Rest in peace, Edward Herrmann, a man of many talents. We’ll remember your fantastic roles in countless films. And maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll watch Gilmore Girls and instead of crying buckets of tears of grief and feeling honored to have fallen in love with your Richard Gilmore, I’ll only feel honored and proud. I hope your work will forever be loved and aknowledged.

First films of year 2015. I promised not to watch any bad or mediocre ones and I kept the promise so far, well not really, but It could have gone much worse.

The Goonies

One of my favorites of Steven Spielberg. It has everything, wit, friendship, adventure to begin with. Shame only one of the kids had great carreer, they were all incredibly bright and talented. I could simply rewatch it straight away.


The Apartment

No one is surprised about those 5 Oscars. Simply genius. So are performances of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, but that’s no surprise either. It was funny and sad and it had the right amount of romance.



I could not stop myself from rewatching it for the 10th time. I always loved that the show off dies, this scene remains my favorite.


Along Came A Spider

Or the first Alex Cross book. It was just as good as Kiss The Girls. I remember how mesmorised I was by James Peterson’s Kiss The Girls when I read it when I was ten. And then I saw the film and it was lacking something, but I don’t think Along Came A Spider is. Morgan Freeman is Cross and I tried to watch the new Alex Cross and I couldn’t make it past 15 minutes. I will never be able to see anyone else as Cross, as Morgan did that Morgan thing where he aces his roles every single time. It also features young Monica Potter and If you haven’t read the book, you’re in for a surprise. By the end of it I started getting nostalgic already, and all I could think of was, why aren’t all thrillers this good.


Death Valley

I watched it in honor of Edward Herrmann, sadly his character sang only in one scene. A movie itself was very mediocre. I admired the first half when the boy was the main character.


Wind Chill

I can’t explain this one, I wanted to watch a horror similar to Dead End, as I’m still not over how good it was. Even though the ending was predictable, it had so much charm. Wind Chill, though a similar storyline, fell apart really quickly. Why didn’t she go to the phone tower earlier?