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the village nches anomalisa

The Village

Roger Ebert gave The Village 1 star mostly based on the disappointing plot twist. And yes, the plot twist sort of ruins it, but it’s still a great film.


On Chesil Beach

Surprised to learn that Ian McEvan wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of his own book and even more surprised that he decided to change the ending a little bit. On Chesil Beach is a beautiful and intriguing portrayal of asexuality and I recommend you all see it.



I can’t believe I almost missed this gem, and because of work, of all things.


jrw jw jrjj

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The scene where all the dinosaurs are running away from the lava and two characters fall into the water in that bowl thing and can’t get out is awesome in 3D. I am glad I chose to rewatch it in 3D and I wish I saw the previous part in 3D as well.


jurassic park hotee thefog

Jurassic Park 3

How is this better than Julianne Moore on the cracking windshield in Jurassic Park 2?


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

The depressing thing about Hotel Transylvania 3 is kids nowadays not knowing what Macarena is. We all hated it and yet we all knew the dance and it was the ultimate party and summer song of the 90s. It was nice to see it resurface 25 years later in this film. After the screening, I nicked an A3 poster they were handing out to kids. This was the weakest of the trilogy, with the second one being the most entertaining. This was also the 6th time this week I heard a Beach Boys song used on the screen. 5th one was the new season of OITNB.


The Fog

I laughed when the priest said ‘You really should get off the island’ to Maggie Grace, who was on Lost and never made it off the island. She died back in season two. Anyway, this is a shitty remake of one of John Carpenter’s classics.