I just finished watching Grace and Frankie, earlier I watched Full House and this week I started The Whispers and Scream. I will write a post on OITNB soon.

Pretty Little Liars 6.03

I hope we’ll get to know A’s identity and they won’t postpone it any longer. And that they won’t lie to us like The Killing writers did.

We made it back and I don’t see a happy ending.


Pretty Little Liars 6.04

What a coincidence with the files just being transferred. Sara is killing someone soon. Charles is living there. The aunt was killed by Charles when the liars were in 10th grade. No one cares why, just get in. Sara is A, as she is Bethany and she knew Charles. He put tracking chips into them.

He was institionalised in Radley.
Because Charles is dead.
He killed himself when he was 16.
I don’t want you going out alone.
There was a 10 minute gap between first and second shift.
My daughter was a patient at Radley, how can I get a hold of her records?
I found her on our roof.
Maybe someone lived there. Charles.
You’re my doll, bitch.
Dye it now or lose it all.
What did I do? What did you make me do?!
A must be somebody Charles knew at Radley.
The room in that place looked exactly like this.


Pretty Little Liars 6.05

Whats with the lame dance? So A is a girl. That we’ve never met. Great. Mona’s scared? Aria’s obsession with dolls. Since when? Please don’t let A be Cece. I want to be surprised. Let me guess, Aria is going to win the competition. Oh if only life was that easy. Teaching position? Isn’t Leslie liars’ age? Clark better not be A. Why is Sara only 17? So Leslie is A? I still think Sara is Bethany.

Bad behavior has a way of catching up to you.
You would know.
Clark may have taken a picture of A.
It’s not a cover. It’s minimum wage and you start tomorrow.
A is a girl?!
I saw her too.
There’s someone across the street in a hoodie.
Leslie Stone was in Radley?
She was roomates with Bethany Young.


The Whispers 1.01

Lily Rabe finally got her own show. Revenge’s Aiden is on it. Steven Spielberg is producing. It’s less of a horror, more of a sci-fi, but I’m still liking it. I never read the short story it’s based on. The series also stars Jess from Gilmore Girls. I am sad we won’t get to see much of The Whispers as Lily Rabe getting her own show is the best thing that happened to us since we met her in AHS.

X marks the spot. You’re supposed to step on it.
The game isn’t done yet, he’s looking for a new friend.
Yeah, I’d like to play.
Thank you for fixing me. Goodnight, Drill, I love you.


The Whispers 1.02

Trying to understand a sci-fi film is not easy, when you’ve been a sceptic your whole life. I did love Lost though and I did watch V, so I should be just fine.

I can’t wait to meet him.


The Whispers 1.03

The scene when the hostage gives the salesman Claire’s card and he actually understands what to do with it is pretty impressive. Also, awkward ex-lover/husband/wife moments are enjoyable to watch.

He’s alive. Sean is alive.
He’s my husband.
That’s an account.
Each of the kids claims to have an imaginary friend called Drill.
Clair, Minx got a friend called Drill.
Like a maze.


The Whispers 1.04

The tension between Claire and Wes is incredible to follow. Fantastic episode, best so far.

Let me go, Wes.
He can’t hear you. He can’t understand you!
Stop hurting him!
Henry, can you hear me?
But it was supposed to be a secret between me and Drill.


The Whispers 1.05

And the disapointment begins, what a weak episode.

I have nothing. No memories, no past.


The Whispers 1.06

Good episode and we finally got to see Drill.

You can’t tell me?
We’re all vulnerable.
What’s he doing to my son?!
He likes you. He says you can play.
Claire, I remember. I remember everything.


Scream 1.01

As a guge fan of the Scream series I fecided to give it a chance, and it honestly does not look too good. I am only interested in the main character’s mother’s story, but I’ll watch it. Bullet from the third season of The Killing stars and the guy who filmed killing his victims and died just before Amanda had a chance to disarm his on SVU.

Out doors speakers on.
Maybe you’ll make more views than Aubrey.
Heads up.
Calling Pottery Barn.
Maybe Aubrey will Taylor Swift her anger and put it into something creative.
I need gore details.
Some guys like sports, I like serial killers.
Nobody ever knew who she was.
Do you think one kegg is enough?
It’s like the perfect slasher setting.


Scream 1.02

How can I not follow a show that respects self harm and gay women.

Your dad is a solo survivor of the Brandon James killings?
She was a cutter?
Yeah, she had issues with depression.
I mean Rachel had some issues.
What? Cutting?