Not as bad as season 1 was, but far from the pretty excellent seasons 2 and 3. The show has reached the point when I can say I am done with Papa Pope and B613 storyline. And now Olivia’s missing, what!? I hope Shonda fixes this mess soon. Favorite episode must be the premiere when Abby’s in the White House. The whole Abby arc this season is great. Also the teen daughter having threesome with two guys. Favorite quote? Mellie’s ‘Dead son. Missing mistress. Mellie’s rape. Fitz’s suicide.’ and David’s ‘Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope?’ Fell under 8 at episode 8.

2. 4.5
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6. 10
7. 6
8. 5.5
9. 9

71/9 = 7.9