I should have posted it before after Christmas but somehow I got all wrapped up in other things, and here I am posting it today.


I was impressed, not at first, but then everything went just the way it should. Not too brutal and just the enough amount everyone should know and David Schwimmer did great job directing it. Definitely will rewatch it. There were many scenes that were compelling, my favorite the girl’s realization that he raped her not loved her, her father apologising at the end, family being all everything is normal, her thinking he loves her and will call her back, the rape scene, when her father saw her picture on the wall along all other hal fnaked models and father’s flashbacks. We did not need that scene during the ending titles though, but I really thought him taking the video would lead to somewhere like they would find him or something.



The rape scene was incredible, and mother all drunk and not caring, loveed Selma Blair in this, and Jennifer Laurence was great too, the last scene, girls singing in the car.


The Perfect Family

The mother just got used to the whole situation too quickly, yeah and it was too happy in general. Favorite scene, the first one at the dinner table.


The Prime of Miss Joan Brodie

Maggie Smith is spectacular in this, oh my, absolutely incredible. The film was marvellous too, though sometimes that kid was too annoying and self confident.


Eye for an Eye

Absolutely perfect, kind of a rape and revenge film and Sally killed it.



I was really disappointed, as it was only tense at the beginning when he watched the tapes and the only creepy scene was when the face was revealed in the reflection of the water, other than I really thought it would be the next Insidious and it was pretty much disastrous.


The Hunger Games

And somehow I did end up watching it, though I said I would not and was surprised cause I thought It would be just another Twilight, but the whole story, sacrifice two kids from a district, and all the kills.



I am always gonna laugh at this one, absolutely amazing. Sally was spectacular. My father used to talk about this film all the time when I was a younger teenager. He still quotes the scenes like Tom’s character medical exam or dinner at the table with the priest. Hilarious. I will watch it with him when I’m home in 3 weeks.



The rape scene was incredible, may have been a little too much for most of the audience, but really perfect. The whole film was so beautifully crazy. Kika was pretty annoying in a good meaning of the word. Not as perfect as Bad Education, but one of Almodovar’s best.


The Perks of being A Wallflower

The only thing I did not like about the film is that Kate Walsh did not have enough screen time, other than that film was incredible. I was really glad when I saw where the film was going, the sexual abuse storyline. Kind of a teenage version of The Silver Linings Playbook.

And at this moment we were infinite.


Augusta, Gone


House at the End of the Street


The Pitch Perfect


Beyond the Blackboard

Not music for the heart good, but good enough.



I actually really enjoyed it, what an intriguing ending, when it really looks like no one was there.


The Crazies


Underground The Julian Assange Story

Rachel Griffiths was the only good thing about this film.


Mom at Sixteen