No particular order.

1. Derek dies on Greys.
2. Victoria Grayson dies on Revenge.
3. Zeek dies on Parenthood.
4. Parenthood ends with a baseball match.
5. Adam becomes the headmaster of Chambers academy after Cristina gives him her spot.
6. Amber and Crosby are the new Adam and Crosby and keep the recording studio.
7. Victoria committs suicide by setting a fire to the Grayson Manor, leaving us thinking she’s actually dead.
8. Herman survives the surgery, but loses her sight.
9. Parenthood’s somehow uplifting flash forward where Camille goes to France after Zeek’s death and Max finishes high shool and everyone is there.
9. Amaro leaves SVU after being shot.
10. Meredith introduces her sisters to dance parties.
11. Greys make a major 10 month time jump, where they fit in the whole 12th season.
12. Meredith gets pregnant and gives birth to Derek’s baby.
13. Meredith runs away with her kids just like her mother did, later names her daughter after Ellis.
14. Alex is Meredith new person and shows up to pick her up from the hospital.
15. April goes to Afganistan with Owen, out of nowhere.
16. April gives birth to a baby who lives only a couple of minutes, just like Amelia’s unicorn baby on Private Practice.
17. April and Jackson split up after he gives her an ultimatum.
18. Jo tells Alex he should give Meredith her house back.
19. Booth starts gambling again.
20. Bones is pregnant again.
21. Bones throws Booth out for gambling.
22. Derek saves everyone for the last time.
23. Huck kills the whole bus of jurors on Scandal.
24. Debbie rapes a guy, losing her virginity at the same time on Shameless.
25. Debbie gets pregnant by the guy she raped.
26. Carl asks to get put in juvie.
27. Sammi makes a Manson swastika tattoo on Chucky’s forehead.
28. Sammi runs with a gun after Mickey, while two cop cars follow.
29. Frank falls for a young doctor, who later commits suicide.
30. Chucky is a little small for his age, but he’s 13.
31. Ian steals a baby.
32. Chucky clulessly lets uncle Carl strap bags of drugs to his belly.
33. Ian is diagnosed as bipolar.
34. Ian finds out his condition may get a little better after 40 years of taking pills.
35. Debbie gets all crazy and tells Fiona she loves her boyfriend and wants to have his babies.
36. Kev is the campus’ rapewalker.
37. Hodgins invents a magic mat.
38. Norman can’t stop thinking of his mother sexually on Bates Motel.
39. Psychologist asks Norman if he wants to sleep with his mother.
40. Norma asks for a pool when blackmailing a guy.
41. Norma and Romero almost kiss.
42. Dylan gets 25 thousand for Emma’s surgery.
43. Norman kills Bradley as his mother.
44. Norman turns all Norma and makes breakfast for her sons.
45. Norman as Norma tells her brother he raped her.
46. Norma hits Norman on the head with a vase after he pushes her down the stairs.
47. Norma forgives her brother for raping her repeatedly when they were kids.
48. Castle tells Alexis she’ll figure out what she wants to do.
49. Castle is the closest person to an air marshal and along with Alexis solves the case.
50. Kate has to choose between being a Captain, even though she was never a lieutenant and sergeant, or a senator.
51. Norma tells Romero she knows how the town works, as she was raped.
52. Little Abby is the killer on Secrets and Lies.
53. Cougar Town ends with the gang wondering if they’ll be meeting at Jules’ house for the rest of their lives, doing crazy things together.
54. All the Braverman mothers tell Amber about motherhood.
55. Parenthood plays Jesse’s Merchants Remember Defeats as each Braverman learns about Zeek’s stay at the hospital.
54. Amanda tells Barba her previous captain raped her.
55. Liv tells Amanda to go see her therapist.
56. Travis starts a vinebulance buisness.
57. Bay is sexually assaulted on Switched at Birth.
58. Zeek’s Let’s go home after they go back to their old house.
59. Homer has an accident and thinks his 10, as he befriends Bart he tells him to stay 10 forever on The Simpsons.
60. Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman perform The Circle Game.
61. Kristina looks at Chamber’s students on Carrier Day as Ave Maria plays.
62. Amber names her son after Zeek.
63. Elsa commits suicide after learning all her freaks were murdered, and meets all of them in the afterlife.
64. A has a lyer where he kept Mona dressed as Alison and now the girls joined her at the Dollhouse.
65. Sheila’s house exploads, and she leaves Shameless to travel, when she couldn’t leave the house for years.
66. Lip tells Mandy she’s gorgeous and smart and she leaves with her abusive boyfriend anyway.
67. Nadia from Chicago PD is found killed and raped on SVU.
68. Paul Adelstein guest stars on SVU again as a dentist who raped his niece and all of her friends.
69. Will Chase performs If I drink this beer on Nashville.
70. Katherine tells Bay she was sexually assaulted by her friend’s brother when she was 17.
71. Amelia tells Owen about her unicorn baby.
72. Crieepiest episode of Castle when 3XK comes back and claims he’s not 3XK he just got plastic surgery to look like him.
73. SVU squad goes undercover as pimps when a woman asks for help in finding her daughter.
74. Ian’s the gay one with all the problems.
75. Rayna saves Maddie from Edgehill, ruining the company.
76. Rayna signs Layla.
77. Amelia gets a standing ovation after she finishes her lectures.
78. Rebecca gets killed on How To Get Away With Murder.
79. Annalise’s mother burns down the house after she realizes her brother raped Annalise.
80. Yard chair episode of Scandal.
81. Jelly Bean must be rushing to get the results of her latest STD test.
82. Daphne decides to retake her class after her friends get hit by a car and a nurse tells her there’s not enough doctors who know sign language.
83. Emily tells the world she’s Amanda Clarke.
84. Canning asks Alicia to partner on The Good Wife.
85. Kalinda leaves.
86. Nolan continues avenging people.
87. Norman sits on Norma’s bed and touches her thigh while she’s sleeping.
88. Alicia reminisces to Will times when emails get hacked.
89. Derek says none of the kisses before Meredith counted.
90. Daphne performs Have a little faith in me without her sister.
91. Alicia tells Grace it wasn’t just flirtation with Will.
92. Meredith breaks down and throws charts.
93. Amaro leaves SVU.
94. Olivia says she didn’t have personal life when Elliot was her partner as their partnership took all her time.
95. Everyone is freaking out as the courtroom gets shut on Bad Judge.
96. Victoria offers her life for Emily’s so she can have some more time with her father.
97. David Clarke dies.
98. Jules bumps everyone with the car, including herself.
99. Bay gets an everyday hero project, after Emmett tells her she is not doing anything with her life.
100. Bones and Booth leave the Jeffersonian.