Yesterday’s Private Practice that was wow, something. Poor Charlotte. Coop’s quote:

My girlfriend gets attacked. She wants to go home, I take her home.
She wants to go to work, I drive her.
I found out she wasn’t just attacked, she was raped.
She tells me she doesn’t want to I.D. The guy, I say, “okay, don’t I.D. The guy.”
I’m cheerful, I’m attentive, I make breakfast for her every morning.
My job right now is good man in the storm. I get that. I’m good with that.
I want that. But the charlotte I fell in love with… Is gone.
She doesn’t exist anymore. The laughing, the sharing in the good and bad of the day, Holding each other—That’s all over.
It’s like… It’s like she’s dead. It’s like Charlotte is dead, and I have the
good-man-in-the-storm job. I am the fiancé of the victim.
My job is to hold up the corpse that was once Charlotte and smile.