In my first post I mentioned I watch a lot of TV Shows. I think it’s close to 60 at this point. Some of those shows I watch and enjoy and then there are some I am entirely obsessed with. Friends was the first show I became obsessed with. One sunny day back in the late 90s, I started watching it from the pilot, and from the beginning, I liked some characters more and some less, and it stayed this way till the end of 10th season and still hasn’t changed. My favorite character is Monica, because she is very competitive, clearly has an OCD and used to be chubby. All of which are me. I also really like Phoebe, even all her crazy does not scare me away. The character I always liked the least is Rachel. I can’t watch last 2 episodes of season 10 without crying, this two parter leaves me depressed for days every time. Friends has always made me laugh, and I guess it’ll stay that way…

Favorite character: Monica Gellar
Other characters I like: Phoebe Buffay
Favorite season in order: 4,7,6,2,1,9,5,10
Favorite finale in order: 10,8,7,9,5,4,3,2,1
Character I never cared for: Rachel Green
I ship:
Monica/Chandler Monica/Richard Ross/Rachel Phoebe/Joey
Favorite friendship: Chandler/Joey and Phoebe/Joey
Favorite guest star: there were so many, but I’ll go with Reese Witherspoon, cause it was a recurring one

Monica: Well, I suppose that Chandler will have the smoked duck. Chandler: I suppose that Monica will have the manipulative shrew.

Airline Employee: Sir, this is not a first class ticket. I’m sorry. Chandler: Apology accepted. Excuse us.

Jill: I bought a boat. P: U bought a boat? Jill: It was for a friend. Ch: Boy, did we make friends with the wrong sister. Jill: So,what do u think? Rach: I don’t like it. It’s kinda slutty. Jill: It’s yours. Rach: Well, I’m a slut. Jill: Me too!Rach:It’s about u being a brat wanting what u can’t have! Jill: I can’t have? Listen the only thing I can’t have is dairy! Jill: I am so stupid! I’m just like this incredibly pretty, stupid girl!

Monica: I know. How could we have let this happen? Chandler: Seven times!

Monica: Oh im sorry is that another joke? Chandler: Is that another question?

Monica: Fine! Don’t be my friends! I’ll buy new friends! Yeah, and then I’ll pay for their plastic surgery so they’d look just like you!

Ross: Wow. Chandler: Hey stop staring at my wife’s legs. No, no, stop staring at your sister’s legs.

Monica: I think you’re sweet, and you’re smart, and I love you. But you will be always the guy who peed on me.