This week I finally got the chance to watch Top of the Lake (thanks Netflix). It was very much like The Killing, butwith this beautiful backstorythat held it all together. The conclusion was marvellous too. I did not grade it, but it would be a high score.  I just finished watching Wet Hot American Summer’s prequel series, but I did not rate it and I honestly do not think I’ll ever watch it again. I’ll write a review on it when write about the original film. I wanted to wait with this post another week, but with no The Whispers this week, there’s just not enough to write about, and I know I owe you lots of film reviews, but I just wanted to get these out of the way. I need my fall shows to start as these three are literally making me doubt my intelligence.

The Whispers 1.08

I absolutely adore the title sequence, the theme music is very horror like creepy good. Like I said before, too sci-fi for me. Lovely creepy home video. Drill made Mink’s mother kill the father? It was obvious he’d close the door on them. The show would be better if they still signed. It’s obvious you don’t leave a kid in the car.

Drill he’s gone sweetheart.
No, he’s not.
No he wasn’t, I lied.
Thia article has been written in 1982.
Drill has been here before.
I won’t play, ever.
He’s not imaginary, he’s real.
He killed his brother.
I lost two sins that day.
It’s were he was killed.
It’s never about rhe kids, It’s about the parents.
He took his name. That way the bad one dies and the good one lives.
Drill wants her to kill the father?
That’s when the whispers started.
Please help me.
They must have sent another one.
I killed Drill.
How did you kill Drill?
How did you do it?
He knows how to kill Drill.


Pretty Little Liars 6.06

Skyler Day is back. Does Emily have leslian written on her face?

We have a lot of teese witherspoon movies to catch up on.
Whoever youre talking to hang up now
Who wants to go first.
Andthis one is A
I know who A is his names js charles dilaurentis and hes my brothrr
Then why doi feel scared all the tim
Jason jsson comr plsy with me
He’s coming for us, isn’t he?
I applied for every single scholarship out there.
Come on field trip.
Aria leave the doll alone.
That’s your phone.


Pretty Little Liars 6.07

Cece is on A team, but is not A. I don’t like the idea of A being someone they have never met. I have always hoped it to be someone we knew right from the pilot episode.

Why do you have a picture of Jason on your phone?
I thought I was gonna open my eyes and be back in Iceland.


Scream 1.04

I am actually starting to like the show, even though people stopped dying, and the episode was not very demanding, which one is though?


Scream 1.05

The show is very weak, but definetely gives a guilty pleasure wibe.

All I know is right now I’m holding you and he’s not.