Movies I’ve seen this week:

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I have 15 of Polanski’s films on DVD, yet not my favorite, Repulsion. I’m really looking forward to watching Carnage with Jodie Foster next year, and I have two friends that are obsessed with Polanski’s movies. Repulsion, happens to be my favorite Polanski film. I liked the depressing and maddening atmosphere and Catherine looked exceptionally beautiful here. Rosemary’s Baby, had the exact same climate. The ending disappointed me a bit. If you wanna see some true beauty metaphorically and physically, go watch Repulsion.


Forget Me Not

Watched it for Carly Schroeder, whose career I’ve been following since the amazing thriller Mean Creek. Yes, Forget Me Not is another teen horror, but the plot was pretty good. I loved the ending, even though it was predictable. I haven’t seen a story like that in horrors lately. Carly chooses great movies: Gracie, Mean Creek, Eye of Dolphin, Prayers for Bobby etc. Alright, Prey was messed up. Forget Me Not was great, I loved the focus on fear of being forgotten. I really enjoyed all the cemetary scenes and the flashbacks. Sure I am easily annoyed by spoiled teenagers, but it was a good thriller.

Prayers for Bobby
The mother’s (Sigourney Weaver’s) struggle is beautifully shown. It’s really hard to accept her prejudices and choices. I cringed the whole time she was asking the priest for advise. Really hard for me to watch. I don’t understand how you can not accept your own child. Bobby’s suicide by jumping off the bridge was very triggering, and the gay parade at the end was superb!
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Meh. I liked Shannon’s storyline the most. Joanne’s story was pretty good too. And Cassandra’s was just dumb. Kerry’s story was pretty damn too. I loved how all of them were heroes in the end. I would recommend it only if you have nothing better to do.


Not Another Teen Movie

Just another teen parody. Not another teen movie? So what’s the difference between stupid love story and a parodied love story? You have to be really bored or really drunk to watch it. A big part of the film focuses on ‘She’s All That’.



I can stand a lot watching horror movie, but genital mutilation for sexual pleasure is too much even for me. I may be too conservative and asexual for this film. If not for that, it would have been great.