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I’m on my first holiday since February, and I’ve decided to rewatch at least one film from two of my most favourite directors, Andrzej Wajda and Brian De Palma. Keep reading to find out which films I chose to watch.

Chronicle of Amorous Accidents

My dad and I own 24 of Andrzej Wajda’s films on DVD at this point, after buying another 7 this week. My dad has been telling me about this masterpiece for years and I finally got to see it. Paulina Mlynarska left the industry after being traumatised by the nude scenes in this film she shot at just 14. That’s the difference between European and US or British cinema. How many French films feautured films with teenagers being exploited?


The General

Started off my holiday with this brilliant Buster Keaton film. I was enjoying it very much, then halfway through I got a text from my boss telling me to contact him, because he wants to throw me a leaving-do. It’s my first time abroad since February and yesterday I bought 32 DVDs for very cheap, so I think we can already class this holiday as a success?


Carlito’s Way

I’ve never noticed how much Naomi Watts and Penelope Ann Miller look alike until this film!


The Accidental Tourist

Back in the 7th grade I chose to write my book report on the book this movie was based on. I went to the bookstore and The Accidental Tourist caught my eye as it had the poster from the film on the cover. I only got this book, because I recognized Geena Davis from A League of Their Own and Thelma and Louise and I loved both of those films. It was an exceptionally boring read, and to think that most of my classmates wrote their reports on books from the Mary-Kate and Ashley book series while I committed to reading this drag. The book put me off watching the film, and It took me this long to finally reach for it, and…surprise, surprise, I hated it just as much as my younger version hated that awful book.

‘A business traveler should bring only what fits in a carry-on bag. Checking your luggage is asking for trouble. – – Add several travel size packets of detergent so you won’t fall into the hands of unfamiliar laundries. There are very few necessities in this world which do not come from travel-size packets. – – One suit is plenty, if you take along travel size packets of spot remover. The suit should be medium gray. Gray not only hides the dirt, but is handy for sudden funerals. – – Always bring a book as protection against strangers. Magazines don’t last and newspapers from elsewhere remind you, you don’t belong. But, don’t take more than one book. It is a common mistake to overestimate ones potential free time and consequently overpack. In travel, as in most of life, less is invariably more. – – And most importantly, never take along anything on your journey so valuable or dear, that it’s loss would devastate you.’


This Changes Everything

Let me get this straight, they got a male to direct a documentary about how Hollywood doesn’t want to hire female directors? Also, Geena Davis is a queen, and I’m a fan of most of these actresses and filmmakers.

‘The basis of your thinking is determined by the first images you see; whose values are important and whose stories are important, and that’s what we’re teaching little girls and little boys.’ – Reese Witherspoon


Top of The Lake: China Girl

How did Elisabeth and Nicole shoot their scenes together, seeing how Scientologist aren’t allowed to talk to ex-Scientologists? While season one was incredible, this is a mess. I watched the first 4 episodes 3 years ago when the season came out, and it took me until today to finish it I saw season one was discounted at my local DVD store for £2 and I’ve decided to buy it I didn’t like the second season and I won’t ever be rewatching it. I just bought season 1 on DVD for an equivalent of £2, and I have no need to ever rewatch the second one, so it was no brainer really.



There’s one scene in this that’s extremely uncomfortable to watch and must have been painful for Jessica to film seeing that’s how her sister died. This film stars Jessica Chastain and Geena Davis, but the script is bad and they can’t save it.



First film ever watched on Amazon Prime Video. That’s right, I finally caved in. Little Reese Witherspoon and young Patricia Arquette star in a film about abuse. I hate how no one wanted to get involved at first and accepted the abuse as something some people just do.


A Private War

I wish they showed us something about her childhood, why she left the US and what drove her to do this scary job.



After four months of free Mubi, it’s time to decide whether to keep my subscription or to cancel my membership. Mubi has offered me an entire year 50% off and even though I know I won’t have much time to watch films starting next month, I think It’d be dumb of me not to take it. This is a fine example of why I should keep it.


The Lost Room

Expires from Amazon Prime in a few hours. I’ve never even heard of this mini series before yesterday, but I’m a huge fan of Six Feet Under and Parenthood, so obviously I had to watch it. It reminded me of Locke and Key and I’m not sorry I spent 5 hours watching it.



Suitable for ages 7 and up? Are you kidding me, this is a creepy short about death. Brilliant, but not for little children.