I recently watched The Legion and it made me think of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes and the Resident Evil series. Similar objectives and similar killers. There’s also The Hills Have Eyes remake starring Lost’s Emily DeRavin, but I am still uneasy about whether it was really necesary.

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Resident Evil is another post apocalyptic horror, I only watched the 3rd and 4th installments, as my favorite character is K-Mart played by Spencer Locke. This may mostly be because she’s close to my age. I hate all the sci-fi business. Zombies? I’ll take Wes Craven’s cannibals any day.


Now then there comes Legion, this new movie that came out this year. I undrstand it’s intentions, but overal, it was terrible. I watched it for Greys and Private Practice’s Kate Walsh, who’s character was extremely annoying at the beginning, but then later in the film goes psycho. I loved the scene where the husband is blown up. A bunch of other stuff follows, people try to calm her down, they tie her up. Then, all given up she tells her daughter it’s all her fault. And finally she gets shot. If not for these three scenes, the film would have been extremely weak.

Verdict – The Hills Have Eyes series is the best.