And I thought the previous one was childish. Do you see any interesting characters? I like Frankie’s style. I don’t see any long term relationship, it’s like everyone with everyone and no love. Jal reminds me of this black girl from first generation and this other black one reminds me of her too. Metal boy is weird. Redheaded guy’s story was pretty good, but I don’t see how he’s parents could take him out of school. Romeo and Juliet? Seriously? That was so childish and lame. Parents of this girl are stupid and funny at the same time. Blonde’s story was so cliche, can’t believe she slept with her boyfriend after seeing her boyfriend screwing her best friend. Ending was very nice, when she walked home with her shoes in one hand and we see her mother coming back with her shoes in her hand from the other side of the road. Loved her fitness group, that was pretty good I think. Richie, I don’t see how he could loose his hearing, but I hoped it was for good. I hate parents who tell their kids to be the best, mind your own business. I have no idea who is gay, who is straight and who is bisexual, and most of all who loves who. Everyone wants everyone and that’s the main problem. Liked Jal until the finally, she was cool, she wanted to escape from home, drunk a lot of vodka, and seem pretty close to me, but what the hell was she doing in the finale, no idea. She wanted her boyfriend to want her as bad as he wanted Frankie, so she thought threesome would change things. And the end Frankie and this guy in the woods, what the? First they both seem to want it and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good scene and then she starts crying, what do you want, girl? Bad generation, this season sucked a lot.  The only thing I’m looking forward to see next season is Blondie’s ED, hope it will be shown, and some metal music.