Season 5 was a huge disappointment for me and made me doubt my obsession with the show last year. The first three seasons, when they were sneaking, and Kate was telling herself she does not like him was an interesting addition to the intriguing cases, which were like 20 out of all episodes. Season 4 I was too much focused on Stana’s acting, as I really loved the PTSD episodes, and how she tried to cope with all the stress, so I did not realize the cases became less engaging, with just a few good cases. This season on the other hand, had absolutely NO cases I remember, and the Kate and Castle relationship does not work for me, and I see something odd about them that I cannot identify and name. I compare it to Booth and Bones’ relationship which stayed perfect after they realized they loved each other. I did hate the hook up though, and mostly the fact that they STILL did not show us a thing. Which here, yes, for me it happened to fast, was spectacular. Everything after the hookup is a disaster. Now it looks like an average work romance, or maybe just hooking up, beside the one amazing scene of the ‘love handshake’, which still lacked something for my taste. I cannot believe how obsessed I was with the show last year, it is like I may have been blind and was exaggerating or maybe the show really got worse after the hook up. But why the hell the cases got all bad. It used to be a decent crime show and now even the laugh is doubtful.

This is how I graded season five each week:

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 5.5
  4. 3.5
  5. 9
  6. 7
  7. 3.5
  8. 6
  9. 5

In total: 5.3/10