The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

Every single scene of this movie, especially the one when she falls on the glass, amazing. I know it was a small film, but Julie should have been nominated for an Academy Award for her compelling performance.


A map of the world

What a beautiful movie, all of it. Even the awkward kissing the neighbor was in place. Julianne Moore and Sigourney Weaver in one film, yeah It could not get better.


Laws of Attraction

One of my favorite romantic comedies. It lifts me up, like nothing else. I’ve seen it 5 times this week.

What is this, medical waste in a glass?


Don Jon

Yes, it was Julie Moore week. Don Jon is slutty, but funny, and it ended just like I wanted, with him picking up the right woman, not the slut.

I’m sorry this may be rude but were you just watching people fucking on your phone right now?Did you just called me lady?

I just thought you could use something better than that shit you’re watching on your phone, am I right?

It’s actually pretty good. It’s pretty hot.

If you have a girlfriend, why are you watching dirty movies?

You’re fucking weird, you know that?
I don’t entirely disagree, but you’re the one who’s gonna go pretend to be texting while you watch people pretend they’re fucking on your phone.

Of course they are.

I swear to God I just fell asleep during that entire class. The whole fucking thing.

I really shouldn’t get so high after launch if i’m gonna be coming here later.

It is pretty boring, don’t you think?
I said this class is pretty fucking boring.

They give awards for porn too.

This fucking lady.



Woah the Margaret’s self harm scenes and the last one of Margaret and Carrie on the floor. Every scene with Julianne actually, I am so happy I got to see it at the movies! Judy Greer’s character was fine too. For some reason so different from the original, Julianne’s Margaret completely fresh, and everyone thought that would be impossible to beat or show differently, and did I mention the self harm scenes?



Loved it, and if you like people who can see into the future, then you will too. Being an FBI agent just suits Julie.



‘Would it help if I cursed at you in Polish?’

Oh yes it would.

Weird representation of Polish people, but an okay film after all.


The Shipping News

The rape scene and when he comes all wasted and tries to make a move at her, and the house falling apart and her husband leaving all so good.

If I end up with strechmarks I’ll sue his ass.

Why are we talking about my husband?

When someone hurts you that much how do you…does it ever go away? Is it possible?

My father rapes his little sister and then he taught me how to swim.

You’re always sorry.



I am so disappointed with this one, when I heard Naomi would portray Diana I thought Yay she’s finally getting an Oscar, and even though her performance was great, the film itself was not good enough to get any recognition, it was crushed by critics, actually and I cannot really argue. If it was any other actress as Diana I would still watch it, just to see how Diana’s life was portrayed, but most of all how they decided to show her death. Here it was really tactful, they did not show the actual crush and I am not sure if I am disappointed or think it was a really respectful ending. Is Naveen Andrews really the best Pakistani actor out there? I never see any other Pakistani actors turn up in more than one movie. I wonder why they decided to show the love affair that was just so boring and did not draw any conclusions as to why she was killed. I may be talking about possible conspiracies, but they did not show how her death affected the world, that it would mess up military plans, that Clinton decided to vote against and that she did not marry a Pakistani, which would have been a scandal, but would change the position of other Asian countries, even though we see Pakistani own everything in the UK now without Diana’s help. I did not see it at the cinema, I was not sure if I should go or wait and I am not mad at myself that I didn’t. I am sad that one of the two films with Naomi I really looked forward to this year, turned out to be a disappointment.


Mysterious Skin

I actually saw it before Don Jon, I did not even think I would see Don Jon a month later, but the film was truly incredible. Better than Don Jon without a doubt, shows sexual abuse with so many little details. The Ufo talk was slightly getting on my nerves, but it was absolutely understandable. All the flashbacks were shot very beautifully.


Kramer vs Kramer

There are so many films like Kramer vs Kramer, where people fight custody, take it to court and the one person that the judge decided should get a kid and of course it is always the wrong one, decides to not take the kid. I am not thinking of I am Sam at this moment or oh Judging Amy even came to my kind while writing this, but really every family movie.


The Best Little Girl in the World

Not my favorite ED movie, and why does every ED movie end with a girl eating what she would consider a binge food and why does in every ED film the girl’s friend have to die and why cannot every ED film be as good as Sharing the Secret or The Secret Between Friends?



I just love this movie, everything about it. The way Alicia Silverstone talks and acts in this film is amazing. I wish she did a similar role to this one in the 90s.



Not as great as Contact, but okay. Loved the scene after she passed out and saw George’s character and I thought Sandra gave a fine performance.

Na zdrowie.


Girls just want to have fun

Fun at parts.


Say anything

Yes, 80s teen films are the best! Great, but could be better.



Hilarious, especially the parts where his parents think he’s gay and find all the evidence to prove that.

Our son is a flower.


While you were sleeping

Great romcom.


Ice Princess

A cute family movie, Joan Cusack killed it, as always. Kim Cattrall was fabulous to.


Arthur Christmas

Long and nothing special, why cannot every Christmas animated movie be as good as The Polar Express? Watched it only for Laura Linney.


Trust the Man

I am not enjoying Bart’s films, I have seen three so far and every single one of them lacks in writing and wit and the story line is always just bearable. The only good scene was the one when Julie was narrating the porn film with the worst stage direction she’s seen. Can we talk about the guy who was always touchy feely with her? I know it is not usually the case and young actors try to behave themselves not to ruin their carrier, but here he always found a way to get close to her. In real world is different, because when we see a guy like that we just tell him to get lost and he usually loses interest, but in the movie business, I do not know why she did not mention that to director and I cannot even imagine how terrible that must feel. I am biased because I am not sure if I am happy with it, as it showed how exhausting life an actress can be or disappointed because we did not get to see how this story line ended and she did not tell him to piss off.


The Sounds of Music Live Musical

Audra, Carrie and Laura killed it. There is this one scene that bothers me, and I know it should not, because it is a family musical, but my mind always ends up going there; when she comes back to the sisters all crying wanting to come back and the sister does not ask her if something happened to her, if maybe possibly the captain tried to take advantage of her, or she did not ask if she even likes him, she just says that having a man is better than being a sister. The kids were not annoying at all surprisingly, not as good as the movie, obviously, but a nice way to spend a cold evening.