I love reviewing my favorite TV series, so that’s what I’ll start doing on here.

Private Practice 4.01

My favorite scenes include: Amelia trying to light up a cigarette, and Addison throwing her cigs out, then at cementary everyone recalling what happened to them last year and Violet’s : What the hell is going on with the world? Then Violet announced her and Pete are getting married, which was a little bit inappropriate. Later some awful couple left their child in the car in full heat, wanting another child to repair their mistake, some guy wanted a kidney from his mentally challenged brother. Then we had the wedding, or ratherViolet changing her mind at the altar, and fleeing! Thankfully, Pete calmed her down and they finally married.


Private Practice 4.02

I liked the second episode more than the first one. AddiSam is getting on my nerves big time. I love the merging practices thing! William died and Naomi made a beautiful speech. Episode also featured a mother giving marijuana to her autistic kid. I’m so sorry for Violet/Coop, their friendship’s amazing, why do they have to stop spending so much time together. Stupid marriages. Addie told Nay about her and Sam. My favorite storyline was with a woman named Jane who caught off her penis, that was heartbreaking! Good episode!


Private Practice 4.03

Sam almost killed the guy who hit Maya and Dell last season, when he showed up to apologize,  Sam’s reaction was perfect. He yelled:

“Some things don’t deserve to be forgiven!”

This episode included a flashback of Addison and Sam’ surgery residency. We now know why Sam quit surgery (because he let the pedophile die). Addison looked so innocent with that brown hair. Amelia got a job at the practice. Pete risked loosing his licence by helping his friend carry out an illegal operation. Violet was amazing this ep. I just looooved Naomi’s speech about Addie:

You’re selfish, Addison. You always have been. The tunnel vision that makes you a great surgeon also makes you a crappy friend… You’re a cheater, and while Sam and I aren’t married anymore, you knew what you were doing was wrong, and so you lied to me…Every day you didn’t tell me about the two of you, you lied, because you knew telling the truth would be hard…And you’re a coward…You’re my best friend. But when I look at you now…I just want to slap you across the face.”


Private Practice 4.04

Violet was exceptionally amazing this episode. I was so pissed off at Pete for not letting her adopt Betsey, and at the rest of the characters for not wanting to adopt her too. They’ve been saying they are all one big family, so how the so called family can’t take care of a little girl? It’s awful to say, but now Betsy should end up in an abusive family, just to explain why on Earth none of them took her in. The scene with Violet spilling the sodas to make Betsy feel better, broke my heart. And when she begs everyone to take care of Dell’s daughter, everyone pretended not to hear her. It was hard to glue myself together after this. And the last scene when they all leave in slow motion with that amazing song in the background! One of the most tearful, best episodes we’ve had.

Violet: She brought her back to the only family that she has left.
Violet: We’re not placing betsey in the system. Everybody in her life has abandoned her.
Violet: Help. She needs help, which Dell would’ve given any one of us without a second thought… If he were still alive.

Violet: Hey, I was looking for you. Feel like getting a snack?
Betsey: This is my daddy’s office. He used to have crayons And paper.
Violet: Yeah. I remember. You two had a lot ofun in here. You know, he loved you so much. And I know that when|someone you love goes away, It feels icky. And it’s confusing because you have all these feelings that you don’t understand. But I want you to know that… All of us here care about you… So much… And that you can|tell anything to me. Okay? Anything at all.
Betsey: Where am I gonna sleep tonight?
Violet: How about you come home with me?

Violet: Pete! Pete, lucas is not in his crib!
Betsey: My daddy and I used to watch cartoons together. I thought maybe lucas would like them.
Betsey: Can I stay with you forever?

Violet: Oh, just to see her smile… She’ll need daily therapy, at least at the beginning, But I think we could see real improvements in a few months.
Pete: Wait. You want her to stay with us?
Violet: I think we should adopt her.
Pete: Violet, that’s not a|good idea for any of us.
Violet: When you think about it,We are exactly who should be doing this, ’cause I’m a therapist, and– and even more than that, I get Betsey.That sense of being damaged? I know what that can turn into. We’re building a family. And there’s no reason that Betsey can’t be a part of that. We can do this.
Pete: Can we?
Violet: Absolutely. You don’t think I can do this. You don’t think I have it in me after… I’m fine. I am fine now.
Pete: Violet, I’m not– she’s a child.
Violet: She needs someone. She needs us. And I am fine.

Violet: I need to ask if anyone here is willing to… take Betsey. Please. Because I can’t, and, um…One of us needs to step up. Please.

Betsey: Don’t you want to take care of me?
Violet: I love spending time with you.
Betsey: Where will I go?
Violet: I don’t know exactly. But… Here’s what I hope will happen. I hope that you will get to go to a home, A home with a mom and dad Who have always wanted a little girl, A mom and dad of your very own, Who will love you so much Because they’re gonna see how special you are. And that will be better for you than living with us, Because your new family… They have been waiting Just for you. Doesn’t that sound good?

Violet: We did a bad thing here. You all know it. We did a bad thing.


Private Practice 4.05

I feel so sorry for the guy who spent 30 years in prison, I get why he wanted to stay in jail. But when he threatened Violet, that left me uneasy. Dr. Rodriguez is here, I already ship him with Addie! I am so tired of AddieSam. Everybody wants Sheldon, but I understand what he meant when he said that he would eventually fall for Amelia, and she’d avoid him. Addie and Charlotte arguing, neve gets old! Pete’s acting like an ass, first he doesn’t want Betsy, now he’s mad Violet’s spending time with her patients.

Charlotte: I’m not the mommy type. I don’t like kids, and I don’t want kids. They’ll like you more than they’ll like me. I’m not…What if I end up like my mother, drunk at noon, Hating the rug rats I’m supposed to love, Screwing up our kid damaging them? See? Now you’re gonna leave me. This is why I didn’t want to talk about this.
Cooper: Charlotte, I’m not leaving you.

Sheldon: Let me tell you how this would go. Uh… We’d sleep together. And at first, it would be just for kicks, But enentually, I’d fall for you, hard. And then you would do wh women like you–the bad girls, The ones who like it dirty, And nasty, and a-a little bit kinky You know, the ones withererious daddy issues do, You’d run. You’d avoid me. You’d be intentionally mean to me. My savior complex would kick in, So I’d chase you, keep calling you, let you use me for sex On the nights when you were drunk or bored. But you’re too damaged to appreciate the fact That I’m a good guy and I could actually care. And then one day, I’d show up at your apartment with flowers or something Trying to woo you, only to find you on your couch Screwing somguguy ten years younger than me.