Same as with my twitter account, I will be writing down the titles I change from time to time.

10.10.10 – ‘Like I said, I’m screwed.’

15.04.11 – ‘It’s just a good story.’

22.06.11 – ‘I should have fought for you, Violet.’

20.12.11 – ‘I am a father, a son, a serial killer.’

8.08.12 – You have to pick the girl who lives.’

5.10.12 – ‘You are my person. You will always be my person.’

10.11.12 – ‘Thirty second dance party. Dance or you’re fired.’

19.02.13 – ‘There’s nowhere on Earth I’d rather be right now.’

29.07.13 – The family that kills together.’

29.12.14 – No bad movies in 2015

16.01.15 – ‘Let’s go home’

30.01.15 – ‘May your song always be sung May you stay forever young’