I’m trying to postpone watching Orange is the New Black till my day off, as I want to enjoy it fully, which I can’t do at work, but I honestly don’t think I can make it till Tuesday.

Bones 10.22

Just imagine if we didn’t have another season. The show would end with B&B leaving and how is that okay? I loved that she left the Jeffersonian in her pupils’ hands, but why did they have to leave? I am extremely grateful this is not the end and can’t wait till they come back. I just purchased the first 8 seasons from FOX UK for 30 pounds! They have the boxset for 49.90 in HMV, and it’s still a reasonable price, so I’m happy. I don’t have seasons 9 and 10, but nothing happened then anyway, besides the wedding. And Sweets dying, but who would want to torture themselves with this episode. I am happy we got to have  Bones for two weeks of June, no matter how weak the cases this season.

Bones isn’t afraid of anything.
What should we take back to the lab?
Sounds like you wanna keep his awesome job alive.
What do you see Dr Brennan?
Are you always going to be a student?
Oh my lord, you can’t be serious?
You shut up Seeley Booth, there’s no one better than you.
Daisy, if you’re not busy we could use an extra pair of eyes.
Seriously? You’re leaving too?
The thought of hurting you…Clearly this is not my area of expertise.
What is happening?!
Impressive as always, Dr Hodgins.
This lab is her life.
I am an excellent teacher!
Under one condition, we don’t keave the Jeffersonian.
You love them.
I do.
After all those years you have one box?


Younger 1.12

I expected more. It’s surprising when a show’s finale is one of the weakest episodes of the season, but that’s what happened here. I hope to see season 2 in January, not April.

I’m still me. I’m just a little older than you thought.
Nothing was real if it was all based on a lie.
Stop texting.
There’s no crying in publishing.
You’re a real friend Kelsey. The best I’ve made in a long time.
Hi, I’m Liza Miller. I’m 40. I’m divorced, I have an 18 year old daughter named Caitlyn.


Pretty Little Liars 6.02

I am liking the theory of A being Melissa’s twin. We all remember how secretive Melissa was. It was a good episode only because they all have PTSD and they showed us how they’re dealing with being kidnapped. The idea of the girls having to choose who eats when, is actually much better than I thought it would be. What’s with the ‘feminisation of society’? Unfortunately, I have a feeling next week we’ll be back to the usual teen drama, not A related. I doubt Jason actually tells us who Charles is. We won’t know in August either, yet we can’t stop watching. Don’t tell me the new guy is A. I need A to be someone we’ve known since the first episode, otherwise I’m never watching another teen show again. And there’s no coincidence in the guy sleeping at Mrs Grunwald’s.

Who is Charles DiLaurentis?
No Charles DiLaurentis in this family.
I thought, well, now you know what happens to bad little girls.
The police said that Sara had been down there for over 2 years.
I’m not gonna take a chance of you having another problem.
You have the advantage over most people, cause you can write it down on paper.
I don’t wanna own it. I don’t wanna memorialise it. I want a nice thick wall between before and after.
You don’t sneak in your own house.
Who gets to have water today.
Choose one or all will suffer.
3 weeks?
If was a little longer than that.
She was down there for years and you could see it in her eyes.
It makes you the same as what you’re afraid of.
You’re very smart, but please remember, you’re also very wise.
That guy, I saw him on TV. Are you sure it’s him?
We’ll sit and watch a movie, until we both fall asleep.
Put it in a well, if we go to hell.