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SVU 18.07

Olivia saves Carissi’s life and Tucker tells Olivia he plans to retire. SVU’s social media account sure gave us a scare with the whole Olivia retiring rumor. Boy was that a fright. For the first time since season 15 we’ve had an episode that wasn’t haunting or a bit exceptional.

It changes you for the worse, not the better.
Who are you and what have you done with Carissi? You really feel that way? The job doesn’t change you, it makes you more of who you really are.
It’s okay. It’s completely normal.
Not in a creepy way.
There’s no other way to stalk someone.
Yeah, this is detective Amanda Rollins NYPD SVU.
This is not your fault.
They’re predators. They look for light, they look fo goodness and try to steal it.
Being a cop didn’t change him. He was always bad.
Hope this does not make you want to retire.
No, the exact opposite.


The Middle 8.10

The Hecks go to an escape room and they try their best to beat the Donaghue’s high score. I rated it as 3.5, which officially makes it the weakest episode of The Middle.

We’ve finally given up.
We ate pop tarts, because we like to support American businesses.
That’s what’s great about you Hecks, you have fun no matter what!
Dreaming is just showing off while you’re asleep.
We beat the Donoghues!
What do you mean how was my day?! We beat the Donoghues! It was a great day!


Nashville 5.01

Juliette survives the plane crash and Rayna has PTSD after Juliette’s flying experience and decides to take a road trip back home to Nashville. We will probably never see Lyla again, and Rayna has realised that she failed as a producer, but she cannot produce her own music as she doesn’t feel she has anything left to say. It was the most wonderful 43 minutes we could ask for and I’m glad we brought the show back! I just loved how the petrol guy reacted to seeing Rayna. The heart-breaking scene between Rayna and the blind older man asking her if she sings in the shower was just ah, wonderful.

Oh sweet Jesus, there’s bodies, there’s two, three.
Fill it up m’am? Can I get your autograph miss James?
They found the plane 20 miles from here.
This was the plane Juliette Barnes was flying from Los Angeles.
Are you okay, Miss James?
I’m not recording anymore because I don’t have anything to say.
I’ve worked so hard to keep my label afloat, I forgot who I am as an artist.
You know how many times I’ve been stuck and then saved by somebody who at that moment could see stuff I couldn’t see.
How do you know the words.
I listened.
Don’t care for singing?
I sing a little bit.
Yeah, in shower?
You should let yourself sing.
Why’d you say that?


The Goldbergs 4.11

The episode revolves around pervy boys tormenting a girl about boobs and the Dead Poets Society and it’s incredible! And even though we knew that Barry would become a doctor, it was revealed it in this episode, they still pretend Murray is a furniture salesman, not a doctor, but I guess that was a successful attempt at making the show be more relatable. I almost wrote a shoe salesman, as I’ve been watching Married with Children reruns every day. We haven’t had The Goldbergs in two weeks and I’m already having withdrawals!

This movie proves that a sub is the most important person in a child’s life!
Female reproductive system. And out. Class dismissed.
I used to eat lunch at school bathroom.
In that moment I finally saw how hard it was for Emmy and I knew exactly what to do.
Growing up is an awkward adventure.
I’m your big sis, that’s what I’m here for.
Beverly Goldberg believed in you this whole time.


Scream Queens 2.10

I know season two sucked and almost no one watched it, but I still sort of want season 3. I will miss seeing Jamie Lee on the small screen. And even though I can’t stand Channel, it was nice to see Emma Roberts on a weekly basis again.

Oh my god, Channels are impossible to kill. It’s like their stupidity and narcissism is a protective shield.
Hester, you should have warned us.
Collateral damage.
Survival is about being skinny, pretty and ruthless.
Rich again.
You be you, America, cause Channel Oberlin is gonna be me.