Before we get to know who A is, or if we get to know who A is, let’s rewind and look back on season 5b. It was one of the few seasons that we might say, nothing happened. At all. Mona was gone, Ali was in jail, and it was all pointless. Ali turned out to be innocent, Mona is alive. Season 5b was full of storylines that won’t be useful in the future. The girls are in A’s layer. We still don’t know who A is. Out of nowhere, Ezra and Caleb got Hastings involved, which may not actually be a blessing, as they may have been involved in this all along. There two things worth mentioning, Ezra breaking up with Aria as she didn’t get to have a social or school life in high school, as she was too ocupied with their relationship, which is not true, because she was too occupied with A to think of anything else, Ezra was not the problem; and Hanna’s father not wanting to pay for her college, but paying for his stepdaughter’s. It might have been the weakest half seasons. Let’s see what next one brings. Hopefully it will be A’s identity. I hope it’s Lucas.

13. 7
14. 10
15. 5
16. 6
17. 9
18. 4
19. 7.5
20. 1.5
21. 10
22. 10
23. 7.5
24. 8
25. 9


At episode 21, 6.7, at 22, left this number and ended up at 7.0, stayed that way through 23, fell till 6.95 at 24, and ended at 7.1.