Favorite character: Addison Montgomery, Meredith Grey
Other characters I like: Izzie, Arizona, Teddy.
Favorite season: 3,2,1,5,7,6,4
Favorite finale: 5,2,6,1,3,4,7
Character I always didn’t like: Erica Hunn, Preston Burke
Characters I don’t like much: Kepner, Avery, Owen, Mark, Lexie
Best episodes: Meredith’s drowning, Bomb episode, Shooting,
Favorite episode of season 1: 05, party; 01, pilot; 02, roommates; 09, finale;
Favorite guest star: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyle Chandler
Favorite episode of season 2: 16-17, bomb; 25, Izzie unplugs Denny; 26-27, finale; 18, Mark’s in Seattle; 19, Mer slept with George and cried; 13, Mer’s mother’s in hospital, Cristina miscarriages; 01.
Favorite episode of season 3: 15-16-17, Meredith drowns; 21, Addie n Karev have sex; 14- Addie safes the day; 01, panties on board; 04;
Favorite episode of season 4: 13, Addie’s in town! 01, our interns are residents now! and get their own interns to pick on! 12, competition; 17, finale;
Favorite episode of season 5: 25, finale; 15, Addie in Seattle with her dying brother; 14, Arizona kisses Callie; 20. Callie’s father meets Arizona; interns cut themselves open; Izzie founds out about her cancer; 17, patient x; 19, Derek proposes to Mer; 22, Mer’s first solo surgery;
Favorite episode of season 6: 24-25 shooting; 08, Arizona’s worth 25mln; 06, who killed the patient?; 05, invasion;
Favorite episode of season 7: 15, Meredith’s hour; 18, Musical Event; 20, Callie n Arizona’s wedding; 01, after the shooting; 11, shooting at school; 07, Arizona goes to Africa; 09, everyone’s drunk; 22, finale; 21, Karev’s an ass;
I ship: Mark/Addison; Callie/Arizona; Meredith/Derek; Izzie/Denny; Addie/Derek; Izzie/Alex; Addie/Alex; Mark/Lexie
Favorite friendship: Meredith/Alex
Favorite M.A.G.I.C. scene: Chief investigates who unplugged Denny; George falls down the stairs; eating hot dogs, Cristina puking;
Your favorite Grey’s Anatomy related song: Breathe; It reminds me of a bomb episode and when this song came on I started crying very badly, and it’s probably my favorite scene of all the series and I always listen to it when I’m nervous and can’t breathe, before exams, important events etc. I prefer the version of GA, then original.
Favorite song from Musical Event: The story; Breathe.
Favorite bar scene: ‘Derek’s married’ ‘I’m pregnant’; Alex kissing Izzie for the first time.
Favorite Grey’s drunk moment: party from season 1
Extra comment:
I really miss the old Grey’s, when everybody was an intern. I miss Izzie and George, and It’s hard for me to watch seasons six and seven sometimes as I remember they’re gone, and Avery and Kepner will never be as good as they were. I love all Addie scenes. I miss Addie, though I love Private Practice. I think she should be with Mark. Now my favorite character’s Meredith.