Favorite character: Amy Gray
Other characters I like: Maxine Gray, Lauren Gray, Peter Gray, Vincent Gray, Julianne Gray, Bruce Van Exel, Donna Kozlowski
Favorite season: 4,6,5,3,1,2
Favorite finale: 5,2,6,1,3,4,
Character I always didn’t like: Stew Collins, Zola Knox
Characters I don’t like much: Kyle Gray
Best episodes: Pilot
I ship: Amy/Bruce and that would be it
Favorite friendship: Amy/Bruce Amy/Peter Amy/Vincent
Favorite Gray scene: anything with Karle Warren, the family scenes were the best
Your favorite Judging Amy related song: Mad World
Extra comment:
I really don’t get it why they added Kyle’s work to the show, I mean It’s a law show not medicine. Amy dated many shitty men. I hate what writers did to Lauren in the last two seasons, first the whole boyfriend thing then her new friends, didn’t like the whole Amy/Graciela friendship. Loved Julian in season four. I didn’t like Pete first, but somewhere in season 4 he became one of my favorites, and then I appreciated him more in previous seasons. Never liked Vincent’s or Kyle’s love stories. Didn’t like Maxine with anyone else than her dead fiance. Stu Collins always got on my nerves, and I used to say he wasn’t worth Amy.