Dexter 8.07

Please don’t leave town before we talk again.
I won’t.
Can anything good come from putting two killers together?
Dexter needs to kill this kid, before he turns him in.


Camp 1.07

Let’s hope were speared that surprise.
Somebody’s mom is a train wreck.
Thats my mom.
She is so pretty.
He threw us out like trash. Trash.
Who spawned that little hellion.
Not sure. Looks like hes drom Richfield. And the matress in our cabin is way to firm.
Yourebkind of my hero today.
That’s Dave Coleman he’s amazing. I mean the kids love him.
Jumping off that rock.
It grows back you dummy. And who orders
I love dark Mac.
Someone had the nerve to ask how much Grace cost.
Pleasebtell me there’s gluten free bread somewhere in this kitchen.
Mac, I cheated on Robbie.
Is it over with the writer? It is the writer right?
You bought me mascara when I was eight yrs old. You let me drink wine when I was eleven. I lost my virginity when I was 13. Its not that surprising. I have a slut for a mom.
Big night, banging someone elses girlfriend.
He vomited blood.
That this is a sex camp?
Everyone has gathered around the fiereplace.
Whats going on?
Kip colappsed in town. Apparently hes in remission for cancer and it may have come back.
Is the sick boy your friend?
lets go to the hospital then.
Youre respinsible for him. Just like im responsible for him. The fact that I have to explain this to you should make both of us think.
I think we pick the people that we think we deserve. You deserve someone really great.
Can we see him?
Yes go.
That was awesome.


Switched at Birth 2.20

Welcome home.
Come on she’s seventeen what do you think they’re doing just holding hands?
Thats why they have these cute pjs with the feet attached.
We need to have a girls night out.
We don’t have to have a penis peniata but we can still have some fun.
Her mother is terrible.
You can go all out if you pay for it.
Girl knows how to have fun.
Of course Simone gave them chlemidia.
Her dad was murdered for buying drugs?
Selling actually.
I get it our son is marrying into a drug cartel.
Could she please spin out on somebody elses budget?
When You’re looking for the answer to a problem its usually the most obvious one. Seems pretty obvious to me that what he wants is a laungere model like all guys.
Why would you do that? Why would you screw me over like that?
What do you think your doing? Arebyou listening to me?
Wait oh my gosh shes shes death.
She’s a stripper.
Not helping.
I dont tjink the fact that shes a size zero helped.
Seriously Who cares?
She thinks thats why uou haven’t kissed her yet.
We were total zombies.
Of course he saw the tape.


Pretty Little Liars 4.10

Sure sleep in dead’s girl bed.
Yes go tell them A is back.
Are you kidding me Warren’s working with A?
I knew he was not his father.
This enemy is everywhere and nowhere ag the same time.
I’m with a girl. I realized that’s who i want to be with and that’s who I am.
I m very proud of you Emily.
Of course you have. You loved her just as much as I did. I wish she could have return those feelings. I could have asked for a better person to love her than you.
Wow Cece is A because she got kicked out of college? Seems like too much work. Shes been doing it for 2 yrs. It seems awfully long for a revenge.
Pick up that phone.
They wore each other personalities.
Of course she had to recuse herself.
Why would Cece even be friends her. She was like 13.
I really dont think either cece or alison would live without a shower.