No Bones, no SVU, what a sad week.

Greys 10.07

As I rewatched the episode I realized it was actually good. Meredith is now just another character, when I really do not want to get to know the new ones.

Arizona slept with Lea.
Damn she didn’t invite her.
She had lasic surgery.
None of them do and I don’t need to spend a day in the or.
it’s a holiday for children you know.
A zombie?
Zombie bit Lea.
Where did you cone from?
The x rays are backwards.
I know that happy halloween.
Candy for dinner, nice.
Zombies aren’t real.
Luckily someone invented a bus pass.
Come on grey, you won’t makr her take a bus, there’s a shop, just across the street, she can walk.
Head mirrors.
Ben you are a doctor, have you ever worn one?
We’re gonna have to take you down to the or to get the parasites out of the wound.
Doctor Brooks. Heather Brooks. Yes she is she’s always here.
Another one down.
You’re from Scotland Kevin, what the hell are you talking about.
Grey got her an sleep patch.
You’ll be here the whole time Meredith?
The whole time.
Everyone gets a trophy for just being on the team.
And tell her she’s beautiful.
Maybe she’s a ghost.
She walk on the lady.
You only get ten of them.
You got me quarantined.
You are not under quarantine.
Isn’t that like 100 times scarier than some zombie apocalypse.
Right now it’s not the time to be easy peasy.
Doctor Brooks died three months ago.
Are you as good as she was?
No, but I will be.
You’re really gonna tell me that’s the wrong answer?
You’re so easy.
Dude I’m waiting for my boyfriend.
Get in before the trick or treaters think that I’m home.


Revenge 3.05

This show is doing so great, but please more Victoria, less the french girl, we sent Ashley away to get a french version of Ashley?


Castle 6.06

Alexis is starting to get on my nerves, but not as much as people who don’t understand that it’s normal for a 19 year old to live with her boyfriend. But seriously, we found some couch and chairs on the street? With my ocd I’d be scared I’d catch something.


American Horror Story 3.04

So what happened to Queenie? I hope they get over this Frankenstein storyline and please less chanting and fighting with the bad witches and more killing.


The Carrie Diaries 2.02

The show is so good with Samantha, but please no more Sebastian crap.

Shes walking naked.
You’re right, Carrie, there’s some great stuff in here, phone sex operators wanted, work from home, 6.99 a minute?!
Carrie no the spanker!
Has someone been a bad boy?
Party lines still exist?
She’s not some chick, she’s a new friend.
Good thing I planned it so far in advance.
What did you call me?
No I didnt mean sayvit again.
Jane Fonda.
That’s right there you go.
I’m a phone sex operator.
People open up to me, it must be likr talking to a nun.
Religion can be very hot.
And a few other things.
I most certainly will not.
I can get you tickets.
No problem bambi, just a simple phone call.
Toilet paper, we’re out, maybe you could get some?
Sure thing.
Tangled in a phone.
You’re Carrie Bradshaw, you do not take any crap from any man.
How are you so brave?
Donna took sone guys hat.
Lets fo this kindergarten style.
You are all ruining my fantasy of being your sexy nurse.
Carrie shut the hell up with the food talk.
I’m gonna kill you, right after I…
You’re a girls girl, thats why I like uou.
So we’re still friends?
Honey, of course, we have to stay friends, we wear the same size underwear.
I don’t even wanna know how you know that.
You better not be leaving with any of my underwear.
You broke me. You broke my heart and I hate you because I still love you and I hate myself even more for it. You happy?
Can I tell you the gruesome details later? I’m still a little fragile.


Ravenswood 1.02

Will watch a few more episodes, as I have so little shows to watch.