I am thinking of setting a YouTube channel for this page. I’m thinking, short reviews and what’s leaving and coming to Netflix and is worth watching, weekly shows reviews, etc. If you like this idea, let me know.

Now And Then

Don’t judge Marlene I King by Pretty Little Liars or Ravenswood. Even though she just pulled a major twist with A being transgender. Watch this and be stunned. A beautiful story of four girls from a small town. It can be best described as Steel Magnolias for pre-teens. It’s not the first time I had the pleasure of watching this film. And it does not get any worse. It’s a better version of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. The scene of the main character being stuck in the sewer during the storm will never be erased from my memory. I’m a sucker for the Crazy Pete storyline, and not the back story itself, just his type of character, a lonely, practically homeless and crazy person everyone is scared of turning out to be a regular loving person. Shame Thora Birch disappeared from screen, and that Christina Ricci’s career slowly lost speed too.

‘Thomas Wolfe once said you can’t go home again. Well, that’s great for old Tom. But he wasn’t a chick who made a pact with her friends when she was twelve to get together whenever any one of them needed each other. So here I am driving back to my childhood home in Indiana a place I can tell you I never wanted to see again.’

‘I don’t want to see a lot of people, I don’t think they want to see a lot of me.’

Teeny’s parents were country-clubbers that were never around – typical upbringing for actors and pathological liars.’

‘It’s normal for things to be shitty.’

‘I say we make a pact. Here and now. We’re here for each other, always, no matter what happens in life. If Teeny goes off to Hollywood or I marry a rich doctor, we remember this day and this pact. Whenever we need a friend, we’re here for each other. We can count on it. Always. No matter what.’

‘When you’re 12, without effort, you live in the moment. You don’t regret the past or worry about the future, and in that moment, Teeny filled my heart with hope and comfort.

‘Well Samantha… Things will happen in your life that you can’t stop… But that’s no reason to shut out the world… There’s a purpose for the good and for the bad.
He gave me the only gift he could… The lesson that had taken him a lifetime to learn… And although I understood the importance of his words… It’s only now looking back that I understand their meaning.’

‘He said something that didn’t mean as much then as it does now… He told me that things happen in life that you can’t stop but it wasn’t a reason to shut out the world...Wow… I realize that… I’ve been so afraid of the bad things that um… That I’ve missed out on the good... You know I didn’t wanna come back here… But I’m really glad I did… I’d forgotten how much it helped to have you guys as friends… I’m really lucky to have this place… and each other…’

‘We all used to try so hard to fit in. We wanted to look exactly alike, do all the same things, practically be the same person, but when we weren’t looking that all changed. The tree house was supposed to bring us more independence, but what the summer actually brought was independence from each other.’

‘You can run from the dissapointments you’re trying to forget. But its only when you embrace your past that you truly move forward. Maybe Thomas Wolfe never got to go home again, but I found my way there. And I’m glad I did.’


The Manchurian Candidate

A modern version of the 1962 Academy Award nominated film, unfortunately, this one as opposed to the Frank Sinatra one, does not make much sense. The storyline does not work as well with Gulf War, as it did post Korean War. I cannot really judge the ridiculous plot, as the original one was a little ahead of its time, but I’ve found the remake vexatious. The film had Meryl Streep, Jon Voight, Liev Schreiber and Vera Farmiga and fell short of the required standard you’d expect from a film with this cast. I can’t begin to understand why would anyone took part in this fairytale, but Meryl doesn’t dissapoint, the role feels somewhat similar to her Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

‘Where there casualties?’
‘There’re always casualties in war, sir.’


The Proposition

A lovely drama on not so lovely topic. I care about Madeleine’s 90s films so deeply. I hope she doesn’t go back to her retirement and continues acting after Revenge.

‘I began to know God through Eleanor. It was she who taught me faith.’


Maze Runner

I try not to follow teen trends, but the trailer for this one intrigued me. Almost as good as The Hunger Games, but without the vital communist system. I have not read the books, nor will I, but I will probably see the second one.

‘Wicked is good.’

‘I think it’s safe to say the Maze Trials were a complete success. I wasn’t expecting so many survivors, but the more the merrier. Thomas continues to surprise and impress. And for now, they seem to have taken the bait. It’s too soon to say, but they could be the key to everything. So let’s move forward. It’s time now to begin Phase Two.’


Child’s play 3

Without a doubt, the weakest part of the series. Why did they have to flash forward so much, when only one year passed? It was hard to stay focused as the plot simply falls apart. It was the only part that I haven’t seen and honestly, it should have stayed that way.

‘Who the fuck are you?’
‘I thought you Good Guy Dolls only said three sentences.’
‘I’m new and improved.’

‘Don’t fuck with the Chuck.’


The Dorm

I watched it for Cassie Steele, I would not have even known about the film if it wasn’t, again, for Netflix. The film was very painful and highly displeasing. The audience does not know what they are facing till the very end. And they could not be more disappointed with the result.