Dexter 8.09

Serial killer’s convention.
Her son?
It would’ve been easier if they started in October.


Camp 1.08

The offer still stands.


Pretty Little Liars 4.12

The one guy nobody’s ever suspected is A, and I assumed this show could never blow my mind. Wow, I am shocked, it finally makes sense.
Plus Ali’s alive.
But why the hell didn’t she warn Aria about Ezra?
Why didn’t they check Ali’s DNA?
I hate how every half of the season, I’m not caring about the storyline, watching the show while preparing for classes or painting or checking twitter or tumblr on my phone, but the finale shocks me a bit, and I realize I’m left with this hole for the next four months, and that’s why I never quit the show, no matter how bad it gets.


I may not post next week’s episodes, as It’s just gonna be Dexter and Camp, I’m gonna put all the episodes that’ll air till the 13th of Sept in one post, and upload it some time around that day.