Ever since season 13 premiered SVU is my best and most favorite show. Along with the new writing staff came fresher and braver cases. Can you name one case from season 11? Exactly. All you can say is that Sharon Stone was the DA. Or season 10? I can only remember Undercover from season 9. I have a gap between the first 8 seasons (8 of course being the weakest for obvious reasons) and season 12. Season 16 won’t top season 15 or 13 or 14 for that matter, but it’s still oh so good. Favorite episode? The one with a Freshman porn star and the last one. Song of the season, Kat Dahlia’s Gangsta from the premiere, how else. I just now moved it from December (songs) folder on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to January folder, which is what I’ve been doing every month since September.

1. 9
2. 6
3. 10
4. 10
5. 10
6. 8
7. 10
8. 9
9. 9
10. 10

91/10 = 9.1