The fall season has finally started. It was really hard for me to deal with my TV withdrawals. This week I have watched one show per day and it was not enough, I was still bored all the time. Some of these I found watched in August and some this week.

Bones 8.01

I have just moved and left my notes at home, but I will upload them in November. Hodgins is capable of killing, Mac wanted to kill and it was a very good episode. I loved how Sweets went along with all of this, how he protected Brennan. I cannot get over how bad the new theme song is. The old one always gave me goosebumps and was comforting when an episode was a bit weaker. This had a few twists, and I have never been Clark’s fan so no I did not get all emotional, but when Bones said she loves crime I was all happy. Does that mean Clark is off the show? He’s my least favourite intern. I want him to be their only intern and Though Arastoo is great too. Wendell and the new kid are annoying me too. I am not even going to start on Casey.


Go On 1.01

But there is no way she’s 60.
Oh my God, there’s a new person!
That’s the fun part!
The new guy, I don’t know who you are, but yes.
Who’s thing is the worst.
Screw what Laura…
Everyone exited.
More sadness.
I can’t, I like to watch.
I’m sure you do.
What a Cinderella story.
I’m sorry, but you’re young, a lot of bad stuff is gonna happen to you. You’ll be back.
Bettie from Starved aka Amaro’s wife is the therapist!
To sing, to dance…
To swim.
Less so.
Let’s pretend like we hear.
Let’s kick the grave.
Ann, you’re a cool, very angry lady, does all the talking help? Why not try boxing? When was the last time you hit someone.
It’s been a while.
I’m just saying, enough talk, oh, do something.
That sounds just as meaningless as transitions or groups for mindful journey of the wonderment of wonder.
Weight watchers.
The only thing you’ve ever lost was 30 pounds.
40 pounds and I kept it off.
How strong are you?
You okay? You just kinda exploded.
I’m sorry she’s still dead, but be sure to check back tomorrow night.


Revolution 1.01

Liz Mitchell in the opening scene.
What do you mean Elizabeth’s character died?
When the man on the horse came It reminded me of Terra Nova, not Lost.
Didn’t it look like the son shot the father.
They took the kid with them.
Well, it’s your funeral.
Probably, yes.
It’s all gonna turn off and never turn back on.
Plane crushed and the cars stopped working.
Some guys attacked them and tried to rape the girl.
Asthma kid tried to escape.
Walking through devastated Chicago.
Uncle does not want to help Charlie and does not want to go with them.
The woman did not help him.
The fighting scene was impressive.
We’re all gonna wake up with our heads on a stick but you’re welcome.

Go On 1.02

I hate old people and I hate sick people.
Dumb him! Dumb him! Dumb him!
That everything funs stops?
Action! Action Action!
Someone stole his signed ball.
Don’t feel. That’s when we get bagged down. You and I are doers. What do you wanna do?
It’s too sexual.
Whoever that is, it better be a woman.
Ah, that was so cute.

Go On 1.03

Hola, Miguel. Such a nice day, I figured I’d sneak out my window and… pretend I’m a snake.
I don’t want to sit next to him any more.
1:23 am. Every night, 1:23 am Janie used to roll over in her sleep and slap me in the face and scare the living hell out of me. So I used to wake up at that exact moment every night, you know, to brace myself. And I still do. And now her oddly strong little arm doesn’t come. And I realize that she’s gone. Again. And it’s lonely, you know, It’s 1:23 am and there’s no one to call.
Random group of people I saw walking.
Did he just walk away?
Yeah he did.
He actually did this thing with gardener’s face.
Why didn’t this asshole introduce us to his friends?
You think we’re all losers?
Well, technically we’re in a support group for loss so…

Well, my new porshe does come that night.
I need a hug| e stick to beat you with.
I kinda abandoned them tonight. They had this group outing, bowling and I didn’t handle it well.
Oh, it’s so fast.
People driving his car.
They all came at 1:23am!
I took prescription sleeping pills, I have no idea what I’m doing here.
Is this a group, you’re singing and crying?
Stephen, there are my friends.
What am I doing here?
They all slept at his place.

The Mob Doctor 1.01

Again, I left my notes at home, and will update later. It was generally bad, the only good thing was the flashbacks at the beginning and end and that this guy killed her dad.

X Factor 2.01

I liked just these four: Paige Thomas, Jennel Garcia, Emblem 3 and Jillian Jensen.

‘I wanna know who let you on stage.’ ‘Your singing came in and it wasn’t very nice.’ I think your confused with your direction.’ It’s Britney, bitch.

X Factor 2.02

I liked: Jason Brock, Carly Rose Sonenclar.

X Factor 2.03

So many talents this episode, liked Tate Stevens the most, then, Vino Alans, Cece Frey, Rizloe Jones, Diamond White Jessica Espinoza, Sister C and Panda Ross.

X Factor 2.04

Can Britney say something else than ‘Definitely yes?’ ?

It may be too soon to tell, but I have already decided that I will give a chance to Go On and quit on The Mob Doctor, when it comes  to Revolution, will watch it till I find out what happened to Elizabeth’s character, so probably just watching in the background while doing something else.