, I can just go.
Cuff yourself.
Daisy wants to record the teacher’s confession.
Every child has their own gifts.
You’re the best student I’ve ever had.
Daisy smashing the recorder.
Daisy walking into the room.
Daisy talks with the girl.
She needs to talk about it, she can’t keep it bottled up.
I am not turning Clara into a victim.
She already is a victim.
I am not gonna let this define her life, Daisy.
If we don’t stand up he’s gonna keep doing this to other girls.
It’s a nice hit, Boots.
Annie and Jimmy win!
Daisy asks for her last picture.
Luke, I know this letter will come to you as a shock, but it’s the only way that I can explain and do what I need to do without you trying to stop me. For years I’ve been living with something that I thought I had control of, but now I see that it controlled me. It’s why I filled my life with distractions. I thought If I could keep it away, then maybe it wasn’t there. Maybe It didn’t even happen. But it did. And instead of dealing with it, I was running away. But I’m done running. I am done thinking that was my fault.
I tried to get him another way.
I know you did.
Your letter.
I had to say goodbye, cause I’m going away for a long time.
Oh God, Daisy.
37 girls. He won’t be hurting anybody anymore.
Annie realizing Daisy was abused.
No he won’t.
What the hell is going on?
Jimmy there is no fcing this.
Why didn’t you come to us? Oh, Marco,
Because there is nothing that you could have done.
But Daisy, we’re family to you. We could have been there for you. I could have been there for you.
And you are.
It’s okay. I’m free now.
That picture is beautiful.

Chase 1.17

What a beautiful dream.
How long was I out?
About 15 minutes.
I’m sleeping like crap, got an hour last night.
You were talking to yourself. Was I?
Yeah, you said Jimmy and Ben.
No I did not.
He tore his pants and couldn’t get of that fence.
It’s not even lunch.
Everybody get in the damn car.
Guy shot the phone.
Guy came and hit the guy.
Annie comes to Ben’s.
Annie and Ben kiss.
I think you should take off the badge and stay for a while.
Dream again.
Oh, hell.
Jimmy kisses Annie.
Annie slept with Ben.
Weren’t you wearing the same clothes yesterday?
I heard you haven’t been sleeping much.
There is nothing wring with a good old sex dream from time to time.
First of all, it’s none of your business, second of all they’re not sex dreams. You kissed me so.
Oh yeah, how was I? Good?
I think the wedding’s off.
You didn’t have to kill Ben, you can just marry me.
Jimmy is a free man, what are you gonna do now?
Are you a policeman or are you a robin’ man?
Family, you can’t chose it, can’t escape it.
Guy shot Marco.
Jimmy covering her with a blanket.
Annie sees her father.
Why did you send this to me?
You know why, something bad is about to happen.

Chase 1.18

Oh, come on, Kelli was 9 in ’89 not 13 or whatever.
She’s going undercover in a miniskirt.
What are you looking at?
She found her father’s boat.
Local Girl Annie Frost at Air Force Academy
What are you talking about, sunshine, you’re already a star.
That’s William Frost, Annie’s father.
All the stuff that we’ve gone through together, you can tell me anything. Good or bad.
No more secrets.
I don’t want this to be my goodbye to him.
Ah! What a beautiful place!
Don’t ever let fear hold you back from something you want.
She came to this place!
Just close your eyes and make the leap.
Look at you, US Marshal.
You still have the boots I gave you.
There wasn’t a day that wasn’t an adventure, remember?
You used me to pull off your stupid cons.
What are you talking about we were a team.
Until we weren’t.
I wanted something better. You never did have a plan, did you? It was just pull off a job, blow through the money, and move out, right? Town after town.
They got kicked of the road.
She uncuffed him!
We had good times, huh? It’s what makes the rest of it worth it.
Annie, what we got is better. Believe me.
How much longer do we have to keep running?
Running? We’re not running.
Yeah, we are. And never to anything.
Ouch, that was painful.
Keep running you mean, Dad? Just like old times.
I did not see this one coming, when I was watching it for the first time.
I eneded up in a hospital and by the time I got out they already had you living with aunt Claudine.
Why didn’t you come get me?
I did, sunshine, first thing. When I got there you were playing in the front yard, you were playing soccer with all these girls, just like you wanted. And I just, I decided to let you be.
I would have given hell for them.
I know you would have, that’s why I drove away.
You’re okay?
Glad to see you.
I was worried about you.
Get out of here, before they come back for you. You’re gonna keep looking over your shoulder, but it’s not gonna be me that’s chasing you.
Any chance you’re coming with me?
It has something to do with that young man I just met, doesn’t it?
I don’t know about that just yet. Goodbye dad.
But Where am I gonna go? Hey what would you say, you’d pick out for me, just for old time sake?
Your boat is safe, I didn’t tell anybody about that.
I have to move there anyway.
Maybe you’ll come stay with me there sometime.
Hey, guys, thank you.
Any time.
You got it.
Where’s your dad?
Got away.
They kiss walk away, and end of the series, damn.


Total grade: 6.5/10

I may have actually been writing this post for almost two months. I have been busy with all the uni, work, apartment stuff, but it is ready now.