Born on the 4th of July



The music was fabulous, old horror and thriller like. The writing is excellent. Did not see anything special in Sutherland’s performance. I loved how often the tape was played.

And for an hour… for an hour, I’m the best actress in the world, and the best fuck in the world.



Everything is perfect, except for Amanda Seyfried. Julianne looked exceptionally beautiful. I have seen the last 10 minutes already in 2009. The best scenes where when Katherine tells her husband ‘I slept with her’ and when Chloe says Katherine how she felt her in her son when she slept with him, or how she looked at Katherine shoes when sleeping with her son.


Schindler’s List

The first part of the film was a bit weaker, but then It was all a perfection.


Loving Annabelle

I have no idea why I ended up watching this, I must have been drunk or something, but hell I swear I was not. Annabelle is just so annoying, sure someone grabs someone’s hand though they know that person doesn’t like them. I think it was some sort of soft porn. The ending was good though, but I really hoped she stayed in prison, but as Annabelle’s mother is rich, we all know that is not going to happen.


Far From Heaven

Did not know whether to ship it or not, other than that It was all intriguing.



The scene where everyone is failing is beautiful.


A Single Man

What a beautifully made film. I loved the ending, the last act though was not good enough. The friendship was amazing.


The Unforgotten

It was not bad until the ufo came. I loved how he did not remember her at the end.



The film did not move me at all, the ending did though.


The New Daughter

I feel like there was no good scene except for the very ending, where the kid thinks daddy is coming, but daddy is dead and the creatures are coming.


Game Change

Who cares, in 48 hours no one will even remember who she is.



It was pretty much boring, till this guy decided to click the bottom outside, and I was all he’s gonna get cut, and then when I saw this girl was playing with the buttons again, I knew it was gonna happen. That scene was super tense and very good, I could not stop saying ‘holy shit’. What a stupid kid. And then when he was trying to press the up bottom I knew he would accidental press down and his head and arm is going to get cut off. Of course here the scene was screwed up and there was blackness for way too long. Oh no, no, no! The chubby one can’t get out, that is just not fair and so extremely depressing. ‘I guess I’m the hero.’