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Greys 13.19

That opening dialague between Mer and Amelia was a great start. Cross catched abdominal tuberculosis, while visiting India. Can we just appreciate the fact that Arizona said Grey is hot, using those words exactly? I was not happywith her almost scaring Nathan off calling Merder the great love story, that may have something to do with me never liking Derek in the first place.

I go al little dark and twisty, but then I come back.
Please don’t refer to your neice as my secret baby.
Before anything terrible happens.
Like watching your father get murdered when you’re five.
Or like watching your mother bleed out on the kitchen floor.
We’re more alike than we realize.
Cross, you can’t sleep here.
Cross, roll over baby.
I have operated through a miscarriage.
That’s not normal.
Let’s slay the monster then.
Come on, Maggie, move.
She needs a little time to adjust.
Oh and India for a month. No one noticed?
Your face twitched at Grey.
She’s hot.
They were the great love story. That girl’s heart beat for Derek Shepherd.
We’re dancing it out.


Bates Motel 5.06

Your mom, she died.
It says she took her own life.
No, she wouldn’t do that.
Why didn’t you tell me mom died.
Bullshit, she wouldn’t do that.
She had darkness in her.
It’s less stupid than eating pretend food.
Your mother suffered.
That’s why you created me when you were little.
Oh mother, what have I done.


Bates Motel 5.07


Norman burried Norma in the woods, ok.

I’ll be back for you as soon as I can. I promise.
I don’t think you’re healthy, Norman.
Did she kill herself?
Doctor Edward went missing over a year ago. He’s pressumed dead.
Norman has mental problems.
Please stay out of this mother.


Bates Motel 5.08

He dug her up.


Switched at Birth 5.10

You being back home, making photography, it’s just like the old days.
But you’re deaf.
Surgeons wear masks. You can’t be deaf and a surgeon.
You changed my life.
You came here 15 years too late.
I think that’s what I wanna do, advocate for kids.
And I’ll get to say, I knew him, he was my first love.
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve missed.
This has been an amazing 5 years.
I guess we’re all just really lucky.


American Crime 3.08

An episode that turned out to be the show’s last. I didn’t think for once that Lily Taylor’s character could be an abusive person. This reveal shocked me and sort of recompensated for how average this show was. I absolutely adored when she told her husband to take care of the son, he clearly doesn’t love, while she’s gone.

Her name was Shae.
Was she pregnant?
Where did this happen?
Her son arrived here a few days ago.
He showed us letters.
Women were assaulted.
She’s a homicide victim it’ll take a while.
Fuck you, seriously go fuck yourself.
I will be going to jail for two years.
He’s your son even if you don’t love him, you have to take care of him.


Pretty Little Liars 7.13

Who’s banging on the door.
The Girl who accidentally had her phone on flight mode for most of The Girl who accidentally had her phone on flight mode for most of 9th grade.
Jenna Marshall.
Just write initials A D.
Namaste, bitch.
Caleb’s in the hospital.
Stay back, I said stay back.


The leftovers 3.01

The opening scene where Ivy gets killed by a drone was definitely shocking.

They were targeted by a military drone.
He was only thinking about one thing, escaping so that’s what he did. He escaped.
You never tell someone who is experiencing a delusion, they are delusional.