Dexter 8.08

I am glad the kid is gone.


Camp 1.07

Worst episode of Camp yet and there is no chance for the only relationship that looked interesting.



Switched at Birth 2.21

If anyone objects…
She’s not comitting a felony or geting married. Right now, for us, that’s a win.
On a plus side Toby doesn’t have chlamydia.


Pretty Little Liars 4.11

They really should have gone with the twin story, who starts a revenge because of getting out of college? There are so many other things you can do with your life. And who decides this would be a good storyline? The idea of Mona being A was more intriguing. Cece (I am assuming and hoping she’s not the main A shouldn’t even be on the A team, she has no business in Rosewood anymore she is much older than the girls should cope with her own mistakes with some maturity.