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hotel artemis mrfox incred

Hotel Artemis

It’s been five years since Jodie Foster’s last role. I remember being highly disappointed with Elysium and after watching the trailer for Hotel Artemis, I didn’t expect much either. I was surprised to actually find myself engaged in this action-packed thriller and I feel satisfied enough after watching it too. I hope we get to see Jodie back on the big screen before 2023. I haven’t tagged any entries with Jodie’s name since Money Monster, so that was nice too.


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Needless to say, foxes have always been my favorite animals and Fantastic Mr. Fox is amazing!


Incredibles 2

The most incredible aspect of Incredibles 2 was hearing Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter reprise their voice roles from 14 years ago. I haven’t seen Incredibles since 2004, but I still remember how fun it was and the sequel was equally entertaining. I was bummed about missing all the 3D screenings at my local cinema, but now I feel like the 2D version was enough excitement for one day.


teen witch mamma ht

Teen Witch

I’m really happy she wasn’t slaying any demons or vampires or whatever. The minute we learn the character’s goal is to get a guy, I immediately lose interest. Every single time. It’s hard to enjoy the ‘Tap That’ rap, after the first song about how ‘girls like boys’.


Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again

They listened to everyone’s complaints about Meryl Streep’s poor singing skills and replaced her with Lily James until the last two scenes. Here We Go Again is a one woman show with Lily James performing 80% of all the songs. A guy in front of me sang every single song and the cinema was packed. The girl who played Christine Baranski’s younger version was fantastic! The film wasn’t special, but I still had a great time!


How to Beat the High Cost of Living

Finally watched the film that inspired my favorite new show of the year – Good Girls.

‘All I ever remember mom telling me was how much she loved you and that she would never look at another man. Of course she never did mention another woman.’


mercy mar meet joe

The Mercy

I didn’t know anything about Crowhurst prior to watching the film and sadly, the film’s intentions weren’t clear enough and this simple storyline was hard to follow at times. I saw this at senior screening and the minute the film ended and the first caption appeared, all 30 seniors gasped. This is how confusing the film was.



I didn’t expect the last act to be that good, but my favorite part was when they played The Beach Boys.


Meet Joe Black

I can’t believe I wasted 3 hours watching this… and I have it on DVD too!


beef wap bao


This proves I will watch any shit for Christopher Meloni. Three of the films I watched today either had The Beach Boys song or reference in them, it must be summer.


Without a Padle

PG-13 version of Deliverance?



They played it before Incredibles 2 and there was this one particular moment when worried adults gasped, little kids burst in tears and all teenagers laughed.