This is not only the 5th birthday of this wordpress, but also my 140th note. I am celebrating by posting my comments on the ninth season of my most beloved show, Grey’s Anatomy.

How much do I have to pay Shonda to get rid of the interns? Nobody cares about them, and this season focuses on them way to descriptively. Am I the only one who finds Callie extremely annoying? The worst part is, looking back, I never really liked it. She got over Mark’s death too quickly and why does she always have to talk about sex? Don’t get me wrong, I love Calzona, but I think that was because of Arizona. Sometimes she’s amazing, and sometimes she’s so annoying it’s hard to stand her. It has actually got to this point where Callie is more annoying than Kepner, who has a really good season. She is still naive, but she’s bereable. Even though she should ditch that boyfriend of hers for good and just be with Jackson, so I don’t have to deal with Stephanie who, for me, is the intern I just really don’t want to get to know. Since we’re talking about annoying, Jo is annoying as well. I know, I am not impartial, as I will never get over the loss of Izzie and I will never see Karev with anyone else but her. I do not have an opinion on Karev and Jo, but I’m biased, because I adored Izzie. McDreamy was the only character that had absolutely no storyline this year, and the only thing that I remember about him from this season, is that he looked like a real Prince Charming in that crown that Zola gave him. I love our trio, and how their friendship is still the same even though it’s been 8 yrs. The Bailey storyline was inspiring, I loved when they showed how many tests she took, and I thought we would focus on her insanity for a little longer, but sadly we did not. Speaking of that episodes, what was really ungraceful, was to add Meredith’s ‘Where was I going’ line, since she’s afraid she’ll get Alzhaimers, unless that was on purpose and that depresses me entirely. I hate to say it, but I think Shonda is going to end the series with Meredith in her 60s or older, having Alzhaimers and all the seasons was just her trying to put it all together, and not remembering anything after that. I was never a fan of the plane crash, I thought it was too much, and the fall out could have been explored more vividly. The characters got over the horrifying events of the last season’s finale too soon. I have not missed Lezie much the entire year, but I have been watching reruns of seasons 6-8 all summer and It finally got me how devastating her death was. I did miss Teddy though, and I am still not missing Mark. I am not surprised they decided to leave their storylines, especially in season 8, were truly disappointing. Season 9 is definitely the show’s weakest season, most likely worse than the dull season 4. Brooks is leaving, when she was the only intern I actually liked. The upcoming season, my money’s on Murphy, I find the rest of the interns annoying. Since Sandra is leaving, I am excited to see Mer and Callie as friends, though they never really liked each other. And may I just say, I hate how grown up they all are. I miss the times they were just a bunch of screwed up interns with the need to cut. The April/Jackson drama was not as bad as I thought It would be. The ‘let’s buy the hospital’ storyline, though intriguing at times, spread over too many episodes, and very unrealistic. Despite all the deaths, and changes and new characters it was a good season.

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In the midseason, after 9 episodes, my grade was 8.4, after 16 episodes, I rated the season: 8.2.