It’s been a while since I’ve posted something film or tv related and worth reading at the same time. My uni semester ended and I finally can afford quick Internet, which means I can go back to watching all the films and tv that I want. I have missed it badly. Seeing only 30 films in 6 months is humiliating at least. I was thinking of starting a new show and the ones that interested me are: The Following, Hannibal, House of Cards and Switched at Birth. I am also checking out The Bridge, but it is too soon to tell at this moment. This week I will update whatever I remember seeing these past five months and will try to rewatch all the episodes of the last season that I didn’t have the time to grade. I have decided I am not going to grade Private Practice, The Big C, Dexter, out of respect and because they are all a 10, but also Pretty Little Liars, because the show sucks so badly I just watch it to kill time, and most of the time it does not even make a 2 in my opinion, The Carrie Diaries, for the same reason, but it did meet like 3 or sometimes even a 4, but I watch it, again, just to kill time, and because I loved Sex and The City when growing up; American Horror Story, because it was not as good as season one, and probably is just a one time watch; Go On, because I do not really have an opinion on it ending, have not decided if I am disappointed or not; most likely Bones and Castle, which are the two shows I was really bored with this season, and possibly Shameless, since March was a long time ago and I do not feel like it. First up is Suburgatory.